Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review, Problems, Accessories and Price

If you own the Sony Ericsson Vivaz we would like to hear from you, we would love for you to send in your personal reviews about this device.

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz Symbian running smartphone has been out a while now so it would given you more than enough time for you to play with and come up with your own assumptions about it, this is why we would love for you to send us your personal review and opinions.

We would love to know what accessories have you bought, what is the software and hardware like, have you had small or major problems with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz, we want to know everything you know.

We could give you our personal review but it is your review that counts, you are the owner and if many reviews come in we can read them and then judge for ourselves if it is a good handset or not. Please use the comment area provided below and be the first to let us know about the devices, problems, functionality and of course is the phone value for money, was you happy with the price.


256 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review, Problems, Accessories and Price”

  1. Helen says:

    I've only had my Vivaz a few weeks and the camera screen image as I went to take a photo started to pixelate. Then after using the phone for a long call the phone went dark and wouldn't light up again. Took it back to shop and was told it was a software problem. Hmmm. Jury is out for now.

  2. lowkarma says:

    I have just bought a Vivaz and am having serious problems. I'm unable to transfer contacts from my previous phone (also a sony ericsson) using the online service nor using pc suite, the search facility does not work on text messages and i don't feel that the menu hierarchy is as intuitive as i expected it to be. Beginning to think that this purchase might have been a mistake!

  3. Former sony fan says:

    I have had my vivaz for about 2 months and all i can say is it is the worst phone i have ever purchased. I have had the black screens, the battery unexpectedly die in the middle of a call, the screen lighting is set and gets no brighter the same applies to the volume, the texting facility is a laugh and finally has anyone tried to use the calculator – after working out that the asterix button is really for multiplication (in this say and age), lastly there is no button for division!
    I'm sure there are lots more defects, but this was the most immediate things that i have discovered and to be honest, i havbe already started looking for another phone on ebay!!!
    Never again!!!

    1. Vivaz newbie says:

      Hey there, Note you are having trouble with the calculator function, not sure if you have had a reply. but here goes.
      You are correct that * is to multiply, / is to divide, hope this helps.

  4. ex Sony fan says:

    The Worst phone ever! And I am stuck with it for the next two years! I will take it back to the Orange shop, and tell them to stick it … Never thought that I would get so let down by a Sony device. Big, big mistake. My biggest problems: connecting to PC in PC Suite mode, well forget, and don't even bother to follow their crap troubleshooting suggestions, because that's what they are: crap. Not working. Menu: a jumbled jungle. Volume, music: no native equaliser function, playlists are not working properly, screen light etc. crap, crap all around. Haven't tried email and internet yet, will give it a few more days, and then it goes back to Orange. I might even be tempted to switch provider, as their staff is obviously incompetent.

    1. sarah says:

      im with orange to and had nothing but problems with my vivaz . took it back to shop n they said i need to update it on line so i did n it made not difference. so i phoned orange and they said the phone was faulty this was last week and they sent me a new one next day and now this one is faulty too , screen flickers, freezers and it likes turning itself off constantly . phone is rubbish and so is orange !! but im stuck with them now cos i cant cancel my contract 🙁 hope u had better luck changing urs !!

  5. Tracey Graha says:

    Had my phone less than 2 months before the battery socket came out of the inside of the phone which meant it couldn't be charged. Took it back to phones 4 u where we purchased the contract with vodafone they then sent it off for repair. Just had the phone returned today with a nice little letter stating that the phone had been deemed beyond repair and this type of problem is related to excessive pressure or physical impact damage-WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! so now i am stuck with a contract and no phone. I think now its time to cancel my direct debit as i am not prepared to pay 18 months worth of contract since nobody will take responsability. After having about 40 mobiles over many years in this household i have never experienced this type of problem before-i should of stuck with t-mobile!

    1. Phil says:

      Hi.. Had mine a couple of months now also. Same thing won`t charge! have not been heavy handed, in fact very gentle, but the connection is too flimsy and I could foresee a problem coming about, had similar problem with a Samsung so thought I would try Sony Ericsson!! big mistake !

      1. Debbie says:

        I have been having the same problem and have discovered that if you put the phone in the fridge for 10 minutes, then take it out the phone will charge up. Can only assume something inside is overheating.

    2. Warren says:

      Tracey ive had same problem had phone 2 months sockets dislodged from inside of phone.Same thing deemed beyond repair problem abused phone.Waiting on reply from Sony.I sure as hell not paying for a phone i cant use.Tracey my email is,,,waza57@hotmail.com,,,,,,,,,,,please contact me so we can talk about our problem.If its happened to 2 of us we might have a case to fight sony with.

      1. Barry Russell says:

        Warren, just read your gripe. I bought a vivaz back in apr for my daughter, it lasted 6 wks before the skt came out of the phone.I took it back to T-mobile who sent it away for repair but it came back and they said that fault was'nt covered by their warranty!!. I had to claim on my insurance at a cost of £25.They sent me a new one and guess what? yes the same thing has happened. So if i want to claim again it is gonna cost me more money!! Am totally pissed off with both the phone and T-Mobile, am gonna seek legal advice to see if i have grounds to cancel my contract due to poor service.Any more news on your side, surely this is a manufacturing problem, sony must be aware of this!!

    3. stacey says:

      had exact saame problem a couple of moths ago, took it to the 3 three shop where i got it from and they sent it off forrepair. then i went back to pick it up, and they couldn't do nothing about it so they gave me a new phone.

      1. hannah says:

        hii i bought my phone from 3, and today i was about to charge it and the socket inside the phone came off, so i cant bloody chrge it, im going to take it back to 3 tomorrow and hopefully they'll give me a new phone

    4. Vikki says:

      My Vivaz has done exactly the same thing!!!!!!!! im going to take it into the 3 shop, dont know whether to bother now if there just going to say its damaged beyond repair, its not on

    5. Alison Orpwood says:

      My daughter had her phone for 4 months when the socket fell out. Took it in today for repairs ( had to kick up a fuss before they would even look at it.) It's just too easy to say – " sorry – not under warranty because of physical damage". Why doesn't somebody take responsibilty for selling phones with manufacturing weaknesses? Sony Ericsson needs to step up to the plate!!!

    6. chelsea dixon says:

      ive had the charger bit come out of my fone alot of times, in within 6months in gone throught 4 of the phone that ive had now my text wont come through, it with flash blue then i wont be told if i have a text it will just me in my inbox…

    7. HIL says:

      I have my Sony Vivaz since August, 4 months ago, bought for 399Euros, and the port and 'guts'! came out with the charger lead. Have spoken to Server, passed me onto Sony, Sony said never heard of problem, there are at least 80 listed on Web with same problem, obviously a manufacturing fault, was told the same thing, sorry physical damage, warranty null & void! I've decided to take Sony to the 'Small Claims Court' with a print out of every complaint about the ports, under the Consumer Affairs, the item sold should be fit for the purpose it was purchased for! Let you know if I get any luck!

    8. sonygirl says:

      The edsact same thing happend to me , i am on my second phone because it won't charge it was sent away to be fixed, but they just sent me the same model but a new phone. I got it back today. Yet again it didnt work! I then took it back again, they then said it was the charger that was the problem. So i got a new charger, got back home to charge it and it STILL WON'T CHARGE, i am going back again tomorow, but this is getting ridiculous as it is dead, and i need to charge it !!!

    9. Sheepy says:

      Guess what, my Vivaz yesterday decided not to charge, and you got it, the charge socked is buggered!!! Now going to contact Orange as Im not impressed!!!!

    10. Kirst says:

      i've had my vivaz for about 3 months now, and it decided a few days ago that it wouldn't charge anymore, so i've contacted O2, just waiting for a reply back. I bought a new charger to see if that was the problem but still didn't charge!

      1. hope u were ok with o2. there not usually that bad, im on my second vivaz now and its playing up again so ive messaged and as its my 3rd time im allowed a replacement phone, but i duno which to have lol,or which they'll let me, any ideas?

    11. Daz says:

      I have had the same problem this week. Orange wanted £70 for a replacement handset, and unfortunately I can't upgrade until January 2011 at the very earliest. I went onto ebay and bought an "external" charger, so I can place the battery directly into a power unit to charge rather than use the phone. It only cost £1.99 inc postage. Bit inconvenient, but at least the phone will last until upgrade time.

  6. Try harder Sony says:

    I have had my phone a couple of months and cannot get on with it at all. My email crashed and I can't get it back, I have had so many problems with the phone and I cannot understand what the people at the call centre are trying to say to me so phoning them again is not an option. I took my phone to the 3 shop in town and none of them could help as they could not work the phone either! I am paying a lot of money for no one to listen and am very upset. My worst ever phone and sony will not be getting another sale out of me unless they can rectify this problem with at least a suitable manual on how to work the damn thing.

  7. Leon says:

    I have had this phone for 2 months on 24 month contract from 3 mobile. The power connection port has pulled out of the phone due to the grips on the cable being too tight. I am waiting to see what happens and will take this further if need be. This appears to be a common problem which Sony Ericsson refuses to recognise. There is no excuse for this but for it to be a design flaw and for Sony Ericsson to admit so. The design of this power cable connection does not give this phone a long life span, i recommend not buying or if you own one take it back as soon as possible as yours will eventually break too.

    1. Marcos says:

      Leon, we got the same problem and Sony Ericson (Brazil) replied to me saying that it was the way I plug the micro usb connector.

    2. Franx says:

      I have two daughters who own a Vivaz each. Both of them have experienced this problem with the charger port connection coming out of the unit within the first couple of months. It has now happened to one of the hand sets twice within the first nine months! The first time, T-Mobile repaired the fault on both phones with no problems but they are now trying to claim that, this time, it is due to, "drop / crush damage." I contacted Sony Ericsson who claim that they have never heard of this problem. After reading as many forum and review sites where this same fault is mentioned numerous times on each, I can only conclude that Sony Ericsson are in denial. With that in mind, I urge everyone to contact Sony Ericsson to highlight this issue and any others, for that matter!!!

