Nexus One to go Retail Rather than Online

Looks like the big revolutionary plan of Google with their Nexus One superphone has gone a bit haywire in as much as the radical way customers could get the Nexus One is to be dropped due to Google announcing they are to eventually stop offering the Nexus One for sale online according to an article over on engadget.

Making a turn round with their selling plans Google is to now partner with carriers to deliver the Nexus One in stores and use the website to promote “a variety of Android phones available globally.”

The reason? Well apparently Google has said that potential customers want the hands-on experience before purchasing a smartphone. However perhaps the several problems with customer service along with a lack of carrier subsidies along with not too good sales probably added to the decision to go the more traditional route.

So basically all Google needs to do now is find some carriers that will actually offer the Nexus One, as we already know Verizon and Sprint basically dropped the Nexus One before getting it.

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