Samsung Bada vs. HP WebOS: SDK 1.0.0b2 Developer Kit Released

Samsung Bada was announced some time ago and yesterday we reported about the new software developers’ kit, SDK 1.0.0b2 has been released well ahead of the first Bada mobile phone aka Wave, which is expected middle of this year.

HP recently bought Palm and now handling webOS, so much so they are releasing a new tablet with this operating system installed, HP need to do a better job than Palm and they are looking at all angles in the market to do so, bit can they compete against the new Samsung Bada OS.

The new development kit is free and available now to all devs that are interested according to Rethink Wireless and it features APIs, simulator, and debugger and user interface builder. Bada is open t all developers and it runs on Samsung’s existing proprietary OS.

Samsung is aiming to go mass market and hit many smartphones, Bada supports Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and supports Flash control unlike Apple with its iPhone, it also provides motion sensing, web control, face detection tools, vibration control, accelerometers, weather, proximity and activity sensors and tilt.

Can HP with its WebOS compete with the new Samsung Bada, we know that WebOS has been around a while now but do you think it is old technology?


One thought on “Samsung Bada vs. HP WebOS: SDK 1.0.0b2 Developer Kit Released”

  1. Old technology?? Really? WebOS is the best mobile OS on the market! Even at 1.0 it was STILL better than iPhone's current 4.0 or Android 2.1! Have you done any research on this topic? Or are you just trying to advertise for Bada?

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