Verizon iPhone on way as Apple places 10 million CDMA units order

Could the Verizon iPhone be on its way at last? Well according to an article over on intomobile, the not too reliable source, digitimes has reported that Apple has already selected a manufacturer to make up to 10 million CDMA tech iPhones.

Word has it that Pegatron has received orders from Apple for CDMA iPhone handsets that will have annual shipments of up to 10 million and it is said that the orders should begin contributing to their revenues in August and September.

So if true it does look like a Verizon CDMA iPhone may just still be on the table especially as there have recently been reports of an advertising firm working on an advertising campaign for the Verizon iPhone, so maybe it will become a reality.

We know Verizon wants a piece of the iPhone pie, and many Verizon customer want the same piece so they can hold a CDMA iPhone, so maybe finally Apple has listened to all the calls over the net for the Verizon iPhone, what are your views on this?


4 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone on way as Apple places 10 million CDMA units order”

  1. dave says:

    Gee, any chance a company would post rumors of a big sales boon for themselves to boost their stock price? Oh, that NEVER happens. As motivations go, my gut says this would be a primary motivation for a slime stock play. Just saying.

  2. Sal says:

    I would love to see the iPhone make its way to Verizon. Currently looking for a strong PDA Phone. Read many reviews on the HTC Incredible. Any idea how the HTC Incredible will stack against the iPhone-4G?

    I would think the competition between these two phones will keep their costs down and perhaps, in time, offer a 2 for 1 for family plans. As we know, its the overall contract, not the hardware, that everyone makes money on.

  3. cappidad says:

    I'm sure it would be big hit. But what's the impact of HTC's Verizon phones, not to mention other manufacturers steaming ahead with their own iPhone competitive units for Verizon use? Be interesting to watch when it finally happens.

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