QuickReply for SMS App Review for Jailbroken iPhone

So what does QuickReply for SMS do? Basically it’s a plug-in for the built in SMS application on your jailbroken iPhone, and it doesn’t have an icon due to its interaction with the built in functionality reports tipb.

QuickReply for SMS tries to solve several problems the native SMS application has, one of those being when you receive a text you are faced with 2 options, view or close and if you happen to be doing something else on your iPhone it will close you out in order to transport you to the text app.

What QuickReply for SMS does to solve this is add an extra button, so you’ll not only get the view and close buttons but also get a reply button to the right of the other two. Once you click the reply button a keyboard will pop up so you can reply without interrupting the current app you are using and once the text is sent the keyboard vanishes while the text is sent off in the background.

There is also an option in the settings with the QuickReply for SMS reply to change the button to call rather than reply and the keyboard can be changed to transparent if you prefer it to the more traditional version.

Contact pictures were also added in the latest update to QuickReply which enables the image you have set for a contact in your address book to be shown in the right hand corner of the text homescreen, and you can also reply from the homescreen.

QuickReply for SMS costs $2.99 and the pro side is its easy to use and there’s no icon clutter on your homescreen, but on the downside it is only available to jailbroken iPhone handsets.

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