BlackBerry Bold 9800 Release Date and Reviews

The BlackBerry Bold 9800 aka ‘Slider’ is the next BlackBerry smartphone waiting for release, the release date so far is not known but rest assured we will keep you posted on any news that comes in about this device.

There is not a lot to go on at the moment other than this slider phone was supposed to release in April, but it is now May and still no release date. We have already mentioned the BlackBerry Bold 9800 sporting OS 6 with a video showing this please watch here.

Now seeing as we have not heard much about this we are starting to think to ourselves that this smartphone could indeed be the BlackBerry Storm 3, worth a thought isn’t it.

Anyway whatever the name of the phone we will keep you posted and of course will let you know the release date, some of you may be thinking what the heck did you put reviews in the title for considering the phone has not been released yet, well we thought we would get it all in place for somewhere you can come as soon as it is released then you can come here and send in your personal reviews.

Basically in a nutshell we are jumping the gun but want you to come here and send us your reviews of this handset when it has been released into your hands.


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold 9800 Release Date and Reviews”

  1. Tin says:

    Clearly in the video is said Bold on the back. I think it will succeed over the Bold 9700 since it will be running OS 6 and will carry a 5megapixel camera that's suppose to have liquid lens, new technology. Not a bad design at all, though it's hard to tell if it will have a leather back like previous Bolds do. If not, if they make a stainless steel back then that's ok, hopefully anything besides plastic.
    I really like the idea of having a touchscreen and a full qwerty keyboard. It's like getting both the 9700 Bold and the Storm 2, though some of you might disagree on this.

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