Apple iPhone to replace BlackBerry for business communication

Currently the standard corporate communications device for British bank Standard Chartered is the Blackberry but according to a recent article over at reuters.com that could be about to change.

The BlackBberry is being replaced by the iPhone which will eventually result in thousands of bankers switching to the iPhone device for all their business needs and communications on the move.

Corporate BlackBerry users in London were going to be given the option of switching to the iPhone with the company Standard Chartered Bankers in Asia agreeing to continue to pay monthly billing for business related telephone and also data services.

Bankers at other financial institutions including Morgan Stanley and HSBC Holdings Plc have been restricted to just the Blackberry as the standard device usually issued by their company’s for business communications. It may be a while before we see a broader switch taking place here, mostly due to the security concerns.

Of course the implications will not be so good for RIM Research in Motion claims Lu Chialin an IT industry analyst. Having said that it will take a long while for companies to do their own internal tests before making the decision to change.

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