WWDC 2010: iTunes Music Streaming May Debut

Apple’s biggest event, the Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2010 will soon be upon us and the rumour hitting the net waves is that a live streaming version of iTunes may make its debut at the event according to a report over on intomobile by way of tuaw.

Of course at this early stage it’s just rumour but it’s a fairly simple idea in as much as you can use iTunes as a kind of online locker to store your purchased videos and tunes and access the files from anywhere you have internet connectivity.

Obviously this would be of great value to those who have an iPhone or iPod as they would no longer need to worry about how much storage their device has, and no doubt has been made possible by Apple’s acquisition of Lala.

Apparently Lala will close their doors later this month, which possibly give some credence to Apple debuting a live streaming version of iTunes at WWDC 2010, which has already sold out; not too long to wait before we find out though, so we’ll see.

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