Verizon Palm Pixi Plus Hits the Free Zone

Although AT&T has just picked up the Palm Pre Plus and id due release on May 16th as reported (here), and Verizon seeing fit to drop the price of their version of the Palm Pre Plus as reported (here) according to an article over on precentral, the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus has just about hit rock bottom.

Word has it that Verizon has now consigned the Palm Pixi Plus to the free handset zone whereby you can pick up the Verizon Pixi Plus for zero outlay when signing up for a 2 year contract and no mail in rebate to worry about either.

Furthermore along with a free Palm Pixi Plus the customer also gets the 3G mobile Hotspot for zero bucks as well although apparently the Buy One Get One Free offer has now been allocated to the bin.

One wonders just how long it will be before the Palm Pre Plus also reaches the free zone which no doubt will follow eventually which means Palm/HP needs to come up with a new webOS device in short order.

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