Clearwire to Stay with WiMAX Till 2012 Maybe LTE After?

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone is due to hit soon and will run on the WiMAX network, but there have been rumours that Clearwire is thinking about dropping WiMAX in favour of LTE, which you can read about (here).

However according to an article over on engadget by way of Cnet, Clearwire looks to have finally made up their mind about WiMAX and have said they intend to stay with WiMAX until 2012

Apparently Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow told Cnet that their contract with Intel has now been amended so they either party and terminate the tech agreement within 30 days, but then added that Clearwire would not go for LTE until 2012.

He said, “We won’t be upgrading to LTE, if we do that, for a long time.” So there you have it no switch to LTE for another 2 years, unless they change their mind of course, but there’s no certainty Clearwire will move to LTE after 2012 either, so it’s a wait and see game.

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