Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review and Problems

Sony Ericsson has delved deep with their XPERIA range with the humble beginnings of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 and more recently upping the game with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and XPERIA X10 Mini.

Today however we take a look at the Sony XPERIA X10 smartphone and leave its little brother for another time as the X10 has been available for some time now, and we’d lover to hear your personal reviews of the smartphone.

Spec wise the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 offers up a 4 inch capacitive touch screen, with scratch resistant surface, a nice 8 megapixel camera with auto-focus, LED flash, face and smile detection and geo-tagging, Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and runs Android OS.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 also features the Timescape and Mediascape user interface, HTML browser, GPS with A-GPS support, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, 802.11b/g WiFi, 3.5mm jack, and 1GB internal memory expandable up to 16GB via miscroSD slot.

If any of our readers have purchased the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 we’d like your reviews along with your opinions on the smartphone and if you have experienced and issues or problems with the device please let us know by posting a comment in the area below many thanks.


322 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review and Problems”

  1. Steven says:

    Great phone, was rather worried about battery life when I first got the phone but after its been cycled a few times and you've made a few changes to the settings you get a good battery life for a smartphone. Would be nice if sony had launched it with some apps for helping with the battery life. Juice defender and task manager are a must for any smartphone i would think.

    1. John Walker says:

      Hi Stephen,

      just got Xperia 10 phone and suffering very short battery life, would be interested to learn what you did to extend the active life between charges, best wishes, John

  2. lynx says:

    had the x10 for a while now and i must say its a really good handset. runs smoothly, no bugs to talk about. i guess android helped alot with sony's usuall freezes. the battery life could of been managed beter by sony. they should not leave that up to the customer because we all love a good phone but half of us dont understand how it works. i have no regrets. WOULD BUY THE PHONE A SECOND TIME. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  3. Wayne P says:

    Please advise someone…

    Just got the phone, but found that it is terrible when it comes to sending a sms message to multiple people. Have to start typing the persons name, which creates search list of possible contacts for you to select your chosen person. Then you have to do this again for the next person, and the next!

    Also, when it come to sending a business card, it is only possible to send a business card to someone that you have paired your phone with in bluetooth mode! How backwards!

    I find that this phone is smart in many area's but very dumb in its basic application of sending a simple SMS.

    Getting ready to return this phone and get a next one. Unless anyone can advise me on a simple way to perform the tasks i've mentioned above, as the phone is quite cool in it other areas and functions. Otherwise, you may be able to suggest a better smartphone available on t-mobile


  4. Wayne P says:

    Found it was a long prodecure to send multiple SMS, needed to start typing chosen contacts names for list to appear, then repeat this process for each person.

    Also, can only find option to send business card via bluetooth, which is quite limiting for phones capability.

    Maybe someone can advise me on a more suitable and quicker method

  5. Fahad says:

    i was waiting this phone since i first saw in internet…Now i am having this phone (Black) in my hand.
    About it ???…hm mm Very Beautiful, well built, square edged, Flat Screen, thin, feels so good in hand.
    The very attractive feature i found is the Timescape where at any point of time you will be updated yourself of each and every activities of your friends in facebook, twitter, Email, Photos, SMS, all updates in a single press of button..really very attractive feature.
    Files open in a very stylish manner.Touch screen is very responsive.i will sure recommend it to everybody.
    A little drawback i am seeing is its battery life which i think is draning in a day.if Sony Ericsson improve this in coming months,then sure no other set would even compete it.

  6. Sharfuddin Ripon says:

    Wider yet handy. Beautifully designed. Browser options missed some top search engines. OS is outdated. Its worthbuying in any way.

  7. ALAN says:

    nice mobile but it use credit on standby around 4 pence in 1 hour because is requ a constant connection to internet for software update (like your pc),bad for pay as you go if you dont have unlimited internet, use around 4.5 £wek and you have to pay for it even if y dont like it (contact your network provider for more details)

    1. kaushik says:

      no secondary camera and video call facility thats the main draw back … and it cannot be useful for 3g video calling as the private players are entering into 3g technology in 2 months …

  8. gypsy says:

    Worst phone ever if they do something about the software! No business card sms; no internal modem for linking with your pc; no contacts editor on pc; no calender editor on pc; phone keeps rebooting when uisng the camera; hate google calender!

    1. Miels says:

      If you pair it to your google account then it does have a contact editor as well as multiple online calendars. Internal modem is achieved using PDANet. via USB or Bluetooth. My phone doesn't reboot when using the camera. Business card software is crap I agree about that.

  9. Eddie says:

    Problems with Bluetooth connection to car. Mazda 3 2010 to speak of… Anyone know of a fix for this?
    At times phone appears to work but connection for media there is no sound passing through… I've tried many different approaches to try to get it working but, all to no avail… Any help?

    Other than that phone is great – love it!

    1. Brad says:

      We are getting the same issue with a Mazda CX7 carkit. It will not connect or drops its connection and then have to unpair and re-add the Mazda device. Works a charm with the Blueant Superblue tooth handsfree, but this will not work through the car stereo. Also seems to work fine in the Holden Colorado stereo bluetooth system.
      Other than this love the phone.

    2. Steve says:

      Hi, I have just got a Mazda 3 too, and have the same issue with the integrated BT. It pairs OK for the voice, and the the audio looks like it is working, but has no sound. Did you find a fix to this?

  10. carl says:

    Just got my X10 today but everytime I use an application the phone switches itself off. Am I missing a software update? Or is it back tot he shop for a replacement? Any help gratefully recieved.

    1. Nika says:

      I have the same problem, i find out that it's not problem of software, many of them are doing like that and no one understand what is the problem, if you find out can you reply on my email please.

    2. Amanda says:

      I had the same problem switching itself off. I also had the problem where it wouldnt charge. I went in the shop to get it looked at re the charging, had a new battery, same happened had a new charger, same happened, had it repaired, same thing happened, had it replaced TWICE same thing… this third one I have now, shows it has a charger connected (flashing light) but then when it is charging it turns itself on, shows a message to plug in charger, then says its shutting down, turns off and after a couple of minutes it repeats what I have just said, over and over I had attempted to charge it for 24 hours and nothing has happened! Its a real shame because I think the phone is quite a good one, when its charged.

      1. jeff says:

        replacing batt did not solved the prob??? cause i have the same problem too and im suspecting the batt. so im planning to replace it. how much does bts-41 batt cost ??

    3. praveen says:

      I have the same problem, when ever i open the browser or camera the phone switches itself off and it takes at least 2-3 hrs to switch on agin, till that time it keeps on flickering off and on…… dont know wat to do with it!!!!!!!

  11. essem says:

    I shifted to Xperia X10 from Nokia N958GB.

    Quite awed by its looks and features and thinking since it's Sony, the camera would be good… ended up buying it about a month back.

    But as you get to use the phone, you start noticing the flaws

    To start with an awful camera!! must say… 8 megapixel is an eyewash… slightly dark light and pictures are completely dead.. quality of video is primitive.

    And, I agree with wayne… the phone sucks when it comes to handling basic phone tasks…

    And on top of it is tad slow.

    Wish Sony Ericsson rectified these flaws in their development centre before launching it and testing it on us customers…

    I ain't buying another Sony Ericsson even if they come with a 12 Mega. camera. For sure.

  12. Louise says:

    had onne of these for about 4 days and returned it although I loved the style and the timescape and linking contacts up to your contacts, facebook email address the bluetooth would pari but not connect so waht was the point – rand 3 mobile tech help and they confirmed there was a 'limitation' with the bluetooth so I returned it have Vivaz now but the touchscreen is useless on it think I will be returnign that soon what has happened to SE phones my last 3 were SE are great now very dodgy

  13. Laura says:

    Ohhh No im thinkin bout gettint the x10 on friday….the only thing putting me off is the textin. Can you only text on the qwerty keyboard? Help!!!!!

  14. Kate says:

    Ive had the X10 for around 4 months, and have already had to have it replaced twice, and both times for the same reason! the reason being i find the charger is dodgey anyway, when i plug it in… i find i cant sit and use it in my hand because if the charger socket moves slightly the phone stops charging, and im one for running the battery right down before i charge, so then obviously the phone just turns off… but twice now the phone has been charging and then it will just stop…so i reconnect charger try again and nothing. dead as a door nail wont charge or anything… orange sent a replacement phone out the first time and it worked and yesterday when it did it again i rang up and they sent me a new charger, received that 10 mins ago and its still not working, therefore ive had to get back on to them again and i have to wait until tomorrow to order a replacement handset. total inconvenience and totally lost my faith in the phone….

    1. andy says:

      hi kate i had same prob with mine got in july wldnt charge 4wks later took too shop waited 4wks for new handset, then 3wks after that same prob sent tht 1 away got bk 3wks later only too find after 2wks same prob, i reckon a prob in the design of this phine and are having a battle to convince t,mobile of this so im going to sony ericsson about it as want new make and model of phne as ot p[aying contract for a phonr spend more time with royal mail and sony than in my hand!!!

    2. Eddie says:

      I have the same problem. Just 3 months after purchase, the phone is not working anymore. It wont fully charge the battery. The worst thing is lots of people have the same issue with the xperia and it seems there is no solution. Beware of the Xperia X10.

    3. Gemma says:

      i have had exactly the same problem i would put my phone on overnight and wake up to a dead battery also its started going slow only had mine about four months too! sometimes when i go to write a message it starts typing then comes up in the web task bar sometimes when i move my finger over to unlock it it does not recognise my finger until the third attempt its ridiculous a so called top of the range phone with so many problems my 8210 is still working to this day what happened to new and improved!?

    4. maria says:

      Taking mine back today got it at the end of July and its worked fine until about 2/3 weeks ago, started to take ages to charge and then suddenly the battery life would just drop even if i hadnt used it. Now i can't even turn it on and it wont charge. Also about 2 days ago i suddenly started losing service and when i rang people i could not hear them or them me even though it had connected. I am hoping they repair it or replace it as i did not get insurance.

    5. Kirsti says:

      I've had the same problem i sent my phone away a month ago today to be fixed but heard nothing, I haven't been given a replacement phone either, Not happy with SE

    6. Louise says:

      i have had my xperia for just under nine months and started having the same problem about 2 weeks ago, thought the charger was dodgy first but no its the phone!! orange didn't want to know so spoke with SE, very polite and have told me to send it off and have been told it will take 5-7 days to repair. Now i'm feeling very unconfident as i don't want to pay for a new phone!!!

