LG Cookie Fresh GS290 Reviewed

The first pictures came to light of the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 in February and we have previously covered the LG Cookie Fresh here in case you may have missed it.

Now thanks to the folks over at electricpig.co.uk who have managed to nab a finished version of the touchscreen phone for the first review in the UK. Both LG and Samsung have been battling for some time to create budget touchscreen phones and the latest is from LG with the Cookie Fresh.

Some would say it looks like LG have just taken the original LG Cookie messed around with the specifications a little then dumped them all into a nice new shell. The new shell is appealing though not like the LG Viewty Lite which looked somewhat chunky. The Cooke Fresh is slim and sleek with some nice curves.

The camera is a lower resolution than the original Cookie and is without a flash, and another disappointment is that there is no Wi-Fi or 3G so a little problem if you intend on using Facebook or email. It has a resistive screen and not a stylus in sight.

On a brighter note, the media skills with the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 are rather respectable for a phone with a knockdown price. Its got a 240 x 400 resolution 3 inch screen, not ideal for watching videos but handles MP3s with no problems.


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  1. Carly says:

    Excellent phone!! Just bought one last wk & it is so Easy to use & so much Fun!! Its my 1st touch screen mobile & would highly recommend it to anyone. I would rate this phone 10 out of 10. : )

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