Iconic Mobile Phones of the Past: Stop moaning about smartphones

The history of the mobile phone is very interesting indeed and it is kind of funny when you hear youngsters complaining about their handset nowadays, the processing power of a phone today is quite staggering and so much so some are even better than computers.

Technology has jumped leaps and bounds over the last 20 years and looking back to when the mobile phone first started is history that we should all learn about, one of the first phones was the Motorola 8500x that could not text, did not have a display and to put it in a nutshell could only make calls and that was it.

MSN Tech & Gadgets has put a list together of the most Iconic Mobile Phones of the Past and we sit back and look in awe as where we have all come in the world of mobile technology. Many of these phones are now on show at the Centre for Computing History, which is a computer museum.

Love the bit where MSN say that smartphones of today have more processing power than the computers that put man on the moon. Please take a look at all the photos of the Iconic Mobile Phones of the Past courtesy of MSN, you can also read information about each mobile phone as well.

Hopefully by looking at these photos below you will stop and think at how lucky you really are with the smartphone you are using now.

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