HTC EVO 4G release before June 6

A very interesting article has just appeared over on ozcarguide.com in relation to the HTC EVO 4G and its pending release date.

It seems that Sprint may well be intending to release the HTC Evo 4G prior to the rumoured date of June 6th as information is leaked from an Android certification engineer working on the development of the Sprint 4G applications for the HTC Evo 4G.

The source an Android certification engineer working for Sprint answered a few questions asked by Mike E from DroidedUp.com which indicated on a possible earlier release date than that which was anticipated.

Of course we don’t know that this is concrete as the source is an engineer, it could just be he feels he has an earlier deadline to meet in a ploy to encourage him to work faster who knows? The engineer when asked 6th June or sooner replied “sooner”. it could just be wishful thinking but may be, just may be we will see the Evo before June 6th lets hope so.

UPDATE: THought we should let you know, the HTC EVO 4G is now official and will start selling from June 4, you can pre-order right now. For more information please read more here.


One thought on “HTC EVO 4G release before June 6”

  1. The HTC EVO arrives on June 4th,2001 according to an email from Sprint.
    The price is $200.00 after a $100.00 rebate.
    The monthly plan includes web,texting and calls for $69.99
    Wow a $300.00 phone.
    I think i'll wait and see what the new iphone offers, cause
    Android only has 30,000 apps versus 200,000 for apple.

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