AT&T Rival Was Recipient of First Even Mobile Phone Call in 1973

Way back when, well actually back in 1973, ah the good ole days; Marty Cooper invented the first mobile phone and became the Father of the cellphone. Since then the mobile phone has become an integral piece of technology in many people’s lives, but have you ever wondered what was said during that first call and who it was made too?

Well those questions have now been answered thanks to an article over on Gizmodo by Rosa Golijan and there is even a video with Marty Cooper being taken back to the exact same place where he made that momentous phone call, which we have for your viewing pleasure below.

So who was the recipient of the call on that auspicious occasion? Apparently it was Joel Engle, Marty’s AT&T rival, and what did Marty say?

Marty rubbed it in a bit with these words…”Joel! This is Marty Cooper. I’m calling you from a cellular phone. But a real cellular phone. A handheld portable cellular phone.”

So there you have it, what was said and to whom, and you can view the re-enactment of Marty making the first call over a mobile device outside the New York Hilton in the video below…enjoy.

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