  8. Jax says:

    Got this phone 2 days ago, very dubious at first after all the negative reviews I've read – never read so many bad reviews about a phone before!! So far not had any probs, everything working smoothly, email retrieval, sending texts, mms very easily executed! Contrary to a previous review there is a division '/ ' button in the calculator. However I'm not holding my breath as most reviewers tend to have had probs a fews weeks into having the phone. For some reason tho it only stores only 20 of your Sent text messages, cant figure out why!! Caller volume is ok not too low as read in reviews, used at busy London train station and could hear caller ok, like most phones you have to twiddle it about a bit to adjust to the right hearing volume.

    1. Jasmine says:

      you can change the amount of saved sent messages 🙂 if you go into Menu>Settings>Phone>Application Sett.>Messaging>Other>Number of saved msgs 🙂 i think the most you can have is 999
      i've had this phone for a few months now, and i've had no problems with it other than the black screens, which i resolved by going onto the sony ericsson site and downloading updates for it, although just recently it's not been letting me send texts … but apart from that, no problems in the 4 months that i've had it 🙂 x

  9. Jax says:

    Kids have messed about on it and havent complained of any screen freezing or anything that most gadget kids complain about – in fact they're telling me to keep the phone – I'll give it a few days and report back!! Nice slim phone,but attracts fingerprints, had a Samsung Galaxy Portal and sent it back – way to confusing to use, the texts were only dispalyed in 'conversation' mode only, whereas on Vivaz u have the option of 'conversation' or viewing from Inbox, Sent etc, (galaxy didnt have any Inbox etc – everything flung under conversations). Logs onto internet no prob, also home wifi very quick! Facebook shortcut sufficient. Have to remember to exit from applications when finished or they remain running in background – consuming battery power!!

    Not bad so far………but we'll see!!!

  10. Andy says:

    The Sony Vivaz is a watse of time and money, writing overlaps at the top, software is sluggish and basic, dont even ask about the HD, my Blackberry Bold 9700 seems to be better, avoid the Vivaz like you would a plague…………….

  11. Anki says:

    Jax: I don't remember exactly how, but you can choose how many texts you want the phone to save, somewhere on the phone.

    I've had Vivaz for 2 months now, and I haven't had much problems. It blacks out now and then "under pressure" but that seems like a common phone error. Although, it does have a tendency to pixelate when I " push " to choose an option..But that can have something to do with all the times I've dropped it on the floor..

  12. suzie says:

    I've had vivaz since march and took bit of time getting use to it, infact still finding things, had few problems 1st being date /mode (i.e silent) bit at top disappeared and it would go into flight mode on its own, this happened after updating an apps. i went to vodafone and they suggest update software which i did and problem solved. been okay since up till last week and its now freezing once or twice a day if not more, so will have look at updating software again, hopefully this will fix it. if not i will report back

  13. wendy says:

    Had the phone a couple of weeks and really pleased initially. Now won't charge and completely dead and spent hours trying to revive it. Totally disappointed

    1. Rebecca says:

      same here, the first time the battery died it took me hours of unplugging and replugging and pulling the back off etc to get it to charge and turn back on. now it won't hold a charge at all and just switches straight off.

  14. nena says:

    i've had my vivaz for about two months and the only problem is the hearing speaker since i cannot hear my outgoing and incoming calls hope i could get it fixed. apart from that everything works great!

  15. Rach says:

    Me and my partner both got a sony ericcson vivaz from t-mobile 2 months after we got them my partners phone would not charge and the charging port fell out. now 1 month later… last night my phone would not charge, today the battery died and it is now dead like my partners will not charge at all! tried both chargers so its definately the charging port. would not recommend this phone to anyone.

  16. Bevbmh says:

    Had phone for two months now, and took a lot of getting used to I must admit. However, I'm starting to like it more each day; texting proves quite difficult, can't text anywhere near as fast as I could on my old phone.

    Like the camera a lot, but sending videos isn't good as they're teeny when set to picture messaging setting. HD vids are great but cannot send by text in that format.

    I don't like the small charger lead, nor the charger connection on side of phone.

    On the whole though, getting more used to it by the day, and so far no problems; think its just hard at first to adjust to a new cutting edge phone.

  17. JordanKB2 says:

    when i put the charger in my sony ericcson vivaz charger slot it dont charge and when i take the charger out the the charger slot come out with it (the metal bit it goe's init) and now its lose all the time and i cant use the phone coz i cant charge it coz of this help please its urgent :S

      1. Cindy says:

        Same thing happened to me, had it for a year on contract, still a year to go and I can't even use it. Costing £35 a month. Not a happy bunny. Even if the red light comes on it does not charge, it wont switch on now either which means I can not get my contact numbers up Agggghhhh!

  18. shellsmithcat says:

    hello just had same problem with my daughters phone- had problems charging it – took charger out and metal socket came out with it – took phone into t-mobile for repair as have only had it for a couple of months and they have advised that they may recognise the repair as abuse and they won't fix it – i am extremely annoyed it most certainly has not been abused, and from reading above it is most certainly a common fault – come on Sony and sort it out we have had Sony ericcson phones in this household for many years.

    1. Kelly says:

      Hi, I had the same issue, I went and got advice from trading standards and they said it wasnt fit for purpose, argued alot with 3 but eventually got another phone, sadly still have problems charging it, so wished I had negotiated a different phone.

  19. JordanKB2 says:

    shellsmithcat how much do u reckon it will cost to fix it? could u give some advise on wat to do and that if urs is fixed please thanks

  20. Matt says:

    Have just had the same problem with the charger and the mini usb port becoming dislodged. Seems like its a common case so hopefully something will be done about it!

  21. Gary says:

    I have the same problem with the Sony Ericsson Vivaz charging socket – had the phone for a month and the socket has become dislodged. 3 are saying it is unintentional damage but this is manufacturing fault. Any one contacted Sony?

  22. damien says:

    My phone also has this same problem with the USB/Charger port came out with the charger it self. so i called Sony and they informed me that this fault is a design fault so it can not be repaired under the warranty. seems the best idea to do is to take the phone down to the market and leave it with them for a week as they should be able to repair it and its at a really low cost

  23. damien says:

    My phone also has this same problem with the USB/Charger port came out with the charger it self. so i called Sony and they informed me that this fault is a design fault so it can not be repaired under the warranty. seems the best idea to do is to take the phone down to the market and leave it with them for a week as they should be able to repair it and its at a really low cost

  24. Gary says:

    I don't understand how Sony can admit it is a design fault but not offer to replace or repair the phone? Has anyone else contacted Sony about the USB/Charger socket problem?

  25. chocci says:

    worst phone EVER,do not even think yours will be ok,it wont,had trouble from day one …it doesn't send tx's,doesn't charge properly,poor camera as pixels move about a lot,best place for this phone is the Bin!!

  26. emma says:

    i am on my second vivaz in two weeks just about to go onto my third.The phone just completley froze today and would not charge.it is the worst phone ever the writitng on the screen overlaps it crashes,sometimes i cant hear anything when someone phones me.DONT BUY THIS PHONE !mines is going back and i am demanding a new model.

  27. Jen says:

    I have had the Sony Ericson Viva for a few months and are having the exatc same problem only now the battery socket came out of the inside of the phone and it cant be charged, its a joke it can't be everyone elses fault about it if it keeps happening!!

  28. CLAIRE HOPWOOD says:

    I have owned the vivaz since March this year and at first I loved it, the camera is exceptional! But over the last month i have come to hate it! It turns off and will not turn back on, it freezes and I get a black screen. This can't even be rectified by taking the battery out and re inserting it. Have been back to T-mobile about it and all they will offer me is to fix it or replace it with like foe like! Why would I want another when this is the known fault with this model??? Come on Sony, GET IT SORTED OUT!!

  29. Matty says:

    Same thing , Charger port became disloged after 6 weeks . I was informed it was BER ( beyond economical repair ) and that the damage was physical , caused by myself. ( LUDACRIS ) I refused outright to buy a new phone and informed my phone operator I want a new one or a cancellation of the contract . They are now telling me I must pay our I will be subject to contract cencellation costs .

    I said if you want your money , u will have to convince a judge that this excuse for a phone was not faulty .

  30. Amy Tobin says:

    I had an upgrade to a vivaz back in march and i have to say it is the worst phone i have ever had!! It been sent back to be repaired 3 times in 5 months. First time was because the charging port came loose, second time was because it wouldnt charge they gave me a new handest. Third time it wouldnt hold its charger and when it came on, it kept saying could not start phone please contact retailer, and now im having the same trouble!! I would not recommend this phone to anybody sony ericcson have really let themselves down this time!

  31. Tharshish says:

    I have had this phone for about 2 months and the battery life isn't long, even if the phone is in standby mode, it still dies, it freezes, and now it won't turn back on. Are you in the process of fix these phones. I am very sad because Sony is know for great products. I am looking for another phone.

  32. Dark says:

    Same problem as everyone else here, the micro usb metal case went off and can't charge my phone. This is by far the worst model that came out and I don't recommend anyone to buy it.

  33. Diego says:

    the worst SE phone I ever had.
    I've been using SE phones for 6 years now, and I've never been so disappointed. It's so sluggish.
    Charger socket came off the phone. Luckily enough, Orange is sending me a replacement handset tomorrow. Although I would have liked them to send me another model.

  34. NGN says:

    I've had the phone dying problem. Phone gets a full charge the night before – phone goes dead halfway through the afternoon the next day – won't reboot and when I check it on Sony PC Suite I find the battery charge is close to zero. Happened once a week after I'd had it for about a month. Orange replaced the battery (still happened) then they replaced the phone. After 2 weeks the new phone died again (same problem). Charged it using charger (showed a 100% charge on PC Suite each time) – and it was OK for a week – then it died 2 days running (battery charge exhausted). There seems to be a power consumption problem with this phone. Called Orange – they are sending me new charger. If that doesn't fix it then I want a new equivalent value phone.

