New Verizon Droid Commercials Dust and No View Videos

Verizon Wireless has pushed out a couple of new Motorola Droid commercials, one called No View and the other Dust, which showcase a couple of Droid applications, and we have those two Droid videos for your viewing pleasure below.

The first video is No View which highlights the augmented reality application Layar and shows how augmented reality can be utilised as a type of enhanced window into the world around the user, and lasts 33 seconds.

The second video is Dust which highlights the Runstar app and showcases how Droid owner can track their fitness routines along with sharing their statistics via social networks although the Runstar application isn’t available via the App Store yet so is a bit of an advantage over the iPhone.

Enough said by me, other than both videos come courtesy of the guys over at Mashable, and it’s far better you head on down and check out those new Droid commercials for yourselves, so I’ll leave to that…enjoy, but let us know what you think by posting a comment.

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