Nokia 5230 Review: Submit your Reviews and Problems Now

The Nokia 5230 is a fairly cheap smartphone offering a number of features that should fit into any criteria of use being it for personal or business; the question is “Is this a mobile phone worth buying”?

Ok the Nokia 5230 is not as superior as the iPhone but then again it was not meant to be and you may not like the iPhone anyhow, but it does have all the right flavours to make it a decent handset. This is where we would like you to step in, if you own this phone please do scroll down to the comments area below and submit your personal reviews and of course any problems that you have encountered.

We and of course other readers would love to know if the camera is up to scratch, does the 3.5G get used more than normal because of Wi-Fi connection problems, is the design of the handset good enough, basically we want to know everything there is to know about the Nokia 5230.

Main Feature Recap: Up to 4.6 Hours Video Playback, 2 Megapixel Camera with 3 x Digital Zoom, Music Player with Dedicated Music Keys, Video Player with 4 x Video Zoom, up to 33 Hours Music Playback, 3G HSDPA, Supports up to 16GB of memory using the MicroSD card slot and also comes with FM Radio and Touch Screen Stylus.

So to all those that own the Nokia 5230, please do send in your personal reviews and problems, thanks. Check out an amazing deal with 3 Mobile.


11 thoughts on “Nokia 5230 Review: Submit your Reviews and Problems Now”

  1. mrcgs1 says:

    I've had this phone roughly a month now, and i don't like it at all. It's a very cheap phone, and the alerts on the phone suck. Also! The screen scratched with barely any use, or wear to the phone either………I wouldn't recommend.Thanks.

  2. ibrahim says:

    this phone is good easy to use nice camera but there are 1 or 2 bad things. first the music player is not that loud and it takes a lot of time to load up

  3. Geoff Rickuss says:

    I've had this phone for 2 months now I am very disappointed with it compared with my previous LG Viewty.The camera is inferior 2MP Camera with no flash the phone switches itself off for no reason the only way to switch it back on is to remove the battery?The battery life sucks I have installed Battery Extender App to increase battery life. —- I wouldn't recommend. Thanks

  4. Lmo says:

    I have had this phone for 2 months and it is my second one. It is great except it all of a sudden stops notifying you when you receive text messages. I am now awaiting my 3rd phone hoping that the 3rd time is a charm. Very frustrating. Wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone.

  5. richard says:

    i received this phone as a mini upgrade from my network provider for a measly 6 months extra on my contract which i was delighted with seeing as i had lost my 5800 abroad on shore leave from a ship i was working on, never noticed til day after we sailed i was unable to report it til 4 days later when we docked again which the insurer said they wouldn't cover. I have to admit, it doesn't measure upto the 5800 but it is a £100 cheaper to buy. Main thing I noticed is lack of flash on camera and the non carl zeis fancy lens oh and not so cool music quality but besides the little downsides i got the thing for free :o) (saying that, i had to change the first one within a week but free phone 2 has been cool so far fingers crossed) I'm happy with the thing for now so go get one, especially if you can have it for free :o)

  6. anahi says:

    i have this phone. just for a week and the main thing i can complain is that the loading of music is too slow and somtimes just imposible. does anyone has a solution, please??

  7. kkk says:

    welll this phone i have had for 6 months i loved it till it started to break it switches itself on and off i have no control of the off button what so ever. i daren't leave my battery out of my phone incase it breaks by trying to turn on with no battery or sparks and sets a fire or something i personally wouldn't advise this phone to anybody it's already been sent for repair day later it broke again it's like sony errikson w910i all over again!

  8. Jen says:

    I Bought Nokia 5230 just this July 2010. All phone has its flaws even android or Smart phones so dont complain too much. Anyway i find Nokia 5230 as an excellent phone for my simple usage yes it is not a music phone but still it has mp3 and radio and with the use of the headset it is at par with any music phone out there. The camera is decent even on low lights and the video is 30 fps which is good news. All phones tends to have scratches just take care of it using a case. The only thing i can say negatively is it is quite slow but hey still this is a good phone and budget friendly too. It is quite heavy but i can handle it. If you dont like the alert or ringing tones you can just download over the internet even the themes so there will no longer be a problem on that category. I RECOMMEND BUYING THIS PHONE.

  9. I bought my nokia 5230 on the 1st of january 2011 it was a new year's present from my sister. on the 2nd of january 2011 the screen went blank for no reason at all. I tried putting it on and it comes on like alien space ship with waves and colours all over the place. I wish I had gone for another phone. but I dont if it this problem is peculiar or others have noticed it with theirs too. it is quite fraustrating. before it wet off it was quite a nice phone.

  10. Julie Robinson says:

    Bought my phone in November 2010. It stopped working in December 2010, took into the Orange store where I bought it and they said it was the battery. They had to order a new battery as they don't keep any in stock and it worked until today Jan 19th. Don't know why it has stopped working the last time I looked at it there were two bars on the battery and usually it gives warning that battery low. I will try recharging tonight but otherwise it is going to be another trip to the Orange store. I am not happy with it and would not recommend it.

  11. andy emberson says:

    i have a nokia 5230 and am constantly having the same problem all the time, an on screen message says memory low,delete or move some data from c phone memory,havetaken it back to carphone warehouse but they didnt seem to have clue so they kept it for a week to sort it, but after a week of getting it back the same problem is back, can anyone help me on this thanks

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