New Symbian^3 Reference Library Released

Obviously the older version of Symbian Reference Library had become out of day and thus according to an article over on Intomobile by way of the Symbian Blog, Symbian has now released a newer version of Symbian^3 Reference Library.

The new release is for product developers and apparently will look fairly similar to the previous version in places but the last release was in October of 2009 and Nokia since then has been working on converting content to a standard format.

The fruit of Nokia’s labours is what the latest Symbian^3 Reference Library offers now and has received “significant input” via Symbian’s web development and delivery team, and you can download the new Symbian^3 reference library by hitting here.

Apparently they have cleared up several but issues and there is new content, but word has it there are still a few bugs rolling around in there somewhere, and if you find any they can be reported here.

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