Samsung i5801 Possibly Galaxy 3 Hands-on Video

The upcoming Samsung i5801 smartphone, which is rumoured to possibly be the Samsung Galaxy 3 has somehow made its way into the mitts of Howard Chui who has given the smartphone some hands-on love and recorded the process on video.

Of course we bring that Samsunf i5801 hands-on video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at the Boy Genius Report and lasts just over the tow and a half minute mark.

The Samsung i5801 is similar to the Samsung Spica and is an Android packing entry level handset but actually packs Android 2.1 OS along with what looks to be an AMOLED display.

Other specs of the Samsung i5801 are a 3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth possibly 3.0, WiFi, the custom UI of the Samsung Galaxy S, which you can read about (here) and roughly 300MB memory, that about all we know for the moment so head on down to the video hands-on and enjoy.

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