Windows Phone 7 ROM Reveals New HTC Mondrian Device

This is hot news just in via a Windows Phone 7 ROM leak, Windows Phone 7 is highly searched for and that is exactly what we did and found a new filename ‘HTC Mondrian’ Device within the ROM.

We looked a couple of sites to see what has been found and via HTC HDblog.it and XDA Developers it looks like a new device is coming soon, not sure when but it is definitely there according to these sources.

In fact member 911sniper has posted this information via XDA Developers forum, so what is the HTC Mondrian? This is the bit where we have to sit back and wait patiently for more news, but it is exciting nether the less.

There is no hard evidence of this new device as of yet as it is fresh news recently found, 911sniper found a file that said; Model: HTC Mondrian (Cingular USA), AKU: WindowsMobile_7_AKU_6176, Language: 0409_WWE.

If you click the 911sniper link above you can see the original thread, you will have to be a member or sign up to enter. Sorry this article is short and sweet but we have nothing else for you on this just yet, but mark our words we will be back with more information as soon as we find out more.

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