iPhone 4G Cheap Deals Already Hitting Online Stores

Is the cup half full or half empty? The reason we say that is because online stores are already putting in place Apple iPhone 4G cheap deals, a little early isn’t it? That’s like saying, you know what lets put some online deals on the net for the iPhone 5G or what about the 6G version.

We just visited UK Press Releases and they are showing that an online store called ‘Online Mobile Phone Shop’ has in place iPhone 4G Deals, ok this is one of the most anticipated smartphones searched for but come on it leads people down the wrong path to believe that they have the deals now.

Personally when it comes to buying Apple products we would always go with the main people themselves, we always buy from Apple and no where else. Cheaper is not always better if you ask us, but then everyone to their own as they say.

The store mentioned above will be unveiling its cheap iPhone deals as soon as the device is released, it is always good to be prepared but at least wait for the launch, once launched you always have a week or so before its released and that would give you enough time to put online.

The main features shown on the phone shop mentioned above shows a 5MP camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with autofocus, LED flash, TFT capacitive touchscreen display with 16-million colours, 64/80 GB storage, GPRS, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, plus GPS, USB, MP3 ringtones, Vibration, Audio/video player and with a weight of 140 grams.

Please let us know if you would buy from the store above or will you buy directly from Apple, the iPhone 4G / HD will hopefully be launched at WWDC 2010 from June 7, fingers crossed hey.

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Cheap Deals Already Hitting Online Stores”

  1. Greg says:

    i'd buy straight from apple so i can take advantage of warranty coverage and plus the experience at the apple store is unlike any other store. great customer service!!

  2. Ben says:

    That site is bogus. It's a website that allows anyone to write an article and have it appear at the top of Google's news feed, due to the clever site name. There has been no info on storage capacity. While there's speculation that it will go to 64gb, as samsung has been making flash memory in that size for a few months, 80gb has never been mentioned. Couple that with an online store you've never heard of, and I'm guessing it's some guy wanting you to pre-order from his small online concern, and happy to lie about the details to make you do it. Avoid!

  3. I think that T-Mobile should really reconsider only having 24 month contracts for the iPhone 4. They definitely shouldn't do that for the iPhone 5. I think that could kill business. Imagine how many people will be put off getting one if they can only get a 24 month contract. I know a lot of people that hate long phone contracts in case they end up hating the mobile phone that they get.

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