Android Overtaking iPhone OS, Jobs says “Not a Chance.”

There were earlier reports that Google’s Android operating system overtaking the iPhone OS, as reported by us (here); however apparently Apple Guru Steve Jobs thinks otherwise.

According to an article over on Jobs’ best loved website, the iPhone 4G leaking Gizmodo, the iPhone chief was contacted by a guy called Brian that brought attention to a certain article posted by Gizmodo titled “Google Is Leapfrogging Apple.”

Well apparently Brian received a reply from Mr. Jobs. I do have to say at this point for the top guy of such a massive company he does tend to push out a few emails to ordinary people, if they are to be believed of course.

Anyway back to what Steve apparently replied, his email response was short and to the point…”Not a chance.”

Now of course even if Mr Jobs says there’s no chance Android is besting the iPhone OS, it doesn’t make it so as according to the figures Android is indeed overtaking iPhone; however, with WWDC soon to be upon us and the expected iPhone 4G along with iPhone OS 4.0 that could soon change.


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  1. Jobs has got himself stuck in a right jam, by being so controlling, arbitrary and monopolistic. What consumer wants that? He needs to open up and relax a little, or Apple will become the SCO of cellphones… a pariah outside of their fan base. Since "open" is not in Apple's DNA, I'm skeptical that will happen. More likely he'll fund an army of lawyers to thwart competition, and provide a bunch of tie-ins to aging media producers that will distract from the fall.

    (To me, the amazing story has been "what the heck happened to Microsoft". They seem devoid of leadership and ideas now, which is a shame… 'cos they once had so much energy and focus).

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