Nokia Dominates Mobile Phone Market in Finland, Not Surprising

A recent report shows that Nokia dominated the mobile phone market in Finland with 90% of the market reports an article over on softpedia, which isn’t surprising as Finland is Nokia’s homeland.

A market research report was published by the Helsinki University of Technology covering a timeframe of between 2005 and 2009 which shows that most people in Finland use a Nokia made mobile phone, and only a small portion of the market is taken by smartphones.

According to the findings the top mobile handset used in Finland is the Nokia 2760 with 4.7% of the market, next is the Nokia 3120 Classic with 4.1%, followed by the Nokia 1100 with 3.9%, with the first non-Nokia device sitting in 6th place.

Apparently Nokia has been steadily losing market share in Finland by at a rate not to cause any concern and looking at the figures Nokia accounted for 91.4 of the handsets in its homeland in 2005 while in 2009 Nokia accounted for 88.7%. For more information on this report hit up (here)

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