Verizon iPhone 4G release not until 2012

There have been many rumours surrounding the iPhone 4G and Verizon and according to a recent article over at techtechies.com the rumours in relation to AT&T and their exclusivity agreement with Apple have now been confirmed.

Now the latest is that Apple had actually signed a 5 year contract with Apple back in 2007. It is claimed that until we reach 2012, iPhone 4G and the future versions of the handset will be on AT&T network exclusively.

It seems the speculation around the Verizon iPhone 4G being released in the summer, again were just rumours. There is quoted documentation taken from court documents which were filed by Apple in California in the year 2007 which clearly states “AT&T has exclusive US distribution rights for five years an eternity in the go go cellphone world”.

This news is obviously going to not go down too well especially for those of you that were hoping for the Verizon iPhone 4G this summer, as it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.


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