BlackBerry Bin Men, Garbage but not the device

It appears that in all walks of like the BlackBerry smartphone can be of some use, but one wouldn’t immediately see the need for bin men in the UK to be outfitted with such devices, but apparently that has happened.

According to an article on The Telegraph by Rupert Neate, UK trash collector Biffa has given 1500 of its garbage collectors BlackBerry handsets of the rugged variety so they can “get more done on the move.”

Biffa’s Vicky Panayiotou says they can used the “rugged BlackBerrys” to download maps, communicate with head office, collect data from customers and also capture pictures of overfilled bins and even catch households who place general waste in the recycling bin.

The bin men BlackBerry’s are supplied by Vodafone as part of a £1.75 million deal which includes 3100 handsets, dongles and 3G data cards.

Sounds all a tad like a Big Brother move to me, the secret trash police checking up on what you place in your bin and reporting back to HQ via their BlackBerry, nice to know what you pay your council tax for isn’t it.

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