Blackberry Bold 9650 close up

RIM never cease to amaze and this time they’re at it with the BlackBerry Bold 9650 which is the successor to the BlackBerry Tour.

The New Smartphone is said to deliver everything that BlackBerry has according to a first look review by Shaun Mahal over at Brighthand.com it has the latest operating system along with apparently the best keyboard, Wi-Fi, Camera and more.

Okay the looks are a little dated, but the Bold 9650 is expected to take over the role as being the most desirable Blackberry for both Sprint and Verizon users. It is already available from Sprint and its just $200 with contract and Verizon will be releasing it soon also.

In looks it is almost the same as the Tour 9630 but this has an optical track pad and is slightly smaller in the dimension field. Despite the name it is pretty obvious that the newer model is a replacement for the Tour. The keyboard is almost the same as on the tour, the screen is crisp and bright.

It would seem that the issue which was apparent on the Tour where the screen would ripple from the corner seems to have been resolved by RIM. The rear plate doesn’t sport any fancy faux leather such as other Bold models offered by AT&T or T Mobile instead it has a simple textured plastic on a black matt finish.

The new Bold 9650 offers both 3G and support for UMTS/HSPA overseas so therefore it can be used in the United States and abroad it also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The call quality is good, but the speakerphone isn’t great at the higher volume.


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  1. Ronzo says:

    I am having issues where if I use the camera or video camera, the phone encounters an error and shuts down, taking up to 10 minutes to restart. This happen using either one of the right side access buttoms or manually from the camera or video file. Why?

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