Nokia N8, Should There Be A Mini Version?

While the rage with new smartphones seems to warrant bigger touch screens thus making the mobile handsets larger in the pocket, there is a swing towards smaller versions of the larger smartphones for example the Nokia N97 followed by the Nokia N97 Mini, and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and X10 Mini, commercial for which can be viewed (here), to name a couple of examples.

However according to an article by Mikey Bee over at NokNok, they would prefer a Mini version of the new Nokia N8 smartphone, a hands-on video can be viewed (here) and say Nokia did after all start off the mini trend with their Nokia N97 Mini so why not follow on with a Nokia N8 Mini.

So what would a Nokia N8 Mini be like, well they say it would shrink the touch screen size down to 3.2 inch which would make a slimmer and tighter model and the memory could easily be dropped to 16GB, but then the real question is whether a Nokia N8 Mini would be able to cope with a 12 megapixel camera.

They also feel that with a Nokia N8 Mini it should also retain HD quality video along with HDMI port and still pack the Symbian^3 operating system but offer a smaller device which would be easier in the pocket.

So what do you think, should Nokia develop a Nokia N8 Mini, is there a call for a smaller version or is the original size Nokia N8 good enough, drop us a comment with your views below.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N8, Should There Be A Mini Version?”

  1. Victor says:

    And I thought the N97s were a flop. N8mini will downgrade the upcoming hit smartphone of 2010 that is the N8. I think the N8 fits in my pocket perfectly.

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