HTC EVO 4G Release Date, Problems and Reviews

The new HTC EVO 4G is now ready to pre-order and will sell from June 4 as we mentioned a little earlier on today, now we want to put in place somewhere for you to send in your problems and reviews.

Ok we are jumping the gun a little for you to let us know about any problems you get with the handset and by asking for your personal reviews, but we thought we would get ready a little earlier so its all in place for you.

The HTC EVO 4G is expected to do very well indeed this year on the sales front and it could be the phone of the year (Possibly), it is the only phone that gives you both 3G and 4G and will sell for as little as $199 on a contract deal, not too sure how much without contract but we will let you know.

Please do not forget you can pre-order the HTC EVO 4G via Sprint or Best Buy, release date will be June 4, 2010. As soon as you have this smartphone in your hands please do give us out-of-the-box first impressions, software and hardware reviews, overall reviews and of course any problems you encounter. Thanks

Will this phone live up to expectations or could it be just another smartphone that will not impress at all, time will tell and we will be right on its tail to find out. Oh please do watch the HTC EVO 4G launch event video here.


7 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Release Date, Problems and Reviews”

  1. Ivan Dasim says:

    4G is same as WiMax who said it would be for another 5 years??? on Korean and Japan FIFA worldcup 2002 it was been introduced there at that times all the match competitions could be watch from handset within radius of 5km broadcasting using WiMax connection.

    I've been there watching the Match. nothing is impossible. So could you imagine in 2002 these two countries has been developed their telcom network for 4G era.

  2. HTC EVO FANATIC ! says:

    lol.. "joe mama" which droid? the HTC droid ? .. lol and if you notice there's 25 – 32 cities with active 4g connections in place. do your research sprint and there 4g wimax partner have towers up all over. the unveiling convention was hosted in 4G as well. so before you hate flame. 1. learn that ur precious droid. is an HTC product so its going to be the same as the evo as far as looks / feel… aww did i burst your little bubble that droid isnt its own company for the most part??!?!? less QQ more PEW PEW.. 2. learn your info first. and realise sprint HAS 4g networks and plans to implement just as many towers this year.

    DROID incredible as you say is better.. BY HTChttp://www.htc.com/us/products/droid-incredible-v… GG your just mad cus u cant afford the 200$ for the phone.

    as far as the EVO goes. this is an amazing phone. the hardware / software on this thing is mind blowing, it is so packed full of features ! the 4g is going to be AMAZING once its 100% market right now theres maybe 20 – 30% of the use is 4g ? which is still good seeing this is the first phone to need it.

    the 8mp camera with HD capability with digital auto focus is a huge plus and a 1.3mp front facing cam for video calls??!?!? thats amazing we need this phone. this is a power house to sprints line up. great company.. great phone. this is going to just destroy the other phones. cant wait .. great job HTC / SPRINT KEEP IT UP !!!!

  3. Great Puruntong says:

    The HTC EVO is awesome and compared to my incredible with VZW, EVO is so much better. But WiMax is no SIM card technology, unlike the LTE technology that we will be deploying in Verizon Wireless is SIM card driven. Verizon 4G LTE is more flexible because later on when other countries have LTE then you can just buy their SIM cards and use your 4G device. You can also swap your 4G SIM card with your 4G laptops or dongles in the future. We are almost ready in VZW (October 2010) so if everyone can wait before jumping to Sprint and get stuck for 2 years, VZW will be offering a lot of 4G devices and phones too.

      1. HTC EVO FANATIC! says:

        ya glad u know what i mean. and this LTE WiMax debate.. to each there own, honestly only 10% of the country travels enough to NEED to be able to switch sim cards per country in america's economy … WiMax will work. think big picture avg house hold income is prolly 50k – 80k if that.. and most of that is to bills or americas HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH ridiculous tax's

  4. frankamo says:

    iPhone is a fantastic phone. Never did anything wrong by me. To say that apple needs to stay away from phones is an asinine statement: they made an intuitive, mainstream smartphone that became an icon. You are blind. That being said, I want the EVO.

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