    7. Abhay says:

      It seems that this problem is getting quite common and SE has no reply for it but to repair it again and again. This has happened to me second time …I am just worried what will happen once the waraanty expire…

    8. Rachel says:

      I am on my 3rd handset for the same problem !!!!!! No way will it charge.1st and 2nd time the handset was replaced because I had it for less than a month but I've had this 3rd one for 4 months. Now Sony Ericson tell me that I have damaged the phone myself which I MOST DEFINITELY HAVE NOT. I am not going to take this lying down especially as there is clearly a major manufacturing issue. I am going to talk to my solicitor and see if I can get some sort of campaign going. Anybody interested in putting their story forward in such a campaign then message me hear!

      1. shannon says:

        the exact same problem has happend to me, they are saying that I have done something to where the charger goes in, and that it had water damage ! i had the same problem when I had the phone for the first 3 months. I dont know what to do

  15. Adrian says:

    Various icons appear on the screen occasionally for no reason, then the nice curve to the right to stroke to enable the phone has turned to the left all by itself.
    Removing the battery does not cure this problem.
    Is this a common fault and will we have to wait for the long overdue and already outdated upgrade promised for Q4 this year to hopefully put things right?
    What's going on??

    1. Brad says:

      As craig mentioned you can accidentally move the curve if you hold your finger down to long at the top and then move it. The icons you need to be careful about how long you leave your finger on, if you go on the menu and hold an icon it will then copy to the desktop if you remove your finger like a drag and drop in windows from the start menu to the desktop.

  16. Kate says:

    OMG! I have been waiting for what seems a life time for A) this phone to be released and B) for my upgrade to become available.

    After the rubishness of the Satio I've been awakened to the fact Sony can be a bit dodgy lately so have been giving it a good test run in the last 6 hours….. have to say it was a bit confusing to start with, but the timescape thing and its looks really sold it to me, and I didn't think the drop to an 8.1 from a 12meg camera would be all that bad really.

    But seriously, it's the worst camera phone I've EVER had…. there's no flash, only an poxy £1.99 phone-esk camera light which for the brightness it has, it really pointless. And annoyingly you have to turn it on each time you want to take a photo at night. The auto-focus really doesn't work and it's really let the phone down in my opinion.

    It also clicks really loudly during a phone call….. I can't hear it my end, but in the three phone calls to this phone, each person has asked what that noise is. Which I've no idea……

  17. Kate says:

    I'm not really all that bothered about how it sends a text as I'm sure I'll get used to it, (although there could have been a simpler way to send it) and the best thing about Andriod phones is the swipe alternative way of typing. The fact it seems to take forever to get someones name up to call them is very annoying also.

    I just wish they'd do something amazing, like stick the Satio camera on this phone, and make every day things like texting and calling a teeny bit simpler…… or have we reached the stage where phones are only used to update our status and nosey on our friends and use public phone boxes to make calls from??? Timescape is a fantastic idea, but everything else lets it down.

    I don't even think the update in Q3 will make this any better…… and as found with my Satio, doing software updates seem to make the phone break, not run better.

    Come on Sony, sort it out!!!! Anyone know of any other Andriod phones with a decent camera with a flash? lol

  18. Daz says:

    the screen unlock can be moved to the let or right by sweeping your finger horizontally across the screen before unlocking!. get advanced task killer to stop unwanted applications from running in the background and switch 2g/3g and wireless off until needed, i get 2 days out of mine with 30 mins of calls and 2 hours internet. there is no offline charging available for this phone so recharge your battery overnight.
    i also found that totally draining your battery the first few times before recharging really helped improve the battery's performance

  19. saranne says:

    had this phone 3 months now and in general i love it; however you must install task manager or the battery drains every 12 hours.
    main issue is with multiple texting as described above, you have to manually type in listsof who you want to send to, sony need to change this.
    having problems with phonebook which wont store new contacts or changes to existing ones; tried uninstalling the task manager incase this was blocking the function but no change; will call in to o2 later today for advice
    also having problems with facebook app which will no longer download updates
    otherwise a great phone, stylish, easy to use and keep in contact with everyone

  20. robin says:

    Lucy – you don’t have to wait for the battery to run down before charging… its a lithium ion battery and they don’t have the same memory as cheapo nickel cadmium ones so doesn’t matter what stage of discharge it is at when you recharge.

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to text using a phone keyboard rather than querty. My friend has a htc desire and he has the option of one…. is it an android 2.1 thing? Aka will it all be ok after the update?

  21. Debs says:

    Ive had 4 replacements since April and am about to send this one off to the IT techs to sort it out. Each time it does a software update, the phones decides to bugger up, apps dont work properly and track id force closes. It also goes the long way round to call someone, no good in an emergency. stuck with mine now til next year but will then go back to basic phones and definately not Sony.

  22. laura says:

    i have had my xperia 10 since April. i hate this phone i been having problems with it since i got it. it keeps freezing, keypad sticks and the (A) dose not work very well. I have to text slow to press the right letters. camera is rubbish, most of the time the pictures are blur and dark with the flash. the zoom is not great either. internet is very slow and on certain sites it wont load up. i find i cant hear people very well when talking to them even ho its on the highest volume. the slide that unlocks the phone and that answers call sticks and i have missed calls because of it.

    i would defo go back to a basic phone with a keypad. i would not recommend this phone to anyone.

  23. mic says:

    to me.. this was one of SE's worst phone. all along i've been rather supportive towards SE phones since their walkman models. but this… one word SUCKS! no offense to people who like this model.

    when i first got it i was rather excited as the phone looked so classy and shiny(because i bought the white one) and super beautiful. but a few days later.. problems start to pop up.

    1) the os was pretty complicated. i had difficulty getting use to the phone. not only i felt that way, my friends felt the same way too.
    2) battery finishes within half a day or less. but luckily there were these 2 apps(can't remember the names) which helped a lot. but at times i forgot to switch on e apps, the problem surfaces again.
    3) sms wasn't as convient as iphone
    4) phone starts to freeze which turnout pretty irritating.
    5) camera sucks. picture taken are always so blury even when i switch on autofocus.
    6) this problem made me totally pissed with the phone. i'm not sure if i'm only one who has this problem since i haven't seen anyone commenting on this kind of problem yet. magically, the phone still consumes battery when it's OFF! and i really mean it. since i knew that the phone consumes battery at quite a fast rate, every night, i ensured that i switch off the phone. but magically, when i try to turn on the phone the next morning the phone has that red blinking light at the corner which i hope you know what that means.

    honestly, i tried to endure with the phone hoping to find some answer on goggle. i did find the solutions to problem(1) but it's problem(6) which is causing the most problem for me.

    i don't really recommend this model to anyone who wants to buy it. i don't even know if i should trust SE phones anymore. what happen to all the good models they used to produce??

    1. ryan says:

      ave found the same problem as number 6 also wen yoo take the battery out at magicaly drains it and also unless i am in a constant 3g area it picks and chooses when to recieve texts

    2. Nick says:

      Same here. Plugged it in the charger one night… the next morning blinking red light. I could not power it on any more – it was dead. Even tried plugging in the adapter w/o the battery, same thing. I love the phone but the battery issue is HUGE PROBLEM.
      I'm buying another battery today and we'll see if that brings the phone back to life 🙁

    3. Theodore says:

      i got no battery problem… in fact, i can use my x10 in nearly one day + half, with Wi-Fi on for several hours..
      but i agree with #5.. camera is totally sucks… i can't take a picture of document paper, because it always blurred… the autofocus is really bad… i hope they fix this in future update…

    4. EstNordEst says:

      man, you're right… until now, i used only Sony Ericsson phones (g700, v630, xperia x1)… i had no problem with them till now, when i did the biggest mistake i've ever done… i bought a xperia x10…

  24. Lorna Drewry says:

    Just got the phone and still coming to grips wth it. But i notice that i cant seem to find how to have a different ringtone for contacts? Not a huge problem but something i have always liked????

  25. Shirl says:

    My x10 was working fine, then in the middle of sending a text it died. I charged it up, but now it will not boot up at all. I bought a new charger and took the battery and sim card out. I tried it again and still no joy, just black screen and red light flashes .I have even tried it pluged in. Any ideas!! Please!

  26. awesome x10. very happy with my purchase. me and my partner just picked up our unlocked phones and were very happy. processor is faster, battery life and touch screen our out of this world. i like the look and feel which is a big deal, lot of compliments on this phone. much better than my old unlocked android phones. email and gps are great for my business and my family likes theirs for the facebook and games. also the texting and emailing is easy. very nice unlocked smartphones. the web browser is easy to get around and practical. i like the color and feel of the phone. watching video's on it is like watching my hd tv. very happy. got our last couple unlocked touch screen phones at gsmallover.com 2 thumbs way up

  27. Hybird says:

    Bought my X10 two days back and the strange things I do receive sms but not able to send sms, I try all kind of tricks but no luck any one have any idea how to make this simple function works.

    however still working on other apps but the first impression oh well no I should go back to basic phone much easer.

  28. claire says:

    May be a silly question but only got the phone yesterday… Do I have to turn Facebook of when not using it as I only have to click the tab and up comes my facebook…worried I am going to run up a bill!!! Also how to you reduce the brightness to save the battery?

  29. Sandesh says:

    I have a problem with my phone volume. With the volume set to maximum, i cannot hear the sound in busy areas like a market or shopping mall. I do not have this problem with my old Nokia N70. Is it just my phone or it is an inherent problem with X10?

    1. Kate says:

      No it not just your phone it is a problem with the X10 I have the same problem and the phone has been replaced three times. I also know another two people personally who have this problem

  30. JAmes says:

    The only problem i have with this phone is that sometimes it doesn't recieve texts right away. I've had numerous texts from people asking why i'm not replying when in fact i haven't recieved their text at all. Then i'll recieve it about half an hour later when it is totally irrelevant.
    If this was fixed, this phone would be the best i've ever had.

    1. David says:

      Thhe same thing happens to me, i`ve been on to o2 about this sinc august. I also have people trying to call me and dont get through, sometimes they need to call 5 or 6 times to eventually get through.
      they tried to fix this over the phone for about a month, then sent out a new sim, which didn`t work. i sent it back to get fixed and they sent it out with the same problem happening.
      the next thing was to replace tthe phone with another x10, but unfortunatly that has not helped either.
      wish i had never ordered this phone from the start.

  31. April says:

    I've had this phone for a good few months now and I have to say, I rather like it.

    A few of the issues mentioned above are easily sorted if you bother to do a quick search on the internet to learn how to resolve the issue (which isn't really an big issue anyway!).

    I mainly use mine to listen to music at work. It's on and being used from around 5am until lunchtime and the battery lasts until I go to bed in the evening.

    The phone looks smart and feels well built. The touch screen is very responsive and the Android market has lots of useless (free stuff) I can download and irritate people with 😉

  32. I have had the phone for three months. I am now on my second handset and have been into the provider five times. The phone turns off without warning, the sim locks, screen freezes, the unlock swipe fails and i have missed countless phone calls over it. apps are very poor compared to iphone. I switched from i phone to give the x 10 a chance, worst decision I have ever made!!!

