Should Nintendo Make Own Mobile Phone to Compete With Apple?

We reported not too long ago that the president of gaming giant Nintendo, Satoru Iwata told his senior executive team to treat Apple and the iPhone and iPad as an “enemy of the future,” which you can refresh your memory about by hitting up (here).

Apple has charged into the gaming arena like a bull in a china shop delivering mobile gaming with the iconic iPhone and now the iPad which is battering the sales of the traditional game and game console manufacturers such as Nintendo.

An article over on mashable asked the question “how should Nintendo fight back?” Then ask should Nintendo enter the smartphone market with their own mobile phone to get truly competitive with Apple and the iPhone. They then state that Nintendo shouldn’t try to compete directly with the iPhone if they have any sense as they don’t have the expertise to construct a smartphone of the iPhone’s calibre.

At some point later in the year Nintendo will launch the Nintendo 3DS which is a portable gaming device that delivers 3D effects along with motion sensing tech without the two-colour glasses which could be enough to get gamers to purchase both the 3DS and iPhone.

However, Apple continues to expand the iTunes App Store and its gaming catalogue will overshadow the Nintendo library in quality and size, and of course there is also the Apple Game Center to now contend with which comes with iPhone OS 4.0 which apparently may come to the original iPhone as reported (here)

So what do you our iPhone toting and gaming readers think; should Nintendo develop a mobile phone and enter the mobile market to compete with Apple and the iPhone or should they stick with what they know and try to push out better games than the iPhone can deliver?


One thought on “Should Nintendo Make Own Mobile Phone to Compete With Apple?”

  1. james braselton says:

    hi there what i would do if i was nintendo compete with iphone is not use old nintendo ds or dsi i realy want a nintendo 3DS cellphone be perfect i want my 3D becuase i want more 3D avatar movies not 2D stuff soo iphone 4 and iphone 3GS and iphone and ipad have 2D scrreens but seeing 3D avatar movie i hope nintendo 3DS will sell out for enternaty soo nintendo will bring out a 3DS cellphone with 3D without 3D glasses

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