  35. Pinkjane3 says:

    I have had my Vivaz since July and I agree with alot of you when you say its the worst phone I have ever had. The interface is really slow. The screen lighting is low,impossible in sunlight.

    But my biggest problem is the screen scratches really easily. My other touch screen phone I had for 19 months and at the end there were only a few small scratches. I keep the phone in the same pocket in my handbag and the screen is already covered in scratches. It looks like scratches from the phone pen. Is anyone else having this issue? I am really worried that the phone is not going to last the 24 month contract.

    Really disappointed Sony!!

  36. Becky says:

    Had this phone since march and has been in for repair atleast three times. Was even without it for a month after (no news here) the charging socket came out with the phone and my phone could no longer charge. Luckily Carphone Warehouse took it back, however was given a 'reconditioned' phone as it was beyond repair. I cannot see how it took a month to decide they couldn't actually repair it.

    A week later the software crashed and had to be put in again to have it totally reinstalled.
    Two weeks later the touch screen went.
    Now it refuses to charge once again, even after buying a new charger.
    I think Carphone Warehouse are starting to think I create all these problems on purpose. I still have a year and a half of a contract left!

    Do not buy this phone.

  37. paul says:

    The battery is really bad. I like the phone it’s brilliant but shocking battery life(around 8 hour) for me personally,and that’s mild use. I can see how the charge socket would go south so i don’t use it while i charge, which is normal given it’s a mobile, or it would be if the bloody battery held longer. I notice jax you want to set save sent to more, you just go>messages>option or left soft key option>setting.then just click on the field amount of saved msgs and raise it. The most serious problem with this phone is the charge socket, it should be looked at and not passed off as wear and tear. Bad move on sony ericssons part.

  38. paul says:

    This issue with wear and tear and no longer being under warranty because of that. I checked my vivaz so called user guide, and in section 5 it says it’s fine to use phone whilst on charge. For me that’s not the case, i try to do that and i get repeated pop up that says Fully Charged and eventually it says Battery Not Charging regardless that it isn’t fully charged it still insists lol. If a majority of vivaz u5i users are experiencing the same cockup please post it

  39. phonegirl says:

    i sent mine off to sony, they sent it back saying that it was beyond repair, and tough! vodafone would not help either, so i have 20 mths left with no phone, so i am going to the telecommunications ombudsmen, as someone is at fault and it isn't me, i am very disappointed in both Sony and Vodafone

  40. SHIRLEY says:

    I have had my vivaz about three months. worst phone out. I have always had Nokia and they are far better. In the calculator mode there is no division. Battery life is short. Cant charge from a car charger – have bought three and none charge the phone. And phone plays up sometimes and freezes and takes ages to switch on to charge. WORST PHONE OUT. I AM NOT IMPRESSED

    1. susan says:

      Hi Shirley im sure the division is the forward slash.My daughter has just told me.my phone is a waste of time havin loads of trouble with it taking it back for the fourth time this week.. wish me luck.susan

  41. Kelly says:

    I had this problem with the inside coming out and got a similar letter saying I had broken or crushed the phone from 3, I went to trading standards and then back to 3 and got a replamcement phone, sadly this one doesnt charge either!

  42. kelli says:

    ive had my vivaz 6 months n its broken twice in 3 months, the charger socket came out. orange sent me a replacement the 1st time around but this time they are accusing me of breaking it on purpose so now im expected to pay for the next 18 months worth of contract with no phone!!

  43. naomijade says:

    had my vivaz since june now, not really had many serious problems until the other day when it wouldnt allow me to send txt msgs. I tried my sim card in my bfs phone and it worked fine and i have checked the msg centre number again ok. Can recieve msgs fine as well. Is anyone having or had the same problem and can they help me out?

  44. JorgeR says:

    I got my vivaz about a month ago, I´m quite dissapointed with battery life (bluetooth and gps use make it even worse) and very frequent anoying frozen episodes (at least my HTC windows mobile phone had a reset hole to do it). Finger touch sensitivity is awful (even right a screen calibration). I really don´t like it at all, the best place to have it is in my night table. It´s a shame for SE.

  45. Rebecca says:

    Had my Vivaz for about 6 months, thought it was the best phone ever, never any problems, perfect! And THEN, 2 days ago, disaster! It had died over night, I went to charge it up and it came on with the white screen with Sony Ericsson screen, and that was it, nothing more, wouldn't except it was charging, wouldn't even turn off! I've tried everything, leaving the battery out for a while, left it plugged in on "charge" all night, nothing! I read somewhere I should upload the new service update to fix the problem, but guess what, you can't if the phone won't turn on! I am yet to contact Sony Ericsson or o2, but I am wanting all my stuff off the phone before I send it off as friends have sent off their phones and they've come back wiped! I am so upset as I thought I was a lucky one to get a perfectly working Vivaz, I have to admitt it was an amazing phone for me, but no more, my love has gone! The mini USB socket on the phone has not come out like it seems to for others. I just want it working again, but don't think that's going to happen……. very 🙁

    1. Liz says:

      I had the exact same thing happen to me the other night.

      In the end I left it totally dead for one day, my white screen eventually died, I took the sim out to use in my "emergency brick" & my screen eventually went black. Plugged it back in to charge…put up with the horrendous screeching noise it made when you plugged the charger in, had to mess around with it for ages being really gentle with it-I had to push the charger in at an angle though and actually used sellotape to keep at the correct angle…it charged fine! Although I've emailed t-mobile and they've told me to take it into a shop asap…no doubt try 7 blame me like they have done to everyone else but got tot try these things!!

    2. evelyn says:

      think this is exactly what i'm experiencing. reading all the reports i was comparing my phone and so far over the six months or so its been totally fine, no pixcelling or missing button. not great on internet but dont use that anyway, however went to charge it today and its not really charging wont switch on and wont gather charge not sure what to do!! just want it to work again!
      never had a sony before and went with it as thought it was better than samsung. 🙁
      any advice very welcome.

  46. Linda says:

    had my phone for just one week, than the touch-screen stopped working! took it back to the shop, and got it replaced… but it's always something, flashing light, slow reactions, no reactions and so on….. crap!

  47. CAT says:

    REally do not recommend this phone. i loved it at the start and wouldnt agree or believe the reviews but the amount of problems its went through!!! memory problems were it says that the memory is almost full on the phone memory yet when you look its definatly not and i saved everything to my memory card and still the phone just refused to perform actions as it told me there was no memory. dont even start on it freezing then deleting a text as you were half way through or near the end!!!! then the charger port just stops working. its the most fragile thing ever and it is the stupidest design I think I've ever seen. sony what were you thinking. also now that its broken and wont charge i now have to send it away and probably pay for it since they wont admit its their fault and wil say ive been too rough or something. 95% of the user with this phone have experienced this, we all not all too rough!!!!! soooo frustrated!!

  48. ex sony user says:

    Ive had my phone less than 3 months and in that time the touchscreen function has crashed making the phone unusable, then moisture seeped under the screen whilst the litmus paper remained undamaged (not possible under everyday use) and then told i was to blame, and now the speaker won't stop crackling meaning i cannot hear anyone on the other end suffice to say im not happy and will never own another sony/ericsson product again

  49. lindahf1 says:

    looks like i am having the same problem i had the phone it died then got another one now the red light is not lightening up when i charge the phone bit disappointed by sony over this phone really

  50. Kirsty says:

    Recieved the phone today on a 2yr contract with o2, and had no problems putting pictures on to start they all showed, then added some further and kept them all saved on the mem card as the phone kept shouting at me stating lack of phone mem, and now can only view pics in thumbnail, as when i try to make the larger they just show the refresh arrow, tried default settings restore and still same prob, should have stuck with my lil tocco!!! Don't know how much of a chance i have of o2 swapping the phone for a different one!!!!

  51. Joe says:

    I've had the phone about 6 months now (of a 24 month contract ), and I have also had the charging mechanism come detached, meaning it couldn't be charged. Got a replacement handset from 3 a couple of days ago, and the new one started working fine.. until, it started going into a kind of 'sleep mode' every 2 minutes, with the buttons illuminated but a black screen. The handset would then reset itself, or freeze like that. To fix it I had to keep taking the battery and/or SIM out and restart it, now the black screen comes on straight away, meaning it literally won't even start up. Gonna take it back today, try and get a different phone.

  52. splicermasquerade says:

    My charger port has come lose and now I am really worried that they won't fix it after reading these posts. I am with phones 4 u on a 24 month contract and only had the phone since the end of June 🙁

  53. A Skidmore says:

    My husband and I both got this phone 6 months ago, had to send mine back to vodafone for repair after 3 months as the phone died, it could not be repaired so was sent a replacement. My husbands phone has now started to freeze and screen goes black, so looks like this one will be going back soon. Wish I had stuck with Samsung, won't get a sony ericsson again :o(

  54. graeme says:

    ive had my viva and not really had tht many problems well none in fact till now and the charger connector is loose and no doubt will come out bad times

  55. Lorraine says:

    Had the vivaz for 4 months and loved the camera. I could never manage to get my contacts onto it from my previous SE phone but loved it nonetheless…until yesterday. It died while sitting on my desk in work. It won't turn on now and won't charge. The charger port does not seem to be lose. Took it to an O2 shop today, but didnt have my receipt with me so I've to bring it back tomorrow. They said it looked like a hardware problem and mentioned that they will have to check the warranty with SE. Having read these posts I'm worried as I'm 4 months into an 18month contract. I paid €169 for it in June. Not a happy camper. I've always bought SE phones and never had a problem, so I will take it personally if they don't sort it out! So many people with the same problems – definitely design flaws. I think if all the people posting to this forum were to contact the ombudsman (in the UK and comreg in Ireland I think?) then surely something would be done to stop people forking out additional money to fix the problem for SE. It's worth a shot people!