    1. trad says:

      It would be incredibly silly to change it for an x10. The 9700 is a good basic smartphone with focus on keeping in touch with people and managing clients. The x10 seems to want and promise a lot, but fails to deliver in practice. Have had the Mini for five weeks now and it might be the worst phone I ever had. Short battery life, confusing interface to the extreme, built-in applications especially the camera crash now and then, requiring reboot to start working again.Touchscreen action and function sporadic. Takes a minute to boot and another minute for actually getting fast enough to use. Could keep listing annoyances all night. As it looks today I would avoid the phone.. I hope the Android 2 update fixes some of these issues and at least makes it a decent handset.

  33. Felix says:

    I dont know if im the only one with this problem but anytime i put on the camera the phone goes blank and goes off and comes back on by itself … also some times when im using it it just freezes and and also goes off and back on … NEED HELP! im going to update the phone and see if that changes anything …. please help out if you hav e solutions thanks …

  34. danien says:

    phone has turned itself off and wont turn back on, yes people its charged – everyone keeps asking. phone is giving 3 short red indicator lights when i press the power button. please help, reward case of beer

  35. Yatin says:

    Has anyone experienced a freeze on the smartphone when you want to send a message? I have to power down, remove the battery, wait for approx 15-20 seconds then restart the phone. Sometimes it still freezes after completing this process.Hmmmmmmm…. Kinda annoyed by this!

  36. Kate says:

    Kate Glasgow I purchased the latest Sony Ericson Experia in May I have had nothing but problems since. The phone has been replaced three times allready not counting the one I purchased in May. It is the same faults all the time. Firstly I cant get the bluetooth to work in my car but the main problems are that no-one can hear me on the phone especially when I am outside or on the loudspeaker in the car. All my friends and family ask me repeatedly to speak up they say I sound muffled or I sound as I am talking under water or in a tunell also I struggle to hear them. The worst fault is trying to get the phone to take a charge sometimes it works if I fiddle with the charger but mostly it just wont charge at I cant use it. I only had it replaced again on Monday and I cant even use it ast wont take a charge. I am so dissapointed as the phone looks great but I am currently having to use simple samsong phone I purchased for £10.00 that actually works…………….

  37. k ellis says:

    I am having problem to set up my Email account. I am sure that I have all details right. I have checked server type,, address, port etc…but still dosn't verifying settings. I can access my emails through yahoo. site but not directly from icon on home menu. It's anoying. this is my second handset the same problem and the first one had problem with volume as well. Can anybody help?

  38. yasi says:

    Had the phone for a good couple of weeks now but ive only started to realise that my credits been disappearing. I really like the phone apart from the battery life:- please help me you guys

  39. Theodore says:

    i already got this phone nearly a week ago… but i just realized that the camera is so sucks T,T this 8MP camera can't beat my 3MP camera (HTC Diamond) in autofocus challenge… anyone know how to solve this autofocus problem?

  40. ange says:

    I am on my 2nd x10 white one its the worst phone ive ever had the battery life is rubbish my messages keep getting stuck in notifications i wouldnt recommend this phone to anyone the camera is no good pictures are dark please people avoid this phone you WILL be dissappointed

  41. shane fearn says:

    yep i am with you all on every thing looks good sum stuff on it is good, until the thing stops charging, mine is just sat dead on my fire place its my second one and this time i have to send it to sony wich i AM VERY DUBIOS ABOUT, since i cant prove the purchase of the thing, oh well i have no option but to, its a twat but it is kinda my first se but it will be sure as hell my last

  42. cgc says:

    glad to see im not the only one with problems.

    1. I have bad mobile coverage in my home. and i have to power off and restart to log on to a network again.,

    2. also when in bad coverage wifi drops every ninute or so.

    3, Battery life is terrible.

    4 no flash on camera.

    5 no flash player available on browser

    this phone is causing me stress

  43. angel x10 says:

    Guys, I got a solution regarding the battery life.

    1st drained the battery

    2nd charge the battery then it automatically switch on

    3rd after a minute on charging switch it off

    4th leave your battery untill fully charge

    5th lastly , restart the phone before using

    It really works!!!

    However, my problem is the camera. OMG, i tried everything the setting but the photos were blurred!!!

    Moreover, the volume it’s difficult to hear the other line even it’s full volume already.

    Hoping for your feedbacks.


    1. mr chris mawson says:

      my x10 takes brilliant pics (and good video) ina variety of lighting conditions- including after dark across limehouse basin in london uk (near to canary wharf/docklands) to capture reflected lights from boats moored in canal basin – select camera icon then tap small icon on left of screen- (looks like a small palm tree!) this gives access to 'scenes' then select what you think may give best result- ruins spontanaeous shots -as i dont know if x10 resets itself to a defult value of if you have to reselect- so have a play !!
      mr chris m

  44. adam says:

    K ellis, I am having the same problem as you. The phone will not accept my yahoo email account, and i know the details are correct. After trying several times, now when i go into the setup page, it is locked/blocked and won't go any further. Any ideas anyone??

  45. Dian says:

    is there anyone out there who knows how to remove the annoying sound that the keys make when you are typing a text message? I have gone into settings – sound & display and turned off the audible touch tones and audible selection, but that does not seem to work. the only way that works is to put the phone on silent, but then I cannot hear the phone when it rings!!!! help

  46. Alannah says:

    Does anyone else need to switch their X10 to 2G as opposed to 3G? I cannot seem to get much reception when its on 3G and seems to be really slow and drains battery? I'm on Orange but they say its nothing to do with the network as the signal in my area is excellent.

  47. joshp610 says:

    can anybody help?
    This is my 2nd x10 white and i keep having problems when im on the phone with someone. On the first one, people couldn't hear my when i was on the phone to them and they said it sounded like i was in traffic. On this one, all i can hear is a fuzzing noise in the background. Is anyone else having the same problems?

  48. Tim says:

    Seriously, seriously disappointing. Outdated OS (why???), unforgiveably poor camera which doesn't even have a proper flash (three phones ago my camera was better!), useless speaker – quiet and tinny, poor sound quality, rubbish media player, no ability to tether as a modem (!!!!!!!!), constantly turns itself silent in my pocket, and finally is a total pain to use for everyday tasks like texting. This is the very last time I ever give money to Sony Ericsson. Absolute rubbish.

  49. Savan Harsh says:

    Gr8…! Phone… jus love it…

    I hav white beauty. .

    Many ppl regret it bt its cool..

    Sony trying to fix all d problem. .

    it will be

    – multitouch

    – more battery time

    – HD video record

    – 16M color (awesome )

    – increase sound quality

    – latest OS

    – bluetooth problem fix..

    Enjoy ur xperia X10..

    I love mine..

    If anybody wants help thn contact me..


  50. Sam says:

    Hi, Got xperia x10. Was wondering if the charger was the same as the x10 mini? Just stupidly bought the mini charger from ebay.. without realising it was for the mini. Does anyone know if it will still work? Would be great if you could let me know! Thanks!

  51. annoyed says:

    Just about a week or two ago, I got a X10 mini. Everything else was fine and working well, but not the bluetooth! I could detect other bluetooths from my friends' phones, I could do pairing, but yet files could not be transferred! It's either tells me there's an error or that I cannot receive it. What is the problem? I seriously need bluetooth to transfer urgent info to my friends, and this is quite a bother to me!

  52. natasha says:

    o dear im gettin the phone delivered today might phone wen i get it and tell them i dont want it and send it back…sounds alot of same faults as the w910i…see now sony are aware of these faults i worked for vodafone and have contacted them numerous times and they will not admit that all these problems are manufacturing faults…although sony can make handsets that u wont have a problem with and then the next 1 they bring out will have all the sony traits switching off havin to do software updates every 5 minutes camera no where near the quality it should be ect ect ect….

  53. linda says:

    I'm having problem with my xperia x10. this is about the connecting bluetooth from my x10 to my laptop. whenever i click "connect" bluetooth on my laptop, my x10 automatically dialled a phone number in my contact. This is irritating me. I tried to figure out what's the problem….is it my laptop or is it my x10? Can anyone help me with this?

  54. kay says:

    ive had this phone for about 4 months and only brought it because the guys in the shop said it was good. for about 2 months now ive had problems with it. firstly when i updated it, it messed up the kkeyboard and could press 'A' and then i could received texts or phone calls from people. it has since been sent off to be checked and come back – still having the same problem. i want rid of this phone as i cant even use it and am paying for it

  55. Well I have had this phone for about 2 months now and some features I find very good but over the last few nights there have been about 4 or 5 different times when the screen dies but yet the phone is still on……..about 15mins ago acctually i had to remove the battery a few times and restart the phone and its only the start of the day…..this has been happening to me a few times can I ask if anyone else has encountered the same problems???

  56. Amanda says:

    I got my new S.E. X10 in June, it was fine to begin with but then it started having trouble charging. I took it to the O2 shop, they first replaced the charger, still wouldnt work, then they replaced the battery, still wouldnt work, then it was sent off for repair, phone would turn itself off when in use, wouldnt charge YET AGAIN!, went back to shop they sent it off and I got a new one sent out, that wouldnt charge! got another one from them, again – that didnt charge!! Got my third replacement – you got it – PROBLEMS with charging! The connection is working however its like its not powerful enough. It turns on whilst charging and a message comes up saying plug in charger (even though it is plugged in) then it says shutting down and shuts down. 2 minutes later, turns on with the same messages, turns off and it just repeats. I had it charging for 24 hours and still didnt charge. It was like the charger was giving it some juice which the phone recognises so turns on but uses what juice there is to turn on, and therefore going round in a vicious circle. Its Stupid. Why does the phone need to turn itself on anyway.

  57. Amanda says:

    CONTINUED…. If the owner of the phone wants it switched on they can always uses the button. I am coming to the end of my tether with this annoying phone (and that is putting it politely! Trust me there has been some swearing with this phone.) If it wasnt for this problem, the phone would be brilliant. I like the android market and free apps. I dont like the fact the battery doesnt last long thats a pain in the rear. The camera is not that brilliant, I had a cybershot C905 previously and that was a brilliant camera, but this X10 even though has same pix is not the same quality. Im supposed to be getting another one this week, what are the odds it will happen again!!! Sad thing is Im tied into a contract for 2 years!!! the phone will not last that long I can certainly say that much! So, im making sure I have insurance on it.

  58. Jodie-leigh says:

    Can't really fault this phone in many ways, has been a real trooper to me!
    The only thing i will say is that it is very juicy .. The battery needs charging every night, or more often is you use the apps a lot!
    Other than that, it has brilliant satnav, games & is an all-round gem!


