iPhone 4G Ads and Promotions Starring Lady Gaga: Prefer AppleGirl

Apparently Lady Gaga is reportedly to be starring in the new iPhone 4G ads and promotions; personally we prefer AppleGirl aka Applegirl002.

Lady Gaga is stunning and produces very good music, costumes and videos of her own, so to see her in these new video ads will be fantastic. According to 9to5mac Apple has signed a deal with Lady Gaga for upcoming iPhone 4G / HD promotions and ads.

This is great news and should be huge seeing as she is all about music, fashion and quite an icon to her fans, we are not sure what type of ads these will be so we will have to sit here patiently and see what happens.

Hopefully Apple will be launching the new iPhone 4G at WWDC 2010 from June 7 and also the new iPhone OS 4.0 will be mentioned again, but this time with a release date.

Please watch the video below of AppleGirl and let us know if you would prefer her in the iPhone 4G ads rather than Lady Gaga?

Source – RedmondPie


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