  56. elisha says:

    i have had the vivaz for a few month now and from day 1 i have had nothing but problems, the phone constantly crashes, the battery goes really quick, it always turning itself on whilst its on charge and i have even experienced the phone charging whilst not on charge and now it is saying that the phone can not start up and to contact the retailer really really disappointed with this phone think its time to mazuma the phone in and go get a blackberry !!!

  57. NDN says:

    Of course when the Vivaz arrives in it's packaging; beautiful, slick and shiny, you immediately fall for its hi-tech and lightweight design, equipped with an 8 megapixel camera that records in HD and a plethora of other features.
    However, a few months later, some problems became apparent. The screen would periodically freeze whilst i was typing text messages, only to respond half a minute or so later. Foolishly I didn't take much notice of this but it became worse and worse…
    The freezing became progressively worse. Sometimes it would freeze for so long, I'd have to take the battery out and restart the phone. It also began to turn itself off at random times and when I turned it back on, it would take longer than normal to load up.
    Wait, there's more! Soon more problems began to develop, this time on the USB/charger socket. The phone didn't charge properly upon placing the USB cable in the socket whether it was via the mains or a computer. Often I'd have to nudge it slightly and twiddle it a little, to stimulate it into charging. And if it began charging after that, a little movement or disturbance on the USB cable would cause it to stop charging. DISGRACEFUL.
    Then the worst came. The screen was becoming increasingly unresponsive; so much so that it began to take on a mind of its own. My phone would automatically dial contacts unless I locked the keypad (and not when it's in my pocket but when it's sitting on the table or kitchen counter without anyone even touching it). It was as if the green button on the bottom left of the phone was being continuously pressed by an invisible force. By now I had realised that it is time to bin this plastic piece of garbage and get a new phone that actually works.
    A word of advice: Do not get this phone! Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the wonderful array of choice colours or the outward look because inside, it is a ticking time-bomb waiting to suddenly stop functioning.

  58. Amanda says:

    I have had my vivaz for around 4 month now and yesterday the USB/charger socket came out when I tried to disconnect. After reading the other threads regarding this I am furious. How on earth can Sony say that, because it's a design fault, then the repair is not covered under the warranty??? I need to check, but I was under the impression that the Consumer Rights Act says that if an item is not fit for the purpose it was purchased then, by law, it HAD to be repaired or replaced? Surely if a design fault means that the phone can't be charged, rendering it unfit for the purpose it was purchased, then Sony are legally obligated to repair or replace free of charge????

  59. Aidan says:

    Ive had my vivaz since April, and i havent had ANY of the otehr faults that other people have been claiming, untill today when i came home from school today and realised that the charger port for my Vivaz was still connected to the cable! I havent had any other problems up till now, and am now quite dissapointed that i may end up having to pay for one of SE faults.

  60. Louise says:

    Have a sony ericsson vivaz on t-mobile and I’m having constant problems. Text becomes unresponsive half way through I find that if I keep tapping away it eventually catches up with me. My phone has started to switch off in the middle of the night from apparently lack of battery life despite me charging it the mornings. My phone decides whether it wants to send or accept texts or calls which is very frustrating. Media player and youtube will randomly stop producing sound until I turn my phone off and on again. The camera is pointless by the time it has loaded and taken the picture my friends have got bored and moved on so isn’t good as a substitute camera on nights out (camera was the main attraction for me). Screen will show pixels for simple tasks such as loading the phone menu. The internet is just as slow as the phone it is constantly “unable to connect” I am slowly using my patience with it. I don’t like the fact that you can change profiles on the main screen as I am always accidently changing my phone to flight mode. Trying to turn your phone on seems so difficult these days >:(

  61. Sarah says:

    Had my Vivaz since April, thought it was brilliant to start with then about a month after the problems started.
    When trying to write a text the alphanumeric keyboard will just become completley unresponsive and only work again when you change it to full keyboard.
    From time to time it had a problem connection to the internet and will just freeze then turn off. Which is annoying as its an abseloute nightmare to turn back on I get a white screen for about 5 mins before it will actually turn on.
    I havent had the usb port fall out though! Which i suppose is a plus!

  62. Craig Payne says:

    I've had this phone since July & like everyone else i thought this was a brill phone at first. Yesterday same problem the charging port fell out of the phone and how can Sony Ericsson not take responsibility for this!!!!

  63. lolololol says:

    I've had my Vivaz for about 2 months now, and with it I have had nothing but problems! Sometimes it just decides to switch itself off, then won't turn back on for days!!!! It won't let me send messages , and saves them in my outbox trying to resend them every five minutes, not one of them has sent!
    However, when the phone is working, it is very good, but when you are paying £30 a month for texts that you can't even send, it's just ridiculous

  64. edNottingham says:

    i just took mine into tmobile with the charging port coming out with the charger, not chargin, managed to back it up, they said might not be able to do anything and want to charge me, but should i not agree to my insurance will replace it with a £25 excess. its a joke. up untill this i had no problems at all with the phone, plugged it into computer now and then and did software updates but was amazing until the charger port!! i hope it hurries home to me!!

  65. kerrey says:

    i have had my vivaz for 6 months now and apart from freezing from time to time it as now stopped charging for the second time ,there is obviously a big problem with this but nothing can be done untill it happens 3 times ,i have lost so much stuff ,def would not recommend it.

  66. This problem has ocurred yesterday- and I'm kind of wondering what is going on.
    I dropped the phone once, but it wasn't anything major. Nothing came loose, and the battery strip is still white. My memory is fine, I haven't downloaded anything from 3rd party, and I barely use my phone. I've never taken my phone into a shower. You know.. common stuff people generally blame their phone problems on. I turn my phone off everynight, and really, I've had no problems. I'm going on my second month.
    Onward with the problem: My phone said insert SIM? I freaked out. It also put my phone in Flight Mode? Can someone tell me what is going on? I took out the battery and the SIM twice. PLEASE. If someone has had this problem, or has a solution- Please let me know. I'm thinking about destroying my contract, and going back to my basic GoPhone. The GoPhone has gone through hell, and never has let me down.
    Thank you so much.

  67. Kelticmskitty says:

    This has got to be the worst phone I have ever had the misfortune of owning. I got my Vivaz on an 18 month contract back in April and up to around 6 weeks ago aside from the occassional freezing and it having a mind of its own sometimes when it came to texting it was generally working. The problem i've had for the last 6 weeks have been relating to the phones ability to charge. Like a lot of people it initially started with the phone battery seemingly dying unexpectedly. When I connected the charger the phone did nothing no matter whether it was connected to the mains or to my PC. I contacted Vodafone who said as my phone was under warranty that I could have a replacement handset (keeping my original charger, sim and battery) – the new phone arrived a week later and initially it appeared to be working – then after a few hours I noticed that the phone had switched itself off – I attempted to charge the battery and once again it would not charge.

  68. Kelticmskitty says:

    I contacted Vodafone again who said it sounded like there was a problem with the charging unit and battery so they would send me a completely new handset, battery and charger. I waited a week for this to arrive and when the courrier arrived it turned out he had only been sent to collect the front of my phone again – making this now vivaz number 3 i've had. I spoke to vodafone again who told me the charger and batteries for the vivaz were currently out of stock and to go and buy one from their shop in town. I've done this but guess what – the problem STILL remains! Seriously fed up now – think i'll still to my 4 year old K800i which is still going strong. Would not recommend this phone to anyone unless you are happy to have a phone that hardly ever works!

  69. Wendy says:

    Had the phone since August and now getting so many of the probs mentioned above: switching itself off; saying memory full with an 8gb memory card; screen freezes while texting, then catching up moments later, even when fully charged; texts arriving hours after they have been sent from friends; freezes when taking a picture; no network – emergency calls only; sometimes takes ages to turn on, then tonight tried to do a software update. Really pleased I did a manual backup before cos it froze during the installation and now the phone won't turn on at all. Taken battery out and put back in, still won't work. Don't have insurance, but surely this is a manufacturers' fault? Anyone have any advice?

  70. Richy! says:

    had my vivaz friday and the charging port fell out on sunday, took it back to the shop and they said this is un accidental damage and they can not fix it.


  71. rACHYY says:

    omg, i'cve had this ohone since last april and in that space of time i've had 3 new phones, the first 3's chaarger port came out, and then on the forth, the screen freezes and so does the buttens ans sometimes turns its self off and refuseds to tuen on, help? gota year and a hlaf lest on conmtracct!

    1. Adam Pearlman says:

      my sympathies i've had the phone also since april, since then its frozen up and had to be sent away to be fixed, then in the summer it went weird and I had to get a new handset, in october it wouldn't charge and had to send it away and then it came back as a new handset and today it won't charge now… going into the shop after christmas to insist that I should get a new phone, not this one

  72. Stella says:

    When my phone dies due to dead battery, i can't get it to turn on at ALL. not even for 1 second or when i'm charging it which usually can happen for all my previous phones. when i have something urgent and the phone dies on me and i can't get it back on and can't reply its really annoying. any way to fix this? 🙁

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi, Did they replace your handset or did u buy another vivaz after the first ones fault…..have returned mine today for the same reason (charging port falling out!) and am concerned after reading previous comments that it wont be repaired or replaced under warranty?!

  73. Suze says:

    worst phone i have ever ever owned, got it in march 2010, it has frozen since day one, literally having to take the battery out and in again about 4 times per day, and now it's suddenly decided it doesn't want to charge, by computer or socket. is there any point even taking it back as the recurring theme seems to be design fault & getting nowhere!!! absolute waste of time, money and effort, will never get a SE again!!!