  59. Lynne Knapp says:

    I have had my Xperia for 6 weeks now and it's driving me mad. it looks very nice but that's where it ends. I have had a new handset and new SIM card from Orange and this hasn't helped. The handset will not read the SIM card and so contacts cannot be transferred this way, or anything else. The apps won't always download and the buttons are very temperamental, especially when texting or entering on calender. The calender is very average as well, everything is so tiny and dark blue, it would be good to change the font and the colours for some variety and to be able to see it!! I am in the process of trying to send it back and get something else – all very disappointing !!!

  60. DeCarlos says:

    Some letters appear to be typed but they don’t show in the “box”

    Cant text while media player is running

    dead space near edges of screen

    Seems to bog down on occasion especially when switching between applications

    Keyboard gets stuck. Mostly the spacebar, but it happens w certain keys also

    Not compatible (w current v1.6) w sonyericsons bluetooth watch

    had phone almost 2 months. Switched from a blackberry. I should have just got the new blackberry.

  61. steve says:

    OMG …………………. my phone has been back to the tecs twice now , cuz the phone keeps switching off while on internet (usually on youtube) wot the hell ?????
    can anyone help me

  62. dumbo says:

    Rubbish phones with a long list of problems. Just got my second replacement. Had a microphone problem on my 1st one, phone kept switching off and rebooting on the second phone i received and with the third phone well………lets wait and see!!! Constantly on the phone to Orange and they don't seem to care and just offer to send a replacement. Wish I had stuck with O2 and with Samsung or Nokia phones.

  63. Paul Pon says:

    how come my X10 batter not really lasting izzit?? when the screen saver mode…but my batter will drain it self ?? wat happen izzit? n how to fix it out.?? teach me PLS!!

  64. Rachel says:

    I just got this phone today and so far so good. The only thing that is annoying me is that it makes those stupid noises while texting. Is there any way i can have it just vibrate when im typing instead of making that loud beeping noise…other than that i find it really nice..i had the iphone and this is actually better than that!

  65. Kirsty says:

    I've only had my phone one day. I'm on pay as you go & had £10 on it. I haven't sent any texts or calls and only have £1.76 left! Any idea how this could have happened and how I can stop it?

    1. bloomfever2002 says:

      My phone does the same as was told to upgrade to unlimited. I think it is a scam to be honest. my husband and I have the same phone and his is fine. Thinking about returning it.

  66. jason says:

    myself and my wife both decided to get the x10 as was told it out classed the iphone and we would not be dissapointed . to be onest we are both very dissapointed with the phones my wifes has had hers repaired twice then replaced and still no cigar to the point that they had no option but to change the phone for a htc desire , mine is still miss behaving things switch them selves on and off all the time functions dont work and the applications to make life simpler and easier just dont have set up a S/E online account to manage these , that refuses to work and the applications etc even the email donsent connect or set up no matter what i do . battery life very poor indeed even with all functions off , all ive been offerd is a repair sevice that will take 3 weeks on a phone that is 6 weeks old , as with the very early S/E model far to complicated

  67. I had my phone for my birthday in June. It drives me nuts. I find texting a nightmare, it either changes to chinese keyboard, or sometimes, just predicts words and sends meaningless messages in my pocket.

    I have read all the other reviews and can see that its not just me. Finally I have managed to get my email sorted, but it will only work through googlemail. Satnav is good.. Camera is totally rubbish, mine switches itself off, and I always seem to somehow put it on silent in error.

    The following things though I think are something I am doing wrong:
    Can anyone help?; How do I set up my email as a notification ?, and also all the music that my daughter put in it, I cannot find it, the only music in mediascape seems to be songs to buy?

    Wish I had never got it, because I am now stuck with it for 18months. 🙁

  68. Adam says:

    I am having problems with my x10 mini, the screen has just decided to die on me….. its fully charged and when people call me it vibrates however the screen is just black?? whats that about???

  69. I’m having many problems with my Xperia 10 mini. Just a week after buying it, these problems stsrted to arise.

    There’s a deathgrip on the phone, killing the ability to connect to WiFi. Friends of mine have no problem at all connecting to WiFi, but my mini X10 is having big problems connecting to WiFi, keeping the connection and keeping it on an acceptable level.

    Then there’s Sony Ericssons’ very slow update service. i’ve been waiting till last sunday before I got the update to 2.1! But that’s not all, for the update didn’t work… I’m now in contact with the client service and till now, they’re not giving solutions, their client service is over capacity (no wonder when you sell bad products and offer very weird ways to updste your Android software) and I’m getting more irritated every day.

    Then there’s the apps. Some sort of bug makes my app icons, direct me to different apps. So for example: when I press my txt message envelope, it directs me to my Tweetdeck app and when I press my contact list, it directs me to my txt messages!?

    That’s weird isn’t it?

    I’m feeling a bit screwed on buying this phone, especially after reading Sony Ericssons’ slogan, Make Believe. Because that sure worked on me, they made me believe I was buying a good phone but I ended up spending a lot of time on hold on the client service support. Sony Ericsson, May Decieve…


  70. mumid says:

    i just got it a few weeks back.but it has got different kinda issues..when i plugin the charger it shows the notification light but the phone wont charge & the lightning sign on the battery wont show…any info on this problem will be highly appreciated..thank u.

  71. Shannen T says:

    Ok so… I have had tis phone since june, i Absouloutly adored it, i had no problem using anything and found all the apps really good. I did not like the sms on it so i downloaded an app for a new one which was great. I however do not like the short battery life, i have always used my phone to listen to music constantly, i love my music, but if i listen to the music it drains about 30% in 30 minutes, so i bought a i pod. So the minor problems just didnt faze me and i recomended the phone.

    But then i can not download apps anymore i checked the storage and even deleted some old apps.
    i have from the start had problems with blue tooth, i can not recieve files, but i can send them with a app i downloaded.
    i did think that it would all sort itself out once i download android 2.1.

    However i woke up this morning my phone was running smoothly, but now the screen has gone completly blank!!!
    vbery irritating and i cannot sort it out as we all know you can not take out the battery, or switch the phone off without using the screen!
    i know the actuall phone is working because i have bben getting texts and phone calls, yet i can not answer them!
    this is a really big problem

    please help!

  72. Shannen T says:

    Ok so… I have had tis phone since june, i Absouloutly adored it, i had no problem using anything and found all the apps really good. I did not like the sms on it so i downloaded an app for a new one which was great. I however do not like the short battery life, i have always used my phone to listen to music constantly, i love my music, but if i listen to the music it drains about 30% in 30 minutes, so i bought a i pod. So the minor problems just didnt faze me and i recomended the phone.

  73. anonymous says:

    i have SE wid me it was working smoothly but one day i took out the sim card wen i placed it back again the phone is not readinf the sim card again wat do i need to do plz can any one tell????????????????????????????????????

  74. Gemma says:

    kate ive jus had the same problem! my phone died and now wont charge! well mad as im going to have to send it off and wont have no phone! total nightmare!

  75. Jess says:

    Apart from the obvious things about this phone not actually having a flash, I wish they had called it a Spotlight, one that you have to turn on and off. I won't ever use it, it's too bright for people to look at if i take a photo.. I also have a problem with phonecalls. My boyfriend continuously asks me what I said and says he can't hear me clearly, it's like i'm talking with a jumper over my mouth or something. I've moved about to make sure im not covering the mouthpiece. Sometimes when I am on the phone i get a really loud quick high beep in my ear, and it hurts, but then that is it. Does anyone have this? I am gutted really, i figured I could cope with no flash as i want to buy a proper camera anyway, but i need people to understand me on the phone.

  76. AJ 86 says:

    My x10 was charged last night and i unplugged it, but i just noticed that my phone is still on charge…WITH BEIN PLUGGED IN!!! its prob nothing to complain about esspecially if it is charging…it would make it economically wouldnt it! BUT is it meant to do that????????????

  77. Client 9 says:

    I got this phone as a gift and decided to give it a try after using an iPhone 4 for a few months. I'm trying really hard to like it and use it permanently but if I had made this purchase I wouldn't be very happy. My biggest complaint is the slow UI responsiveness whether it's navigating lists, typing on the virtual keyboard, or even just unlocking the phone, it's very frustrating how sluggish it is (I am running 2.1). If the bundled apps provided by SE were available on the android market (where they should be) I wouldn't bother downloading them. And since they are bundled, all they do is slow the phone down and more importantly delay the release of OS upgrades like android 2.2. Reception is also poor. I got four bars here at home with my iPhone but with the X10 it bounces in and out of service at the same location. On the plus side, I think the phone is beautiful and my data speed is really fast on the tmobile network here in the US but until they fix some fundamental issues I'm going to have to switch back to the iPhone.

  78. mozasryan says:

    I would never ever recommend the X10 to those whom i care…Its such a waste of money..I bought the phone from Dubai paying 2500 dhs{around 700 usd}..It was real good at the beginning..But it dint last long as one of my friend bought samsung wave which comes around only 400 USD..the screen was much clearer and functions were much better than X10..I tried to help myself by thinking that my X10 has 8.1 MP camera..but last month my bro bought the GAlaxy s from samsung which costs 60 dollars less than mine and i was so sad that i made a wrong decision by choosing X10..It has an amzing Hd camera..Then i decided to upgrade my phone to 2.1 so that i can have the HD..But it was just a dream,my phone turned to HD but for only namesake..The performance is real bad..no clear shots…Now comes the biggest trouble…Just now i was trying to send a sms to my friend and on the half way while typing the message my phone get switched off…I tried to send the message around ten times but same was the result..I have been noticing this from the past four days..now the time here while i am typing this comment is 1-55 am..i on my laptop just to write the comment..I got soo angry that i decided to write the complain of this F**ki*g phone from sony..How come worlds trusted brand became FRAUDS…???! DONT EVER BEA FOOL BY BUYING THIS PHONE..!! DONT EVER..!! will neva buy anything from Sony…I lost the trust in them…!!

  79. Ravi says:

    i had a problem with my xperia x10,when i use it then after some time the phone get restart many time…mostly this problem comes when i use internet on it,when i use camera,i don't understand hat is the problem,i can't take it more.pls help me…..

  80. tashhar :) says:

    nice phone but everytime i go into an app or something like that and i want to go out of it , it wont let me
    and also when i press the home button or anyother button its not going back and to make it work i have to switch the phone off wait a bit and ten turn it on again 🙁 its a shame cuz its quite a nice phone but i can use it cuz its doing that

  81. bex says:

    I have had this phone for 5 months and the charger is abismal it wont charge unlessin a certain position the charger is flimsy and falls out and this week has decided it wont charge at all, the orange light no longer will come on and wont even charge hooked up to the computer. Thought it was the charger until i got the charging symbol to appear so i went to sleep woke up and my phone hadnt charged at all!!
    SONY ERRICSON will not acknowlede the fault and say there is nothing wrong when i sent it off

  82. Rachel says:

    I got this new phone and ever since i have had a few problems i have replaced the battery now it won't charge at all. I have checked too see if the charger is faulty but its not , sometimes i have problems with the keyboard it has a mind of its own .

