iPhone OS 4.0 Hands-on Second Part Video

Yesterday I posted an iPhone OS 4.0 hands-on video done by Noah from over at phone dog, which you can view by hitting up (here) Well Noah has now come up with the second video hands-on with iPhone Os 4.0 Beta 3 which we have for your viewing pleasure below.

The iPhone OS 4.0 hands-on video lasts just over the nine and a half minutes and starts off giving us a look at the Apple Game Center which comes with iPhone OS 4.0 although currently it doesn’t do a great deal other than Noah being able to create an account and give himself a nickname.

We also gain a look at Universal Search with Wikipedia, enabled, although Noah does say the iPhone is playing catch-up as others have had these feature for some time.

Anyway rather than me spell everything out here I’ll let you hit up the second iPhone OS 4.0 hands-on video below and check it out for yourselves…enjoy.

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