Samsung Galaxy 5 Debuts at Google I/O Conference 2010

Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Spica, Samsung Galaxy S, we’ve all heard of them but have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy 5? No us neither, but apparently there is such a device and it packs the Android platform too.

According to an article posted by Ben Sillis over at Electricpig by way of Phandroid, the Android packing Samsung Galaxy 5 made its debut during Google I/O 2010 although Google had numerous other Android phones on display.

There aren’t many details available at the moment on the Samsung Galaxy 5 specifications but judging by the picture it looks to sport a small display and Sillis says he wouldn’t be surprised it the device doesn’t pack WiFi, GPS, 3G and Android 2.1.

The Samsung Galaxy 5 also spots TIM branding which means the device is likely to see a release in Italy but could expand to wider parts of Europe, again Sillis speculates that he wouldn’t be surprise if Samsung goes official with the Samsung galaxy 5 sometime next week.

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