  74. andy says:

    I thought the vivaz was pretty good until…………….
    The battery will flatten itself in what seems like a few minutes. To turn it on again it has to be partly charged, the charger removed , phone turned on then charger re connected. It will not turn n with charger plugged in
    I cannot connect to sky mobile remote record unless i turn the phone off then on again
    The camera has no flash!!!! just a torch to turn on before using camera then off again
    Volume is qiute low, I struggle in noisy environments. now it has developed a crackle/distortion on the sound

  75. Ilanggo says:

    My 6 months old Vivaz freezes and a white blank screen appears for the second time… For the 1st time, I took it to the shop where i bought it and they repaired it for me…. They said it was software problem…… And now….. It's christmas holidays….. Have to wait for 2 days before sending it to shop once again ! Any tips to operate my phone as usual ?

  76. I just bought vivaz about 3days ago. memories was 4G.
    my problem is, when I want snap a picture, it say "memory full. end some running application and try again" while my memory was 3.5G. how comes memory was full -,-'
    I do know how to setting it. somebody help me :/

  77. DBee says:

    Wish I had read all the above comments before I committed to the Vivaz for 24 months. This is the worst phone I have had and now stuck with it. To many faults to list them, but the unreliability of holding a charge is disgusting. I have a 6 year old samsung phone, with PAYG sim on standby for emergencies which is 100 times more reliable.

  78. noomi_noo says:

    Only upgraded my phone in October – my phone seems to be freezing whilst trying to text, requiring me to remove the back & battery, and then when I manage to get it powered back on it keeps lighting up as though i'm trying to unlock it to use it. Weird, annoying & frustrating. Have also found that despite having numbers stored in my phone and sim memory the number shows up when receiving an incoming call rather than the stored names so i am beginning to recognise numbers as no name is on the display! I asked o2 for a phone that would be good for photos as i have a baby girl, my old phone used to be delayed in capturing the picture so always resulted in being blurred – am disappointed to find this is no better. crap purchase, should have stuck with samsung.

  79. SARAH says:

    I loved this phone until…..the usb charging socket has come out after 4 months or careful use the film is still on the touch screen!!! and I will not be paying for the rest of my 2 year contract if they dont fix or replace common fault of Sony!

  80. Jade says:

    Im having problems sending a text, my texts just go into my outbox and dont send atall!! Anyone have the same problem or know how to fix this??

  81. Stacey says:

    I have returned this SE Vivaz to vodafone that i paid over £200 for 6 months ago today after it stopped charging and the charging port came out with the charger after being loose for a couple of weeks…..the assistant warned me that it may come back as a fault caused by me after reading this im pretty sure that will be the case altho as many have said before me this seems to be a design fault im very concerned as otherwise its been a good phone and is my life…..maybe i should print off this forum as proof that this fault has happened to many others aswell as me and isnt MY FAULT!?! Grrrr So angry!!!!

  82. Jade says:

    Ive had the vivaz for a few months now more often than not i can get along with it…but recently the screen keeps going black its on because it still vibrates and the 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen light up. has anyone else had this problem and no how to help?? becuase I dont know what to do with it anymore.

    1. Anonymous says:

      i had the same problem!! i updated it a few days ago, it was fine til i woke up this morning and it wont work again! but update it, if that doesn’t work just send em off

  83. Sara says:

    Had this phone for three months,very disappointed. Gave to my daughter, who hates it! I now have an iPhone which is incredible, absolutely no comparison.

  84. laura says:

    i love this phone …however its currently in for repair for the 2nd time in 6 months … the first time it simply stopped charging and they sent it off and said they couldnt fix it and sent me a new one that was 3 months ago and guess what yep its in the shop again being repair but this time the charging socket fell out of the phone … im hopin that they dont say that its my fault cos i never did anything different .. sony need to admit there is a problem here and recall them im with tmobile and they ave been very helpful but i can see this is an ongoing problem , has anyone had there phones changed by the providers on contract? should i suggest trying to get them to change it .. it should be back in a week a so… its a shame cos i like the phone and everything about it 🙁

  85. Namgyal Tashi says:

    AFter 6 months the charging port of my vivaz got dislodged. Sent it for repair but they said I would have to pay 4 grand to which I refused since it was still under warranty. Came back to me after more than one & a half months. Meanwhile I had to use my old phone. What a bummer.

    Guys you can get a universal charger but u have to take out the battery from the phone and charge in it. So the question of sync with PC, net(se website) etc. is out of the question. Another bummer.

    SE sucks! Don’t buy this phone or rather don’t buy SE products…. unless you want a lot of stress

  86. lauren and jo says:

    me and my mum both have the same phone, mine receincly woulnt turn on and had to be sent off for repair my mums charging socket has broke 3 times in 7 months hand had to be sent also for repair, just worried what will happen if this happens again once the years warrentys have run out!! why arnt sony reconizing this!!?

  87. lauren and jo says:

    same here, my txting was seaming sluggish so fort to turn it off then back on but only light up white and " sony erricson" ….and thats it, stayed like that all night till the battery died then wouldnt switch on atall, just got it back from repair from o2 luckily im still within my years warrently until april but what happens after that am i ment to pay for a manafacturing fault of sonys?

  88. Sammantha says:

    i think the this phone is pretty good . I had it for almost 3 months , and i dropped it on the floor a lot of times . Yet it still works.. and i find that really strange . Anyways , i read all these bad comments , and i dont really agree to any of them . Maybe because , i dont really use this phone for e-mail and other stuff . I only use mines for texting , calling , takeing pictures ,etc.. ( all the other things teens do aka girls ) . Also , i never had my phone black out , or drop calls .
    I jsut wanted to say that this phone is pretty good . Well at least better than my last one , it doesnt black out when i text really fast , or flip it really fast.. Just give this phone a try , it's pretty good .

    1. DJDelineate says:

      I dont know what phone you had before this one, but it must of been absolutely terrible, if you compare this phone to others in the same price range, if you had another chance to pick one, it wouldnt be this

    2. DJDelineate says:

      I dont know what phone you had before this one, but it must of been absolutely terrible, if you compare this phone to others in the same price range, if you had another chance to pick one, it wouldnt be this

    3. DJDelineate says:

      I dont know what phone you had before this one, but it must of been absolutely terrible, if you compare this phone to others in the same price range, if you had another chance to pick one, it wouldnt be this

    4. DJDelineate says:

      I dont know what phone you had before this one, but it must of been absolutely terrible, if you compare this phone to others in the same price range, if you had another chance to pick one, it wouldnt be this

  89. Candylottie says:

    I have had my Vivaz for 6 months now and its been back to Vodafone twice already with the same problem, It says I have full signal but doesn't display Vodafone UK at the top and if I try to make a call comes up with Emegency Calls only (no use when I need to make a call). Won't let me send or recieve texts. Put my sim in my Mum's vivaz she had hers 2 days before me, but it work perfectly.
    It also freezes and I have to restart it, the charging is so dodgey sometimes it won't charge at all.
    Needless to say I will never have a Sony phone again, and the sooner I can get rid of this one the better.

  90. Anthony says:

    Had my phone for several months now. Issues I have had till now, are "Memory Full" sometimes when I want to take a picture (I have over 3gigs left of space and adequate room on the phone memory so need to restart phone). Camera has a lot of noise when being used in dim lit areas, even video. Doesn't hold wifi signal very well. Now this past week, ive noticed when using full qwerty to txt, the button to change capital letters isn't working well, it ends up pressing the "X" instead, tried calibrating the touch screen, but the 1st marker to the top left corner where you have to touch with the stylus is exactly where the problem occurs, so I cannot calibrate properly!!!! Im resorting to use the Alpha numeric kpad format instead. My phone is up to date with the latest software. Im hoping theres a fix instead of me taking to the service center…

  91. Daniel says:

    I have had my vivaz for a few months and i have been wanting to sort my messages out into groups (contacts) but i don’t know how to do it, i had a sony ericsson w595 before my vivaz and i was able to sort my messages out. It makes it easyer to find and sort certain contacts fast. I went on options, sort by.. and then it gave me options, but none of the options are what i am looking for.. I think the sony ericsson vivaz is a good phone it has not really been a problem with me except sometimes it might freeze now and again for no reason. I have got my vivaz on contract for two year.. i really hope i don’t have any problems with it in the future as i have been looking on the other comments and they seem to be having a lot of problems and worries. I have i can sort my messages out and if i could have sum help, please reply back.

  92. Natasha says:

    Hi well ive had this phone a while now, and now its started going really slow, like taking ages for a message to come up or unlock.
    i cant wait ill i can upgrade in novemeber

  93. susan says:

    Hi… Well what can i say about my Sony Ericsson Vivaz…it's the worst phone ive ever had in 10years with 02…it's been in to the shop 3 times now, for freezing, cutting out when speaking to people.Battery just goes with no warning,loses pictures.When texting im finding it very hard to use the keyboard way to small (and yes i have changed the font size ) And i have this horrible phone for another 18months or so (gutted ) not a happy customer at all .oh just remembered it makes its own time up no matter how many times i change it back 🙁 …Susan

  94. I have had a Vivaz for about 7mths now & I would not recommend it to anyone. I find the battery runs out very quickly & after charging it has to be switched off & back on again – in fact I have to do that about 3 times every day. When I am chat on the phone it gets VERY hot & unless it is close to my face I cannot hear the caller & they cannot hear me. I agree that there are is proper volume facility. I used to have a Sony 510 & am using it now with a TMobile free sim but I like the qwerty keyboard on the Vivaz. My stylus broke in a few weeksof having the phone & is nowlying by to use as in 'finger' mode is very hard. The booklet is a leaflet & without my knowledge from the C510 I just wouldnt have had a clue. I wish I wasn't on a '3' contract (I wish I wasn't with '3' full stop) as I am stuck with this phone for another 18mths!!

