What is the most popular Google Android Phone? Readers Choice

Seeing as we reported earlier that the Google Android operating system is outselling iPhone OS we thought we would ask you what Android smartphone is the most popular.

Obviously there are multiple phones already out on the market, and we will mention these ones in our poll but there are many new smartphones coming soon as well. As soon as these phones release we will put another poll together at the end of the year.

Android is making a massive statement and you can see that because by the end of 2009 there were 20 phone models released, future smartphones coming include HTC EVO 4G, Kyocera Zio M6000, Dell Aero/Thunder/Flash/Smoke, Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000, Samsung Halo, Acer Liquid e/Ferrari/beTouch E400/beTouch E110, Motorola Motoroi, ZTE Smooth, T-Mobile Pulse Mini/myTouch 3G Slide, LG Optimus GT540/LG LU2300, Motorola i1 and Vodafone 845.

If you scroll down a little you will see all the phones released so far to date that runs Android OS, all we would like for you to do is click next to the phone you own. This will allow us to see what is the most popular Google Android Phone. Thanks

The list below is very long, in fact there are 38 Android phones listed. Please vote now

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