  83. Raven Carter says:

    i just got it and it sometimes will not go to the screen i want it to and i will pause in the middle of doing something. i still like the phone it just has some problems. sometimes the head set will shock me but i think its becuase i slide across linen with it in and thats just common sense. you could though make the texting keyboard where u draww a line and it does the word for you because even with the T9 and all that it is kinda of long to text

  84. Leanne says:

    The phone would be great if it would actually charge. Sometimes I can get it to charge by removing and then replacing the battery whilst it is attached to a charger. This is the worst phone I have ever owned. Have had to turn multiple services off to reduce the battery use, so that when I can actually get it to charge, it will stay charged a bit longer . I have called Sony and they deny all knowledge of the problem. I told them to do a search on the Internet to see how many disatisfied users there were. Maybe they are trying to avoid a recall of the product.

  85. EstNordEst says:

    it's such a nice looking phone… and that's all…

    mine it's not working anymore… restarts itself from time to time… without any reason…

    i've found the answer… has serious hardware problems…

    don't buy it !

  86. Can says:

    It worked well for 8 months, then it started rebooting again and again. Now, no response at all, just blinking red light whenever i try to start it. Hopefully, SE will give me a replacment.

  87. jess says:

    my sony erricson just one day went dead as a door nail and ddnt charge or anythink so i bought a new battery stuck it in it woked then about 30 mins later dead flashing red then accasunally turning on off flashing i duno what to do i have a 24 month contract 🙁 help please?

  88. trina says:

    my x10 mini is great as long as u dont want to copy files to and from laptop,i bought this phone because sony are good for music and now i cant get any music on it or photos,really fed up,can anyone help

  89. malcolm says:

    Got an X10 Pro yesterday. I am having problems using the Camera. with a bland SD card, If I take a photo, it doesn't get stored and there is no album. If I put an old SD card, the album contains the old photos, but again new ones are not stored. If I take video, the time stays at 0:00. Any ideas?

  90. Nicky says:

    I have had the x10 since July and I have had 2 replacements and 3 repairs and guess what all for a fault with charging!!!!! Vodafone have now agreed to change for a different model. I would never have one of these again.

    1. Ianhilton82 says:

      Hi Nicky can you possible provide any help as Vodafone are currently refusing to replace my handset as they are stating it is wear and tear.

  91. Joe I says:

    Worst SE EVER!! on my 3rd one now, everything about this phone is awful
    1. Phone freezes all the time. the slider to unlock the phone often doesn't work, especially when I have incoming calls.
    2. The Keybord language changes to koren all by itself!
    3. The Facebook app is a waste of time, not only is it very basic but it hardly works, comes up with a "null" error message.
    4. Turns on and off by itself.
    5. Camera is pants.
    6. Sending messages to multiple people is so difficult.
    7. Internet is painfully slow.

    The list goes on….



  92. wyn says:

    i have my x10 mini not for 1 month i've juz used n this is 2nd tyme my x10 cant switch on n still under warrnty…n they said the problem is software..can u help me to solve the problem??

  93. Vijay says:


    Can any one pls advise which of the two Nokia N8 or Sony X 10 is good to use by all ways so i go in for the same .

    want to know really the advantages & disadvantages of both so i can hv a better phone purchase for almost 0.25 Lakhs.(worth-if its worth a purchase/expense/bug)

  94. timbo says:

    Can anyone help me. My girlfriend has had the X10 for about 6 months with no problems. But lately she's having problems receiving my sms messages. It seems that she can receive about 10 text from me and then has to wait hours before receiving any more. My phone says that the txts have been sent but my delivery report says pending. Tried txtin her on my friends phone with my sim and the same thing happens. Is this a problem with my sim, her sim or her phone??? Any ideas???

  95. julien says:

    beware of red flashing light and not charging . ive had the phone for about 8months but it wont turn on or charge . terrible , otherwise a great phone

  96. Rajme says:

    hello .. i bought sony ericsson xperis x10 .. and updated the version from 1.6 to 2.1.. since the update when i press camera option .. it reads as: camera is unavailable.. i did update the version as sony guys have said tht the camera would become HD .. but now i dont have a cam at all!!! kindly advise what can be done to restore my camera.. because i cant even downgrade the phone version as it cannot be downgraded 🙁 .. i have seen many writing about this problem on the web.. but n where and in no site i got the solution.. please help me.. my phone is brand new 🙁

  97. UNKNOWN says:

    DO NOT FORGET THE UNLOCK PATTERN AND NOT SET UP YOUR EMAIL OR YOU CAN'T DO ANY WITH THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. No More SE BS! says:

    Absolute piece of Junk. Constantly Crash-Reboots. Camera just adds weight. Sometimes the battery gets so hot I can't handle the phone and fear it might explode. Had the firware updated. Had the Motherboard replaced. Had the phone replaced with a new unit. Did the 2.1 upgrade and have had escalating errors since.

    Have now returned the phone to my Service Provider as it is too light to be used as a paper weight. Trying to navigate their Multipe Equipment Failure policy so I can get another handset that definitely won't be an SE product. Never buying SE again.

    1. dawn says:

      Hi i am haveing the same problem with my phone. I have had it sent away and it came back the same… i then took it back to shop and they gave me a new sim card … still haveing the same problem …. they sai they will send me a new phone …. but i bet it is still faulty.

  99. Vladimir says:

    Xperia is a piece of CRAP! Needs to be recharged every 2 days. Receiving speaker is awfully quiet, your recipient won't hear what you're saying in 8 cases out of 10.
    Stupid navigation. Full of bugs and overall just an absolute
    lemon! Never buy SE products! Never.

  100. Glenn Richardson says:


  101. sierra says:

    Ive had two of the white version in the past 10 freakin days and they will only charge if you hold the charger back alot. i got the second one yesterday im so frustrated.

  102. Bobby says:

    i have a problem connecting to my network sometines it works sometimes not the message is tha my sim does not allow me to connect to my network. Is there anybody who can help me?thanks

  103. ed joseph says:

    someone or manufacturer pls help me. im having trouble with my x10, when im done writing my message then i send it. it stuck there still sending. i cant send messages, but i recieve message and calls. the calls is working but the sending of message doesnt work pls help me im a newbie T_T

  104. My problem is i have a bad network system, cnt make n receive calls during the time de network is off which is a lot of times… and dis started after my screen got locked after so many pattens attempt. Though i ve reset de whole fon, am still havin diz problem. Guyz help me .

  105. Richard Booysen says:

    Am I just slow in trying to figure this thing out X10 android 2………….

    I dont want to sync with a freaking website,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    I want to syn with MY OUTLOOK, i DONT WANT TO GO ON LINE TO SYNc

    Any help is appreciated

    Richard Booysen

  106. Jim says:

    SE need to be honest and recall this phone DO NOT BUY IT! Anyone who has bought it should now go on every phone site you can and ask SE to recall or replace it. At the very least you would be warning others not to buy this piece of junk. I have stayed loyal with SE for years would buy nothing else not now though.

  107. laura says:

    I've had this phone about 4 months now and today it has finally died on me as it seems unable to detect its own charger!!! It has been giving me this problem for a few weeks and i had to use my boyfriends charger but now it doesn't work with any and I'm left with no mobile-great for £20 per month eh??

    I should have probably sent the phone back ages ago as the list of faults and problems i've had with it are endless, to name the most irritating…

    1) incoming call, the screen slide more often that not, sticks! making u miss calls!!!
    2) Trying to make a call is the longest thing in the world having to go all the way into ur phonebook, call? make call yes!!! takes ages and probably the phone will play up and freeze during this time turning the process of phoning someone into a nightmare
    3) Sending messages the phone will freeze up almost everytime
    4) touch screen will only work when it wants to apparently
    5) volume is terrible, u will miss all ur calls and not hear your texts anyway so no point even having the blooming phone
    6) Internet connection??? Don't even go there

    I'm actually most annoyed that this phone died on me before I had the guts to flush it down the loo!!!!


  108. Ashley says:

    This is the worst phone I have ever owned! I bought it almost 5 months ago and Ive had nothing but problems. First, I cant update my software, which messes up the whole phone, then its constantly freezing up and freezing all of my icons everywhere, then almost every time I try to make a call it turns off, the internet it extremely slow, texting is terrible, almost I go to read an email it has to do a force close and it does that on most of my apps as well, it turns on and off on its own whenever it wants to and the battery life it terrible! Im currently trying to get a new phone but as for this one I could care less what happens to it! I will never own another one of these!

  109. clare says:

    i have this phone it keeps turning off and freezing on me and say there is no sim card 🙁 does anyone know how i can fix this ?
    its on orange but they tell me its out of contract and has no insurance so its not covered
    can anyone help me?

    1. Dawn says:

      Clare, im on my 4th xperia and they are a nightmare, if your phone is less than 12 months old Orange have to help you as all electrical items are guaranteed under the manufacturer warranty, if you get no joy with them ring trading standards

  110. jenny says:

    I have had nothing but trouble with this phone, ive had it replaced 3 times it turns itself off it cuts out when i'm in the middle of a conversation nobdy can ever get how of me because it's always saying no network and only the other day its deleted my phone contacts random but true!!! its driving me mad i hate it and would never ever buy a sony ericsson again

  111. mr chris mawson says:

    my x10 takes excellent pics and does good video even in poor to average light – explore phone settings – as i have taken amazing night shots of limehouse basin in london's docklands /canary wharf area using a 'night' setting rather than the default setting- in poor to average light x10 takes better pics than i'phone 4 and in good light takes amazing pics. touchscreen can be a little vague and slghtly sluggish to respond – but to be fair – x10 seems to mis-behave if any slight moisture( raindropd/snowflakes/greasy finger tips ) on screen and occaisionlly phone 'hangs ' and wont do anything until battery is removed then re-inserted – intend installing software update from sony website soon so perhaps this will sort my glitches
    chris -colchester uk

  112. Paul says:

    Tthe problem i have with this phone is during a call the screen timesouts (desipte me setting it to never tim eout) then when I want to hang up I have to keep pressing the screen several times to get it to end the call.

  113. Si3 says:

    I must have got the runt of the pack. Since having the phone it has crashed virtually every day, phones numbers which have not been dialled, wont send or receive texts, opens applications on its own, has a battery life of less than a day, phone freezes, cuts off calls mid sentence, wont connect with blue-tooth devices and the list goes on.. tried numerous resets and software updates and even sent it back for repair.. still nothing is sorted with it. Overall the worst phone I have ever had, cant wait for the day I get rid of it.