  95. unhappy says:

    i had the same problem with my charger port, it started getting loose then one day the metal port inside the phone literally hung out of the phone, took into carphone warehouse and they sent it off for repair that day, had to wait a month to be told id recieve a new handset as mine was not fixable, they didnt give any reason for why it happend just sent me a new one. My phone also becomes really hot, during a long phone call, battery life is ridiculous i can charge it all night, till the battery is full, then by 5pm the next day its dead again after hardly using it. it freezes alot, the camera works when it wants to. Also it takes ages to turn on and iv got to remove the battery to figure out if its turning on or off! worst phone iv ever had, and iv still got another 16 months with it! DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE

  96. kev says:

    I have just had to send my vivaz off to sony due to the charging socket connector coming out of the phone. I phoned orange who I am with they said that they had, had loads of problems with these but the problem was with sony. At the minute they are looking at the phone but already starting to inform me that they might not have to repair it. clearly there is a massive deign fault here has anyone approached sony regards this?? would be intrested in hearing from anyone who have spoken to sony regards this and their outcomes. I can be contacted on kevwilletts@hotmail.co.uk

  97. Michael says:

    Have 2x vivaz hd cell phones and same stuation chage socket problem,answer from supplier abuse total garbage have had numerous sony phones no problem.
    Problem manufacturing flaw when are they going to acvcept liability?

    1. Ashamed says:

      Everybody who has a problem with this device that was caused by Sony Manufacturers,
      email: press.global@SonyEricsson.com
      in your message of complaint (NOT in the subject), include the following exactly word for word including***.

      ***This message is Part of the Sony Ericsson Good Will Initiative, whereby the Company, in order to not rip-off its customers, will exchange faulty Vivaz Sony Ericssons with the Xperia Neo or similar product to each customer that directly contacts the Company before March 31st 2011, thus displaying the value it places on its customers.***

      No need to make your email too long, explain your problem but please be polite as possible with no swear words. Thank you

  98. tarek says:

    i have a problem with the phone that during a call it picks up coins , the phone turns into a magnit and pick it up my ears are gone ad i was woundering why , did any onw had the same problem and if he did what did sony do for him ??

  99. robert says:

    had the sony ivaz from cex in birmingham and taking it bk tomoz as it is nt turning on a white screen comes up with sony erricson and they just says on and the chargeing usb does nt work as it does the same thing as wen i turn it on can sum1 help

  100. Bob says:

    It a GD phne. BUT IT SHYT at the same time, why make it look so good but sooo shyte at the same time, honestly what is with you people. make a plhne that dnt even work properly, expect us to pay 200/300/400 quid for it n then it dnt work.. sony ericson is a disgrace, wateva happend to a real phne from sony , like the Walkman Phones w8010i! hpe the new X range is worth the money

  101. adam says:

    iv had my vivas 3 weeks now and so far its crashed sevral times reboots its self when it whants to and now the charging dock has broke so i can not charge my phone which is usless

  102. Alison says:

    My charger socket has just broken. When speaking to Sony on the phone about sending it off for repair i asked if it was likely to be repaired… he said he had only heard of this happening 2 times in the year!!!!! Im thinking NO! I think im going to email the main Sony place quoting about the Good Will Initiative. Im not going to pay £30 a month for a phone that has never worked properly from the moment i got it. I think its disgraceful that they say its our fault. How can we possibly pull the charger socket out from inside the phone???!!!!! Never buying a sony phone again… waste of time, money and effort. Pretty phone but absolutely useless.

  103. Zoe says:

    Unfortunately the charging problem has just happened to my Vivaz Pro. I've had it for just over 7 months and I thought it was a fantastic phone as it never gave me any real problems. Then yesterday it just decided not to charge and the battery died. The metal charging port inside the phone seemed to be in place aswell, so i didn't know why it wasn't charging. I tried the USB from the PC and another SE charger, but they both didn't work. I went to O2 today and they sent my phone off to get repaired *fingers crossed*. They said it'll take about 7-10 days, i'm really disappointed, as I loved this phone.
    They should definitely give me a replacement if they can't fix THEIR problem!

  104. beth says:

    I've had this phone for almost a year now and not had any problems until now, the charger port coming coming out and it not charging. Im with vodafone and if they refuse to pay for the repair i will be certainly terminating my contract!!!

  105. Screen can't decide what view to go with, landscape or portrait, it keeps flicking back and forth even when I have it held level. the menu is an insane garbled mix, but the think I HATE is that the PC Companion (which actually has absolutely no problem connecting via usb cable) has no import feature for contacts. THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!! No one makes apps or games for Symbian S60 (compared to android, rim or iphone).
    And I bought 2 with 3 year plans! Uhhhh

  106. harry says:

    thank GOD. I went to the shop to buy the phone and grateful that the saler says the phone had so many complaint. After i read all of your problem, i would never buy VIVAZ and stick to my SONY ERICSSON K700I. And yet it still in perfect condition since i bought in 2003. Thanks for sharing.

  107. Jake says:

    My vivaz doesnt tell me when ive recieved a text, no vibration, no sound…NOTHING. i have to actually go into my inbox to see if i have any. anyone with a solution?

  108. micheala says:

    i had the same problems with the charger port and it’s becoming loose again…. my service provider orange were useless but i found Sony ericsson themselves very helpful they returned the first repair within 4 days….. lets hope it’s the same when it happens again!

  109. peter says:

    i hae had my sony ericsson vivaz for 3 months now and i cant see why everyone doesnt get on with it ?? :S mine works perfectly for music, texting, ringing, facebook, pictures and videos.. all of its features work and it always connects to my laptop on mass storage, media transfer, print or pc suite .. also i can send music , videos and pictures by text or to the internet .. overall id say its the best phone i ever had and before i had the blackverry curve and samsung tocco lite ultra which were also pretty good phones :L

  110. Liners says:

    I have experienced the same problem with the charger port coming out of the phone, I called 3 and they organised a replacement phone straight away! they said it was a common fault and Sony Ericsson have now got an update for the software, so fingers crossed the replacement is alot better than the original!

  111. piggy says:

    this phone was working great for not one problem for 4 months… Then one day got up and it was workin fine then went out on my motorbike it was in my pocket came back home to find just a white screen it had frozen then it would not switch on or would it charge.. toomk battery out everythin still nothin not workin not impressed at all… plus ave never dropped it or got it wet allways took gd care of it…. this phone is utter pants..

  112. Balraj says:

    I have had Sony Ericsson vivaz pro one month ago , and there was a problem with camera light that didn't turn off even if phone was off then i send that phone to Sony Ericsson through Fido ( contract provider) . Sony send that phone back with a letter saying, it is a physical damage but i know there was no physical damage to my phone because i always care a lot , so sony ericsson phone and company are not reliable.

  113. Connell says:

    I bought this phone off of my friend brand new, he didn't like it…. I can see why, its slow, unresponsive, turning it 90 degrees and the screen takes 5-10secs to adjust, the speaker volume is low, the touch screen is shit, the texting facility is poor….. the list on how shit this phow is, is endless….. But i keep it because I am not spending huge amounts on another new phone to be let down like I have been with this one

  114. Samantha says:

    Had it for about a month its alrht except randomly it turns off like that happends around 5 times a day, when ever im about to take a picture it goes crazy and flashes between taking the pic or the menu screen battery is shit,

    But some possitives. (Surprisingly! )
    nice touch screan, nice video taking! , love the texting and when the light turns on when it gets dark, thats about it!

  115. Elia says:

    I had a Vivaz for over a year now, had a few minor problems nothing major, first problem was that if i send quite a lot of texts, the texts wont be sent anymore, have to do a software update to get back to working, (and losing all the info on it, but it works, pc connetion works fine, camera good, music player well, email etc well, you can set how many messages to be saved on the phone (factory settings 20 messages), only one major problem was that when it was on charge and fell off the side onto the floor which nudged the charger port out of place, took it to a repair place near mine, and hopefully it will be fixed for 25 quid, not bad seeing how carphonewarehouse were going to charge a lot, its a good phone, if you take care of it

  116. zhaf says:

    i have a problem with my vivaz pro.. i can`t charge my phone.. dont know why.. i sent it to fix but they can do nothing.. its so annoyed..

  117. danny1983 says:

    I got my contract out woth o2 last april and the sony ercsson vivaz is the worst phone i have ever had, To date this is the 7th sony ericsson vivaz i've had. !st one wouldn't send text, 2nd burnt my ear,3rd wouldn't charge,4th wouldn't text,5th woudn't turn on,6th wouldn't charge and 7th (now) has just stopped charging.

    I have even claimed off insurance 3 times because i thought i was getting dodgy reconned phones and all are the same (a complete waste of time) I can safely say i will never ever in my life will ever get another sony ericsson phone again in my life nor will i purchase another contract with o2, as they are the most unhelpfull,rude and unloyal company i have ever been with, as they could not care about the problems i have been having (plus sony ericsson cutomer care are on parr with o2, with help with faults with thier phone). I have been with 2 for 6years and they could not care less (because i am tied in with contract untill november)

    PLEASE,PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE AND PICK YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER CAREFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you might be better off paying that little extra with someone else to get a better and surportive provider

  118. john says:

    worst SE phone and that is saying alot, what good is all that gadgetry for 24 hours of battery life and the worst ui I have laid eyes on, 60 minutes of youtube and the battery is gone. Sony have had their head in the hole since the mid 90's and are still there, Good I hate this phone, even being a free gift, I'm going back to my t39m

  119. pradeep says:

    I bought this crap phone 2 months before and the phone is not working now. When I charge the phone only the red light is on but I cannot switch on the phone.. Wot so ever other brand are the best brand.. Fed up with Sony Ericsson..my personal advise do not buy this phone…. Some times its difficult to charge the phone due top the socket….

  120. I got my Vivaz 9 months ago and I liked it. The camera was nice, the media player looks great, the design is pretty cool. The Symbian is a little bit slow, but its ok(I had Nokia 5800 b4, so I got used to it). I liked my Vivaz a lot till yesterday, when it just woudnt charge. I tried everythin-change the cable, connect it with PC, it just wouldnt charge. Im sendin it to Sony tomorrow, hope they’ll fix it, send me a new one, or got my money back.

