T-Mobile Project Emerald, What is it?

Apparently there is a new phrase being whispered around the T-Mobile campfires, Project Emerald, but no one actually knows what “Project Emerald” is. According to an article over on pocket now, a report by tmonews, Project Emerald is a new device.

Word from their sources say this new Project Emerald device is a “new Nexus One like device,” which could mean the HTC Desire, a smartphone which is also on its was to O2 as we reported (here)

However it hasn’t been confirmed that Project Emerald is the Android packing HTC Desire so it could easily be something else we haven’t heard of yet, neither does the article state if Project Emerald is a sole possession of T-Mobile USA or maybe it could be something to do with the T-Mobile and Orange joint venture Everything Everywhere.

At this stage it is hard to know just what Project Emerald is, but no doubt as with all things mobile more will eventually surface and when it does we’ll pass it along.

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