  114. sophia says:

    hey there,me too just bought this new phone less than a month ago.
    everything went well when i use it in my home country and when i traveled to study abroad.
    until today when i viewed my contact list.it's gone.totally.why is that?
    yeah i've registered the phone with my old sim card (my original country) and replaced with a new one which i'm using currently while studying away.it was fine until i viewed at the phonebook where it says ''cannot read from sim'' . why is that?
    then later i found my contacts by saving a new contact number but it's just that, you know, you don't actually know where all the contact numbers had gone to but then suddenly you found. but then i searched back in the phonebook, it's gone again. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM??!! SERIOUSLY..I'M LIKE SO DESPERATE HERE. T^T

  115. hey there,me too just bought this new phone less than a month ago.
    everything went well when i use it in my home country and when i traveled to study abroad.
    until today when i viewed my contact list.it's gone.totally.why is that?
    yeah i've registered the phone with my old sim card (my original country) and replaced with a new one which i'm using currently while studying away.it was fine until i viewed at the phonebook where it says ''cannot read from sim'' . why is that?
    then later i found my contacts by saving a new contact number but it's just that, you know, you don't actually know where all the contact numbers had gone to but then suddenly you found. but then i searched back in the phonebook, it's gone again. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM??!! SERIOUSLY..I'M LIKE SO DESPERATE HERE. T^T


  116. Tony Normandale says:

    Problems…… ever since i got this phone about a year ago i’ve had problems. 1st when sending messages i would get an error message and all messages would get wiped. spoke to Vodafone who promptly changed phone as it was the first month of the contract. New phone came but this time with a different problem, every time i loaded the camera the phone would shut down. Vodafone advised it was a software issue and gave me a new one. i have had more problems such as touch screen but once i Rooted and de-branded phone these seemed to be rectified. Now its the battery, it wont hold its charge longer than 2 hours and as of this morning will not charge at all. Will i be able to get a different model? as this is just too annoying. every month some issue has top be delt with

  117. lou marquez says:

    i purchase x10 and upgrade it to android 2.1,,it always freeze and restart..what do i have to do??please reply…i love s.e but i dont know what the prob.is

  118. Wanda says:

    I have had this phone for about 2 months. I have a huge problem with this phone would like to know if anyone else is XPeria-cing(ha) this: I can talk on the phone for 10 or 15 minutes or use FB or web and it shuts down. The phone get warm and it shuts down. Anyone???

    I can't live with this. Would appreciate feedback.

  119. chriss says:

    i ve had xperia for three months and today the phone randomly froze soo i shut it off now the phone turns off by it self every 30 seconds and i am clueless what to do

  120. Linzie says:

    i have had this phone a year now and i have sent it off once got it back today after being in repair for 10 days and it has come back with the same problem of rebooting itself can any one help me out i want a warrenty exchange but they say i cant have one i would not advise any one for this handset i cant wait til i can upgrade and get shut of it .

  121. ranjan says:

    whenever i upadate something from my xperia x10i why does it show thatupadated via android and not via sony erricson xperia. i saw many people's status as …… Yesterday at 2:06pm via Sony Ericsson Xperia™ . how would i get the same…

  122. Mandy says:

    I have had the phone for 3 days now and am absolutely inlove with the phone… however I cannot seem to receive any files via bluetooth. The Bluetooth is switched on and it "pairs" with a device but doesnt "connect". can anyone please tell me how to get it to work?

  123. fARAH says:


  124. annoyed with phone says:

    Worst phone ive used! Looks nice and its small and stylish but that is about it! Have had ongoing problems with making calls, getting alot of interference (background noise or beeping tones), getting cut off and not even connecting to calls! Dont think i would buy a sony ericsson again!

  125. Magen says:

    My phone will not recieve calls, they go right to voicemail. I have so many people comment on how they can never reach me. Why is this happening ?

  126. LADodgersFan562 says:

    i love the sony ericsson xperia x10 but im having 2 problems it wont let me connect to none of my messengers it says error blah blah and second thing it wont let me send no video clip message even if i got it on video clip message mode…is anyone having the same problem… or knows how to fix it??

  127. joe says:

    hello, i have this phone for just over a year now, and it just now just going off itself automatically. When it does that, i take the battery off, and start again, but now it is not coming up again at all. It comes upto the point where the sony erricson logo comes on and then go back off. Does anyone know what i can do to this pls

  128. David Duvdevani says:

    bought this phone 2 months ago, worst phone I ever got. keeps freezing and sometimes I cant hang up so its cost me in phone calls. had to switch off phone to hang up eventually. also the answer slide freezes and have missed heaps of calls. also hard to hear conversations even with full volume and as for battery life, thats the worst part !!!!

  129. JAJA says:


  130. Kif says:

    I have SE X1, It was fine with old version of Android, two months back i have update that with latest SE android version, and now it start restarting when i use phoen a bit longer and also when I make calls in bright sun then it behaves more worse, how do I revert back to older version of andriod.

  131. Duane Thomas says:

    I've had it for 5 months and still no update to OS. Still at 1.6 Charging issues. On my 4th warranty return handset. Will never buy Sony, again.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like the SE x10 isn’t that good after all.. I had my phone for like 3 months and from that moment its down hill.. at first my phone freezes and shuts down when i want to go on the internet.. i had to remove the battery en put it back in to get it started again.. But the phone does it more and more when i want to go online.

    So i decided to don’t use the internet.. But when i want to listen to music for a long time it has the same problem. And i gets worse every day. Now he wont start and its dead. Maybe my battery died or something so i bought a new one. But still he wont start. When i Press the power button it vibrates but no screen. Sometime it starts and when i look at the screen my time and date are set for the year 2002.. and after a few seconds it dies again and wont start for a few hours or days.

    So you can say i’m not very pleased whit this phone. And my battery stinks. But whit a new battery it still stinks. I don’t know what it is.. but i don’t like it.

  133. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had x10 for about 7 mouths, and i keep having the same problem; it turns off when it wants to and it takes me hours to get it back on. can somone please HELP ME??

  134. I’ve had X10 (now it’s in a rubbish bin). After having my phone for about 10 months, it started acting weirdly, it was freezing or sometimes was restarting itself. And it happened very often, and further more if it hanged once then it took me about 50 times hard reset to get it to come back to a working state. I restored my phone back to the factory settings, deleted all data, installed applications. I did the Update Service on my phone but the situation became even worse, then I couldn’t turn it on at all! Also the battery wasn’t charging. I sent it to Sony Ericsson to repair, but they sent me the phone back with a ”unable to repair return form’ saying, that ‘the warranty expired’. I hear the first time, that manufacturers warranty is only for 11 months?? Thought that 1 or 2 years?? this phone is just a waste of money.. NEVER BUY AGAIN SONY ERICSSON CRAP!!

  135. I’ve had X10 (now it’s in a rubbish bin). After having my phone for about 10 months, it started acting weirdly, it was freezing or sometimes was restarting itself. And it happened very often, and further more if it hanged once then it took me about 50 times hard reset to get it to come back to a working state. I restored my phone back to the factory settings, deleted all data, installed applications. I did the Update Service on my phone but the situation became even worse, then I couldn’t turn it on at all! Also the battery wasn’t charging. I sent it to Sony Ericsson to repair, but they sent me the phone back with a ”unable to repair return form’ saying, that ‘the warranty expired’. I hear the first time, that manufacturers warranty is only for 11 months?? Thought that 1 or 2 years?? this phone is just a waste of money.. NEVER BUY AGAIN SONY ERICSSON CRAP!!

    1. same here.. model of my phone is x10i and almost new i bought it six mos ago, but now my phone didint open its just blink its red noificaation when im chraging it,, im really upset… its only 6 mos, and i thought i could use it for a long time,, how pathethic,, didnt they check if their modeal can last longer,,, or they just smone kind of scum…

  136. Anonymous says:

    i have a xperia x10,even though there isnt alot on my phone it keeps coming up low on space,saying phone storage space is getting low. now i cant recieve txt but can send them….all because this “low on space” icon is on my screen…..what can i do to sort it out as im very frustrated with it now

  137. is any one of the technical team of this company can tell me why is it their phone didint last,,,i hope you can anwer this post.. and also read older posts it looks lke its just a plain page for sony erixson,,, theres no reply at all,,,,

  138. Jennifer Guidry says:

    Ok, so I am now having the SAME problem with this second one as I did with my first one I received. The first lasted about 3 months, then started to randomly turn it self on and off, opened apps all by itself while LOCKED with 2 lock screens, and ran the battery down fast. Now 3 months later, the second one is doing the same thing, but worse!!! I am so done with this brand of phone. And as for that supposed 8.1 mp camera? It takes CRAP pics.

  139. Jennifer Guidry says:

    Ok, so I am now having the SAME problem with this second one as I did with my first one I received. The first lasted about 3 months, then started to randomly turn it self on and off, opened apps all by itself while LOCKED with 2 lock screens, and ran the battery down fast. Now 3 months later, the second one is doing the same thing, but worse!!! I am so done with this brand of phone. And as for that supposed 8.1 mp camera? It takes CRAP pics.

  140. Khaldoun Khasaf says:

    same problem, about 6 months down the line the phone became a nighmare, kept switching on/off until the battery drains completely, charge fully and in a day or 2 the phone would crash again until it never booted again. selling it now and would never buy SE again! absolute rubbish, the company should have a general recall for all X10 models and compensate people

  141. Khaldoun Khasaf says:

    same problem, about 6 months down the line the phone became a nighmare, kept switching on/off until the battery drains completely, charge fully and in a day or 2 the phone would crash again until it never booted again. selling it now and would never buy SE again! absolute rubbish, the company should have a general recall for all X10 models and compensate people

  142. Anonymous says:

    I’ve wasvery happy with my Xperia X10 to begin with, however, it’s staring to play up and I’m beginning to wonder if I should have opted for something different. The keyboard has stopped working so I have to rely on predictive texting when sending messages, and when I’m using the phone to talk to someone, I suddenly hear a low bleep and then it cuts off.
    Very annoying. I’d give it 2 out of 10.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Worst phone ever!! and Sony Ericsson warranty or support are no better. I’ve had my phone 4 months now and it’s been virtually dead for the last month. A few months ago, the phone randomly started to power off and then reboot itself over and over, heats up quickly and constantly freezes and drops calls.. and it gets worse and happens more frequently as time passes until you can no longer power it on or charge the phone. Tried removing the back/battery/sim trick and it worked for a little while.. but when it got to the point i was doing it up to 20x per day I sent it to SE repair. A week or so later it was returned with a note stating my phone was fixed and fully functional after extensive testing. What a joke.. I got it back and powered it up and within minutes it was overheated and rebooting over and over again and the battery completely drained. Now it won’t even take a charge. SE wont replace it with a new phone..(as per their 1 year repair or replacement warranty) I can take it back to repair again (and from what an agent let slip likely another 4x before they actually consider replacing it – who has time for that??) or settle for a “refurbished” one… yay.. someone else’s problematic phone.
    After reading the 100s of post here and other sites, it seems like this is a VERY common problem with the Xperia X10… even worse is the fact that Sony Ericsson KNOWS about this problem and doesn’t care or recall the product. The saddest part is it would actually be a very cool phone IF it worked. Buyer Beware!! … I would NOT recommend this headache of a phone to anyone and after experiencing their non-existent customer care, this will definately be the last Sony product I will ever purchase.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I have had an almost identical problem with my x10. Its been back to the repair centre twice, and is getting worse, not better. Keeps switching itself on and off and now rarely works at all. Sony E do seem to be dragging their heels when it comes to resolving the problem. They just hope that the problem will go away

    2. Anonymous says:

      I have had an almost identical problem with my x10. Its been back to the repair centre twice, and is getting worse, not better. Keeps switching itself on and off and now rarely works at all. Sony E do seem to be dragging their heels when it comes to resolving the problem. They just hope that the problem will go away

  144. Anonymous says:

    I am sooo glad to have found your comments. I too have the phone and it just would boot uponeday after charging. Tried taking the battery out and putting back and it kept opening and shutting itself down constantly till the battery drained. When on charge just a red light flashed. I sent through my provider for a repair and was refused a replacement as they said I dropped or crushed it. I know I didn’t and now I know I am not mad, 100’s of other people have experienced the same. My phone was 5 months old.