  121. DJDelineate says:

    WORST PHONE I’VE EVER HAD! The touch screen is one of the worst I have ever seen, the software it sluggish and you cannot install any apps. The camera has potential, but with a screen of a rubbish quality there is really no need for a camera of that quality if playback is rubbish. It sometimes freezes and switched itself off, which is very frustrating. I find that the phone manages to call people on its own and when you check the call logs, it says that you haven’t called them, although they have shown me the missed calls. If you are going to or even contemplating getting this phone, then don’t because you will be majorly disappointed. The software its running, just to let you know, is Nokia’s old Symbian software which Nokia has actually stopped using now because its just rubbish. Out of 10, I’d give this phone 1, and that’s pushing it.

  122. I got my SE Vivaz for almost 1 year and I think I’ve had almost all the problems posted in here: the phone randomly closed, when I want to unlock the damn thing I usually have to wait for the screen to go back to it’s normal position from the watching movies/playing games position, camera-to menu-to camera switching when trying to make a pic, battery lasting about 4 days one moment and in the next moment it lasts 1 day though I’ve used the phone the same and most recently it won’t charge. Hope guys at service center fix it:))

    1. priscilla says:

      I had my phone last year 30th October 2010. Today is 10th October 2011and my battery barely last 24 hours without dying.I don’t know why! It happened 2 days ago and the best part is,I seldom use heavy apps nor the internet. I listen to music maybe 2 days once?It used to last 3-4 days but not as it goes nearer to a year,the battery life is getting worse…Any help?thanks!

    2. AnneWd says:

      I hate the Vivaz. Like everyone else, the same problems. Won’t charge. Charge doesn’t hold. I’ve had TWO new phones from Sony to replace the original and again today, the same probelm. 

  123. I have had the Vivaz since it was first available on Vodafone (March 2010). I tend not to use many features, the F1 app downloaded and installed (You need to manually select VivazPro from the phone list to install) and works well over either Wireless or phone network.
    I have taken pictures on the phone, and also some video when in Venice on a gondola and didn’t have video camera with me. Picture quality is reasonable, you are never going to get good quality from the size of lens a phone has, normal camera is a Nikon DSLR.
    The only problem that I have had is that microUSB port came away from the phone after about 13 months. Vodafone replaced the phone under warranty. Battery life is dramatically reduced when apps are left running in the background, also if there is a weak signal. Also I found that the GPS Assistance Data can cause the GPS Satellite detection to stop working. Once you knwo how to flush it from the service menu it works fine.

  124. I have had the Vivaz since it was first available on Vodafone (March 2010). I tend not to use many features, the F1 app downloaded and installed (You need to manually select VivazPro from the phone list to install) and works well over either Wireless or phone network.
    I have taken pictures on the phone, and also some video when in Venice on a gondola and didn’t have video camera with me. Picture quality is reasonable, you are never going to get good quality from the size of lens a phone has, normal camera is a Nikon DSLR.
    The only problem that I have had is that microUSB port came away from the phone after about 13 months. Vodafone replaced the phone under warranty. Battery life is dramatically reduced when apps are left running in the background, also if there is a weak signal. Also I found that the GPS Assistance Data can cause the GPS Satellite detection to stop working. Once you knwo how to flush it from the service menu it works fine.

  125. Terrible phone. Bought mine May 2010 and had it repaired in January this year. Then it fell out my pocket and into the loo a few months later (my fault obv)! I got it replaced in April with a brand new phone but today it just randomly switched itself off! The power button is not working and it has been switching itself on and off a few times. When it does turn on, I can’t send any texts or receive any calls and my internet won’t work either. Now its not turning on at all. Pish phone.

  126. Terrible phone. Bought mine May 2010 and had it repaired in January this year. Then it fell out my pocket and into the loo a few months later (my fault obv)! I got it replaced in April with a brand new phone but today it just randomly switched itself off! The power button is not working and it has been switching itself on and off a few times. When it does turn on, I can’t send any texts or receive any calls and my internet won’t work either. Now its not turning on at all. Pish phone.

  127. Terrible phone. Bought mine May 2010 and had it repaired in January this year. Then it fell out my pocket and into the loo a few months later (my fault obv)! I got it replaced in April with a brand new phone but today it just randomly switched itself off! The power button is not working and it has been switching itself on and off a few times. When it does turn on, I can’t send any texts or receive any calls and my internet won’t work either. Now its not turning on at all. Pish phone.

  128. AJU GEORGE says:

    I bought my Sony Vivaz from Singapore on 13-Mar-10 during the launch.
    I had a problem with the left top of my Touch Screen getting jammed and gave it for Service (in Singapore) on 23-Oct-10.
    The Touch Screen jamming was resolved & they replaced my Touch Screen (25-Oct-10).
    Now my phone is locked & my Touch Screen is jammed.
    I’m unable to unlock my phone & access my Contacts, Messages etc.
    Anyone having a work-around would be highly welcome !!!
    I’m thinking of taking my phone for Service again tomorrow.

  129. Terrence May says:

    Worst Phone I’ve ever had! Apparently it was dropped on the corner where the charger plugs in and after sending it in to be repaired I’m out a phone and the money it took to ship this poor excuse for a smartphone. I have an
    HTC Inspire now and couldn’t be happier.

  130. Anonymous says:

    my Sony Ericsson USB port has come off on my charger when i pulled the charger out don’t know how it happened but it did just wondering how much it costs too repair because i bought it off my mate payed for it and now its broke so yeah price quote be handy…?

  131. Anonymous says:

    ive had my vivaz for about 18 months and had to send it off around 5 times. the screen always plays up, once the charging port actually came out the phone! the battery doesn’t last very long! it could possibly be the worst phone ever!

  132. I had a vivaz last year and the charging unit came out of the phone just after a month of getting it. Took it back to vodafone they were useless they said it was a manufacturer fault so got in touch with sony ericsson sent them the phone and the reply i got was unbelievable. Basically they were saying i had used excessive force in removing the charger and it was beyond economic repair. because i didnt have any insurance i was left with a 2 year contract with no phone. After several phone calls to vodafone and sony i was getting absolutely no where so gave up. Its only now that i have realised there was a major fault with the phone and sony lied to me. Is there anything i can do over a year later???????

  133. Ivica Trolovski says:

    This so-called ”smartphone” is a piece of s***. Avoid it at all cost. It may look pretty, but in reality it’s nothing more than a rotten garbage.
    I would ignore all the problems with Vivaz (pretty much everything) and extreme limitations-if it didn’t freeze all the time. ALL THE TIME. It’s unbearable. I know that I am not the only one because I googled it. And the price for this garbage?
    I am planning to sell it (it wasn’t cheap)…but I already feel guilty for even considering to trick someone. It’s like selling Windows 98 masked as Windows 7.
    How could they put something like this on the market is a mystery..

  134. Charlenez says:

    I have the 3 Vivaz Pro phones and they all have issues with the battery not charging. They have been sent into Sony on numerous occasions and in fact I just rec’vd one back today which they said there was nothing wrong with and once AGAIN it does not even begin to charge. At the moment we have 2 out of the 3 phones owned not charging with a promise from Sony Ericcson to send us new batteries and charges, This has now happend 5x in not even a year since we bought them. Wow…not worth the effort 

  135. Manj says:

    im nearing the end of my contract with the vivaz. waste of time phone. problems with charging, dies very rapidly, had problems with the screen, reception been pretty poor and i really dont like it. cant wait for the upgrade this time.

  136. Fed up! says:

    I’ve had it since March this year and it stopped accepting a charge around May – I swapped the charger for an LG one and it worked fine until the touch screen stopped functioning. I went on to the SE website and used received no joy. It’s a very nice looking peice of junk now which I’m still paying for – I rate this phone slightly higher than zero and can’t wait to get rid of it.

  137. Thalabathi Vikram says:

    i began to hate sony ericcson after using this phone…time to move on to nokia…..i hv given this phone for the service for 5 times…n it has landed up in problems again…

  138. alleyd says:

    Terrible phone. The features (when you hear about them) and appearance may make it sound like a lovely phone, but should definitely be avoided. Within 6 months the camera had cracked, the screen was unaligned and hung slightly on one side as if it would fall off soon, and it would not charge. The first two I could deal with, but when I took it into the o2 store they said it was a software problem and Sony needed to repair it. So, it was sent for a repair and Sony said it was not working because of excessive force used on the charging port. I was then left with a broken phone and 18 months still on the contract.
    Received £13 from Mazuma Mobile for it (the only site of that kind I could find that accepted non-working phones), and bought a £35 PAYG phone from a supermarket that I had no problems with, and apart from no wi-fi capability, does exactly the same as the Vivaz pro.
    I thought I would give it another chance, I bought a used (but almost new condition) Vivaz Pro online, along with a protective leather case and stylus to avoid as much damage as I could. First, the phone didn’t accept my SIM card, despite it coming with the same phone in the first place. Then, within a week of receiving it, this phone then proceeded to have wiring/chips (I don’t know the technically correct terms) hanging out from between the screen and keyboard. This phone too was only just over a year old.
    Overall, an awful phone and it has put me off Sony Ericsson completely. The Vivaz Pro is a terrible phone and DO NOT waste your money on it.

  139. guestwhat says:

    I got it for free with my renewal, and I think I didn’t get my money’s worth ;-?   within the first few days it would turn off when you tried to answer it. Then when we got it back, it wouldn’t charger or turn on.  My son hated the touch screen action…We are just hoping that they will replace it with an Experia.