    1. Hi – I had the same problem. Sony replaced it in January – but this ‘death’ happened again and Sony are refusing to replace the handset. They said it has been ‘damaged inside’..there is no damage. One day it switched on, the next – just won’t turn back on, nor hold a charge. It was 6 months old. Is there a group for which we can collectively complain about this? – I’m now having to wait 8months before my contract runs out. Orange won’t help, my insurers are saying it’s a manufacturers fault and now Sony are just saying it’s my fault?..

    2. Hi – I had the same problem. Sony replaced it in January – but this ‘death’ happened again and Sony are refusing to replace the handset. They said it has been ‘damaged inside’..there is no damage. One day it switched on, the next – just won’t turn back on, nor hold a charge. It was 6 months old. Is there a group for which we can collectively complain about this? – I’m now having to wait 8months before my contract runs out. Orange won’t help, my insurers are saying it’s a manufacturers fault and now Sony are just saying it’s my fault?..

  145. I have had the same problems as everybody else on here, Orange just keep giving me replacement/refurbished X10’s, but my wife has had the same problem with her X10 and the car phone warehouse tried to repair it but couldn’t, so gave her a Samsung GALAXY s. Very good phone, and well done Car phone warehouse for customer service. No more Orange or Sony Ericsson for me when my contract runs out|||||||||||

  146. Anonymous says:

    having ALOT of problems with my X10. Touch screen fails to respond a majority of the time, freezes on a reguar basis, hate using it to text (they come out as rubbish because the touch screen doesn’t register the characters i touch), call or do generally anything with it. Have had 2 replacements in the space of a 1 year, all of which have developed the same faults! Last Sony Ericsson i ever buy, can’t wait for the contract to run out!

  147. Anonymous says:

    having ALOT of problems with my X10. Touch screen fails to respond a majority of the time, freezes on a reguar basis, hate using it to text (they come out as rubbish because the touch screen doesn’t register the characters i touch), call or do generally anything with it. Have had 2 replacements in the space of a 1 year, all of which have developed the same faults! Last Sony Ericsson i ever buy, can’t wait for the contract to run out!

  148. Anonymous says:

    Prob the worst phone Ive ever had!
    Screen freeze, switches to flight mode, for no reason switches off and on at random while talking, dose not hold change max 3.4 hours, back falls off!l off batt, falls out! , dose not allow you to download, dose not allow you to use apps….also dose not let you use the internet when you have downloaded the right app to use it???! then the app just vanishes with out a traces….latest prob in wont even switch on now!…& yet again Im taking it back to get it fixed!

  149. Got the X10 12 months ago, first impression was good and the phone has nice specs which made it handy to use. 3-4 months it started to freeze and reboot more often. I just kind of thought, must be a bug with apps I installed, so I hoped for new android versions who would solve the problem. Installed updates, no change, got same reboot issue. It then got worse and worse, sometimes rebooting in continuous. I was kind of hoping that the motherboard would overheat and that SE would kindly replace it. Took it to customer support at some stage as the SIM card was not recognised anymore, explained the reboot to the service center. got it back 3 weeks later with a sticker on it mentioning to be more careful with the usb connector !
    But they didn’t solve the problem at all, it was still crashing all the time. I used it then only to place calls, which kills the Smartphone purpose. I switched then back to my old mobile which has buttons and is not heavy and clunky, that does not need to be charged like a tamagochi every night. I just tried to revive the X10 few days ago, willing to use it has a MP3 player, but it eventually had it’s final time, as now the led blinks red when i charge it and I can’t turn it on anymore. So its dead. SONY = NEVER AGAIN

    1. Poorna says:

      Even I had the same problem with this phone. But in my case, the mother board was replaced and it seemed to be working. Then another problem started witht the software.. when we open an application, i couldn’t come out of that as the back button is not active. Now again i have to make rounds around service centre.

    2. Parikshit Savalia says:

      exactly the same thing with me…hasnt even lasted for a year…exactly the same thing that happened to you…till now i had some hope that i will revive it…i having been trying to bring it to life since 5 months…but nothing has happened…i have been trying to repair it using pc companion but all efforts were useless…and all my precious time is gone…..and 28500 INR goes to garbage bin…Sony Ericsson has the worst service…

  150. Cejones101987 says:

    I got my son a one and it lasted for 5 days and began having all the problems listed below.  Taking it to the AT&t folks who announce the moisture dots had changed colors and it was all our fault. My son’s not perfect but after finding these comment’s i guess i’ll have to apologize to him! This was a larger that normal purchase as we don’t usually go that far out on our teen’s. i’ll be careful when i see the work Sony in the future!! 

  151. CAROL WHEELDON says:


  152. Roxi_jex_69 says:

    BEWARE!!!! iv had all these problems with my x10 and sent it to t mobile for repair they said i had damaged the usb port on the phone i then went to charge it and the charger BURNT MY FINGER!!! sending phone away for investigation has to be sent to sweeden and will be away for 3 months….. please stay away from buying this phone and be carefull if u have young children who can reach the charger!!!

  153. Atifansar says:

    Well I have recently purchased X10 and for some reason when ever I upload more apps, the touch screen react very slowly……other than that I find the earphone volume is very low during a call…….!!!

  154. Peter Rob says:

    To all those on this list I will add more credence to your aruguments. I am currently in dispute with SE about my son’s X10.Like everyone else, after 8 months of a 24month contract with Orange, the phone started freezing, cutting out, not holding charge etc, etc. Orange were’nt interested because it was outwith their 6month warranty (only just I argued). Anyway it was sent to SE for repair and some 3 weeks later I was advised it was beyond economical repair and they wouldn’t be replacing it because the problem was ‘physical damage’. I asked them to prove this and they sent me some grainy images of the USB port saying that we had damaged it. There was no mention in their reply about the other problems and quite frankly having read all the comments about faulty USB ports below I don’t beleive a word of what SE are saying. I don’t intend leaving this unresolved to my satisfaction and will take it to ‘Watchdog’ if need be as a result of reading all the other – same – complaints.

    1. Exactly what happened to me… keep me updated as I am not giving up on this one. Only after opening it up to send for a repair I’ve noticed that the phone was made in China. Strangely enough, as someone who works in IT of a well known media company, we had an issue with the hard disk enclosure: guess what? usb port broken and the casing: made in China. What the issue with SE is that they are manufacturing it in China for peanuts which results in poor quality in order for them to maximise their profits and this can not and will not be tolerated at least by me.

  155. Xperia Rubbish says:

    The Sony Xperia X10 is awful. I’ve had mine for 18 months. Has been nothing but trouble, unreliable, slow, the touchscreen is disgusting. It crashes, freezes, the lag is terrible. Now, on the very last day of my contract there is some problem with roaming being permanently switched on, even though I have switched it off many, many times.

    The Sony Xperia X10 is crap. Stay away.

  156. Yep worst phone ever!! Me and my partner got one each on our Telstra contracts, started off good then 4-5 months down the track our phones started freezing, turning off n on, does not charge properly. We have not used our phones for awhile as we are having issues with them as they want the original receipt of purchase so since we have been waiting for that to happen havnt used the phones n the other day i tried to charge them  up n see how they are going n nothing the light flashes red but wil NOT turn on. Really p’ed off we use to always run with Sony but since this we are never ever again. got another 8-10 months left with our contracts gotta see that out n then never sony or Telstra for that matter ever again! 

  157. avoid this phone says:

    Well at first I thought. The phone was great I have had it 8 months now and ian having problems it is responding really slow it freezes. My screen goes all blocky. It dont hold charge and if I slide it up to use the key board my screen wont work. Its terrible I wish I never had this stupid phone now its driving me mad it goes mad it clicks on things when not touching it. I am finding it very difficult to use

  158. stupid phone says:

    It were great at first. had mine for like a year now and now its started switching itself off when i use flash on the camera and when people ring me it always says phone is switched off when it isnt. And it often turns itself off! deffo wasnt worth the price

    1. Elgringito_700 says:

      its a load of bollocks..it switches off 20 times a day and you cant download anything that takes longer than 15 seconds before it switches itself off.

  159. NeverAgain says:

    It switches itself off at random several times a day. I have to take the battery out and let it stop frying for a bit which sometimes work, but most of the time it just turns itself off…and on… and off… and on… until eventually there’s very little battery left from a fully charged cell. I’m so disappointed in this phone. The only reason I got it is because all of my previous Sony Ericsson phones have been great, and I wanted a smart phone but was sick of the sight of iPhones. Well, screw it. I will definitely be upgrading to an iPhone when my contract ends in March. See you la Sony.

      1. Andygriffiths6 says:

        mine does the same thing, especially when i start to download a new app or try to use the internet, so frustrating…. i too am going over to iphone in march

  160. NeverAgain says:

    Also, I got the phone through the Carphone Warehouse. I lost my first Xperia X10 and was given the second one as a replacement. It was clearly a refurbishment as it didn’t come in any of the original packaging and the battery was slightly dented. It is the latter of the two that has been switching itself off and on for several months. Also, when it freezes mid-conversation or while listening to a song (eg on Spotify) the noise it makes through your headphones is DEAFENING. Typos earlier as now my PC is freezing. Technology, eh?