  140. Polarbear98 says:

    I’ve had the same charging issues with my Vivaz.  It’s driven me mad.  I got it in April 2010 and after about 6 mths it started playing up, but intermittently.  The screen would freeze/crash and sometimes it would switch itself off and then other times I’d find it with the camera on, so the battery would be running out.  Then I noticed that the battery life was starting to drop significantly, so I bought a new battery and attempted to charge the phone up.  Anyway, a day or two later I noticed that the cable was having difficulty staying in the socket and I had to hold the phone in a certain position to keep the power connected.  Anyway, shortly after that the power socket on the phone was able to attach itself to the mini-plug and since then I’ve not actually been able to charge my phone.  

    I sent it off to t-mobile who appeared to have made it worse.  It was returned to me in a pretty awful state in pieces!  Of course they had it for a couple of weeks and didn’t fix it at all. 

    Sony have given me a standard answer so far taking no responsibility for it and asking me to connect it to the internet to do an update.  They don’t seem to acknowledge that it cannot be connected to ANYTHING let alone power!  So, I’m not quite sure what to do with it at the moment.  I still have 4 months of a contract and am using a friend’s back up phone – which is probably the most basic phone i’ve ever come across, nothing but phonecalls and text messaging (not even a camera! and definitely no internet access)- I suppose at least it works! 

    Sadly it’s really put me off SONY ERICCSON.  It did look like a lovely phone and is the perfect size for me, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK!!

  141. Julie long says:

    I’ve had my vivaz for just over 12 months and it is by far the worst phone I have ever had.  It freezes on a regular basis and when you try to press numbers on the screen it just does its own thing, sends blank text messages to people and dials numbers even when the screen is locked!  am tearing my hair out, would never have sony ericsson again. am now looking for a cheap nokia for the remainder of my contract. not a happy bunny, feel like throwing it on the floor and stamping on it!!

  142. Jack Johnson says:

    Dont buy it! Its all very nice on the outside, but when you’ve had it for a week you will be trying to think about the most painfull way to destroy it. I’ve had the phone for 2 months and here is a list of problems:
    1. When I plug it in, it will charge for 10-15 seconds, then it stops charging untill I plug out and in again.
    2. It starts only after pushing the start button over and over for an hour.
    3.  When it’s finally on, it just shuts down at random moments.
    4. Wifi sometimes stops, and will only work again after a reset, which will take about an hour.
    5. It runs symbian, the worst OS in phone history.

    Be smart and save your money for a better phone!

  143. B3th85 says:

    I’ve had my Vivaz since June 2010 and have been really happy with it up until now. About four weeks ago, it stopped charging, so I dropped it in to the T Mobile shop for them to send it off for repair. When it was finally ready for pick up yesterday they told me that it cannot be repaired as there is damage to the main board. They have advised me to contact Sony direct…… I was just wondering will they charge me, and if so, how much, for repair?? I don’t really wanna pay much as I’ve only got a few months left on my contract and so may as well buy a cheap phone to keep as a spare. 

    1. Unhappy says:

      i got my vivaz in may 2010 and have had the same problem 3 times each time they just gave me a new handset,i went instore to check if it was back, this time they said they wouldnt repair or replace it, the very unhelpfull sales person told me the same thing about only being able to contact sony. so i went to phones 4 u and got them to buy out the last 4months of my contract and got a new contract with them and samsung galaxy 🙂 when i went into actually collect my broken vivaz a different very helpfull sales person told me (unofficialy) that it was a known problem and theyd had loads of vivaz’s back all with the same problem and to ignore what the first person had told me and to email carphonewarehouse telling them that i totaly disagree iv done anything to the phone and request an appeal! just finished my email, hopefully theyll repair or replace it.

  144. awd says:

    It’s an iPhone for m next time. NEVER Sony ever again. I have had 3 previous SOny Ericsson phones, all fine. This has been a disaster from day one and I wold have taken it back on the 14 day-no like deal from O2 shop but we were on holiday so I coldn’t. A disaster of a choice.

  145. Leah says:

    i am so dissapointed with the vivaz the charger port completely pops out and wont charge at all, prior to that i was having to charge my phone every night where as before i only had to charge it every 2-3 days, the phone has once or twice turned off when i answer the phone and judging by everyone elses reviews its bound to do it alot more! the touch screen to write messages is pathetic, button size is great when on the right setting but i have to be very slow and precise when pressing each button, all of my friends have an iphone and have never heard anything going this wrong especially with the iphone 4, there is no bits and peices falling out anywhere. for the price i paid im very un happy and only wish i came accross the bad reviews before purchasing. the workman ship is disgusting and sony should bite the bullet and fix this problem free of charge wether or not you are under warranty, or just send back a brand new phone. they have brought it upon themselves, anything to save a bit of money even if it means loosing thousands of customers.

  146. Rya says:

    I’ve had no problem with charging, but yesterday it froze a few times. After it started working, I thought I better restore settings. Which turned out to have crashed the phone. Now the screen is blank, although it alerts when there’s calls and messages, I can’t see anything on the screen.

    1. Mickey-13 says:

      I have the same problem with mine, haven’t got a clue how to sort it out! Have you found a solution at all? Apart from this problem i seem to be one of very few people who love this phone!  Will definitely be getting another one if i can’t fix this one 🙂

  147. Mike says:

    Charging problems for me as well. Got it June 2010 from car phone warehouse. Within 6 months it needed repairing as it failed to charge. Another 9 months later charging problems as well.

    carphone warehouse pretty helpful….vodafone less so. Especially as I was asked if I wanted a 12 month contract or a 24 month. Chose the 12 month one and they put me on the 24 month one anyway. This wouldn’t have been a problem as I’m forgetful about renewing contracts but with the poor manufacture of the Vivaz has led to needing a different handset or paying off the rest of the contract there and then before having a new one (quite what the advantage of this compared to just getting a new one and carrying one paying for my old contract monthly was never explained).

    I would also never pick Sony Ericsson either and the unhelpful nature of Vodafone means I will be moving from them out of principle.

  148. Persian_grn says:

    vivaz is the rubbish phone i have ever seen in my whole life,,,,,,, the battery life is very bad and also the performance of the phone.  

  149. Shreka92 says:

    my vivaz is by far the worst phone i have owned. Its complicated, unreliable and overall a poor device. The on off button is far too easily operated when you are holding it as its at the very top where your fingers are. It freezes on the opening screen for hours and the camera is rubbish for the amount of pixels. Dont buy one , a waste of time and a waste of space on gods earth  AVOID.

  150. Tomcollins28 says:

    VIVAZ is a piece of junk! I have gotten 2 now from AT&T, who now has a speech for the charging problem or port and will tell you they’re not going replace it.

  151. Wizard0761 says:

    This is my 2nd VIVAZ that i went through in like 5 months and the same thing has happened again, the freaking chip in the charging port of the phone broke and the charging cable won’t connect to charge, it’s all a bunch a B.S.

  152. Rita says:

    please help me .. I received messages but its go directly to inbox not appear on the wall and the phone not ringing when I receive message so I can’t know I receive message either I check up my inbox every minute .. please help me

  153. j beckett says:


  154. MareeP says:

    Wow, so horrible  to read SO MANY bad reviews of my phone. I too am having persistent problems – screen freezes, charging issues, and today a new thing – unable to access any of the menus and a weird blue box sitting on the screen. With my partner’s help I have just updated the software, but this is ridiculous – have only had the phone about 5 months.

  155. MareeP says:

    I should also mention I have had about 4 Sony Ericcson phones previously, and loved all of them. Sony Ericsson have lost a good customer in me, by producting such a piece of rubbish. I will never buy their products again.

    I dithered about getting an iPhone at the time of purchasing the Vivaz. But decided I didn’t want to go down the fully smartphone path. Big mistake. Have been a Mac user for 20 years… I should have just bought an iPhone instead of paying a couple of hundred dollars for this piece of junk.

  156. Brenniewitch says:

    I have had the Sony Vivaz for 1 year and 9 months now.  It hasn’t been a bad phone apart from it needs charging a lot and it has just stopped ringing when there is a call, it goes straight on to answer.  Rang the provider and they gave me a code to put in but still didn’t work so reverted to my old Samsung phone.

  157. Jan Karlsen says:

    I have just got a vivaz through my daughter as she is on contract and gets a new phone each year . I find the phone great no problems what so ever.  my daughter even said she did not bother upgrading to another phone after a year as she liked the phone.  I have read different reviews on the internet about this phone and they are nearly all bad . but I find the phone great.  I think the thing is to take time with this phone and set it up as you want it to. 

  158. James72 says:

    This phone has ended my love affair with SE. I will never buy another. 
    – the 8mp camera is poor and takes photos which are not even half as good as the 3mp on the K800i
    – The user interface for filing and sorting music is not intuitive and very slow. When plugged into the PC I cannot create playlists etc
    – saved text messages cannot be retrieved from the phone through PC Suite. So why have it as a feature, then?
    – despite software upgrades to PC Suite and phone file management is a complete shambles
    – internet access is slow and painful
    – as a symbion phone is has zero apps and no support
    – on/off switch is triggered by breathing on it. Also phone randomly turns itself off even when locked
    – call quality is generally poor
    – I hate this phone I can hardly wait to ditch it

  159. Mary says:

    Worst phone ever for me too! Finally get rid of it in a week. It’s on its last legs lately… texts go straight to inbox with no notification, freezes all the time, randomly shuts itself off, calls people when it’s locked in my bag, won’t charge until I reset it – I’ve been resetting it about twice daily.

    Ordered the iPhone 5! I was considering the iPhone when I got this phone….. have regretted that decision ever since!

  160. lillyy says:

    red all the comments, still gonna buy one 😀 used it for about an hour, seem good enough, camera is ok, and the phone is pretty light and works smoothly, only simbyan is crap..but for vivaz its ok…

  161. Harrie says:

    Absolutely shocking! The charge point broke within a month! From what I can gather I’m not the only one with this issue Sony Ericsson should take full responsibility recall them all and refund everybody! The phones a shoddy disgrace!

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