    1. Sgrant1501 says:

      Mine is exactly the same, I have come to realise that these rebooting problems only happen when the phone is connecting to the internet, right now i started downloading an update from Market and the phone keeps restarting because I can’t keep it on long enough to cancel it. i sent mine away for repair last week bu problems started after a couple of days so am going to demand a different phone from T-Mobile this weekend this thing is a P.O.S

  161. Dan says:

    I have an X10 too and it is without a doubt the biggest P.O.S. phone ever! Keeps on rebooting whilst in the middle of a call, or just generally using it for that matter! SE are a joke. Never again.

  162. Dani says:

    my x10 just deleted all but about 10 of my photos on there (there were about 100) , i am so devastated as they had photos of my nice when she was a baby on there. Any idea how to get them back anyone!!??

  163. John Clayton Mcdonald says:

    I bought my wife and daughter a x10 mini pro each, guess what, same probs as every one else, chargeing faults which sony says is caused by missuse by owner, funny that, i had a ps3 and when that give up the goat after 15 months sony customer services blamed ME for that even though i hadnt sent it to them for repair. When are the consumer laws going to protect us, obviously they are out dated and sony are laughing all the way to the bank by accusing its customers of being thick and are unable to operate and take care of their products. NEVER BUY ANOTHER SONY PRODUCT AND WHENEVER I DO BUY ANY SORT OF ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT I WILL MAKE SURE ITS NOT RELATED TO SONY AT ALL. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDANCE ” FONEY”

  164. kiwig says:

    I have so many problems with mine. Messages disappear or are lost somewhere on the phone so it always says I have 3 new messages but I can’t find them! Also saving a photo as the wallpaper crops it so it’s zoomed in and you can’t see the photo! So odd. The touch screen is so sluggish too. I’ve gone back to my 4 year old phone as it is less frustrating! Useless phone don’t waste your money.

  165. reana kaisara says:

    Oh no!! Help me please!! How to put songs that have being downloaded to songs libary?? I have wasted my time downloads those song! When i wanna start play the song, it say NOT AVAILAVED!! What is this?!

  166. S Manzarkazmi says:

    i am facing problem my xperia x10i merges the pictures taken from camera and it also merges the songs added from computer kindly help me out and send me aemail on atheryounus  @yahoo.com

  167. Josier says:

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  168. Mommabella26 says:

    Has any of it’s owners listed that sinces it’s last update that this phone will shut it’s self down.  It happens during calls and when you try to use it’s GREAT 8 mega pics camera.  Not so charming!!!!!!! All of the repair info on the site is of no use.  I am 2 years into a 3 year contract with a phone that does not work!!!!!!!!!

    1. Dee-Jay says:

      it was not made to turn on when snaping pictures its a photo light not flash, to turn on the light hit menu, advance settings, photo light on and done.

  169. Nina says:

    Nina – from Australia

    I had to replace my phone charger as the original one would not charge the phone anymore, and after gingerbread update the phone lags a lot and is very slow and will turn off by itself during navigation and long phone calls. I did a factory data reset yesterday so hopefully it will improve if not guess I’m stuck with it until December! Not very happy, won’t buy Sony phone again. 

    1. Maggie says:

      Hey Nina, same issues with charger and phone keeps turning itself off amongst other issues. 3 resets and still crap. Are you with a provider (under contract) If so, they have to give you a working phone as per contract. Contact the Australian TIO, 1800062058, they are great. Virgin are now giving us a new phone (not Sony) Am also in contact with Sony Australian Head Office (very nice)  as their customer support team (in New Zealand) were very unhelpful. Never give up. 

  170. Neale007 says:

    Had the X10 for about 20 months now, it has been the biggest POS since day one. Upgraded to Gingerbread and it got worse. Lags, re-sets itself, camera “not available”. It also feels as if the phone wants to combust it gets so hot , not even on a call , just in standby. SE has lost me for ever. STAY AWAY.

  171. Tsilibarakos says:

    i bought an xperia 10 mini before 2 months and now its dead and from the original service they asked 170€ to repair a phone that cost 130€!!!!! dont buy anyhting from sony

  172. Houseoffinch says:

    well my x10a just turned it’s self off while watching youtube and now wont turn back on. Even plugged in. Tried a battery pull, but no good! Now have a nice looking paper weight, with another year and a half of contract!!

  173. Drewcutler says:


  174. Jithu629 says:

    i have sony Ericsson xperia x10a,and it having some display problem a big black screen and a white on the top. pls help me……

  175. Viva says:

    My sony ericsson xperia X1 type just showed colours when I switched it on and this is the 2nd time this type of xperia has developed same fault I have used 3 of them and I stopped using the second one and bought the 3rd one and it developed the same fault. Pls HELP as I love using it. 

  176. Isel_holguin says:

    Mine was x10 sonyericsson, i have an on and off prob and my phone was reformatted for 4x already, the last time it was reformatted was a month ago, and the customers service pulled out my phone, meaning they cant fix it again once the symptoms starts again, they told me its a hardware prob already… Was very disappointed, i just bought this phone last jan 2012

  177. Anonymous says:

    I upgraded from the Sony Ericsson C902 to the Xperia X10 
    in May 2010, when I had the misfortune of not being able to charge the phone or be able to back up anything before the lights went out on it for good. 3 were superb at ignoring my complaint until I pointed out I’ve only had this phone for less than 6 weeks! I received a refurbished replacement but non the less this has done me well. Until now…. 

    Even though I’ve ensure that it’s memory is not bogged down with too many apps running simultaneously, cache “build up” or bogged down with too many pics/ music it’s managed to develop a lag to process anything. Plus on this page I found that the memory can only be expanded to 16GB I’m a bit gutted. Farewell dear Xperia your successor will not be another Sony/Sony Ericsson.

  178. Maggieisland96 says:

    Agree with all other comments. Absolute crap! Keeps shutting down, been sent back for repair in warranty, they updated it, got worse, now 11 days out of warranty and $150 left to pay on contract for a phone that does not work!!!! Fuming :-(. Come on Sony, own up to the faults and do a recall…waste of money but takes great photos…

  179. Shawwayne says:

    just had my x10 in the shop to be opendup to all net works they can not do it sayin phone wont recieve the date any body had same thing and did u get it sorted cheers

  180. Janine261071 says:

    ive had my phone a yr and im ready to throw it through the window, it just turns off for no reason  even with a full batter, i have to do it at least 8 times before it stays on then it has drained most of the battery…. cant wait to get rid of it.

  181. Wee_mimo says:

    i have had my xperia mini for 6 months the last two months its been acting up exiting out of everything i go in i tried data reset today and now its turnin on but i cant get it to work waste of 150 pounds!!!!

  182. Kc28681 says:

    I have had my soney ericcson for a while now and thru everything i love this phone but the only 2 problems with the phone is low incall volume and reception i dont know if its the placement of the antenna or something with the phone itself but its going from bad to worse and AT@T says its not the towers I am surrounded by towers and still have poor reception but i still love everything about the phone waiting for the new xperia x10 and hope its better

  183. Jonitanaem says:

    i have had my sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro, but it doesn’t work properly. It always restart when i tried to open an aplication. Can you help me what is the problem? Thank you.

  184. R.Whitelock says:

    II used to have same issues as people here with random shutdowns and crashing I bought a 2500mah battery sign is 1000 more than the original and it works as normal again must be a fault with the original battery

  185. Kc28681 says:

    i would reccomend this phone to anyone who wants everything in a phone i love it althou 1 issue i have is bad reception and the incalling-outgoing sound could be louder but i would still reccomend this phone to anyone i would buy it all over again this phone to me cannot be beat of course not unless it was with another newer sony ericsson xperia love it love it  love it

  186. Highways 1 says:

    Having read all, yes all of the comments !! I can completely sympathise with you all. I have recently purchased a second hand Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i as had a Nokia N series 8mp. I wanted to have an Android phone and thought that this would be a brilliant phone to upgrade to ! Oh how wrong was I !! I have had the phone for less than a week and it started to switch it’s self off for no apparent reason, I thought the battery was flat, I tried charging it and then it would switch it’s self off mid Internet, I thought it may have been a duff app that I had downloaded whilst using my Wifi at home. I pulled the battery and left it alone and then put it back in and then for no reason again it swiched it’s self off and just displayed the name of “Sony Ericsson” and no more, as in a frozen state in the start up menu, then again it crashed. The worst thing about this is I brought it off a mate.
    So now I have taken out the sim card and placed it back in a good old fashioned Nokia, which has given me many a year of excellent service ! So glad I did not throw it away !
    All I can say is shame on you Sony and would I recommend you – What do you think ? and as one of the comments said will usung the phone as a good old fashioned paper weight. I suppose the only saving grace is that I am not on contract !

  187. Mud says:

    mine just got very hot inside,now red light blinks on and off,and won’t start up.5 months left on contract.I won’t be upgrading to a Sony xperia again.was frustrating from the start.there is a video on youtube on to solve this by charging the battery ex-sternal
    ly first.but i am not going to bother because of all the other problems the phone has.always had e a useless battery life,phone would be flat if i used gps,by the time it got a location fix.then i would be lost and without a phone.stoped making them now tells you something…..

  188. Carl (Dublin) says:

    My Sony Ericsson xperia mini also shut itself down like everyone else’s, and now a new problem, it has fits…if you hold it you can feel it jumping like a heartbeat, and overheating. It won’t let you do anything like text for example, cause other options keep flashing up and down on the screen. It then overheats…I actually threw it in the fridge today for an hour !! Pity, if these two problems were not there, it would be a perfect little phone…iphone here i come

  189. Ok, I got the Sony Ericsson x10mini recently and SOMEHOW it won’t start. It shows the Sony Ericsson text and just sits there. I tried removing the sim card, memory card and both, but it still doesn’t start. Please help.

  190. yasmin says:

    um i read all the comments and it scared hell out of me because i am going to buy this actually i already bought it um and its going to be shiped to i seriously have bad luck in picking phones ooh just screw it 😛

  191. dara says:

    my x 10 mobile does not on, it’s indicating red light. when i saw it for technician they told me clash IC should replaced, but i can’t find that … help me

  192. so sick of x10 says:

    .this phone is really my problem .. it’s bluetooth and wifi isn’t working . i’ve tried to go to some malls to help me fix this but all the technicians don’t want to do so .. how will i be able to use this properly if almost everyone’s not interested to fix my phone ?? grrr !! x1 is not good phone i swear !

  193. waggy says:

    downloaded the latest update for software for my xperia sp last night and I cannot get past the log in page as it keeps rebooting, any ideas???

  194. Pavan Kaul says:

    I was playing in the park with my friends football and my sony xperia dropped out of my pocket and i picked it up and it was working perfectly and when I got home it died then i charged it and it wont go back on it keeps on flashing the red light and I don’t now what to do will you help me please

  195. Tracey hatchard says:

    i have had my sony xperia for just 4 months and the charger connection is broken,unbelievable. for such a tough phone it has a flimsy phone charger system.

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