HTC HD2 Update Causes Issues so Pulled

A couple of day ago T-Mobile push out an OS update for the HTC HD2 smartphone as we reported (here) however apparently there have been numerous complaints that the new software update caused more issues than it fixed.

According to a article over on wmpoweruser by way of tmonews, T-mobile acknowledged there are problems including poor screen response and general instability and have thus pulled the update so they can work on resolving the issues.

If you have downloaded the update before it was pulled you are advised to continue using your HTC HD2 as normal as the T-Mobile support team is currently working to get a new update ready.

So did you download and install the update to your HTC HD2 and experience these problems? If so drop us a comment letting us know what issues you may have had.


4 thoughts on “HTC HD2 Update Causes Issues so Pulled”

  1. extremedatauser says:

    I installed the update and still have an issue with 3g and now the screen is so sluggish its next to impossible to use. I called tmobile again and they would not give me a refund for the phone but let me pick from there entire selection of phones. so i have a free Samsung behold2 coming to me today. For free no strings attached. it sucks i cant really use my hd2 right now but I have a free $350 dollar phone coming to me. thanks tmobile once agin for having the best customer service.

  2. AAA says:

    Downloaded the latest ROM version via the HTC website. Phone now regularly freezes and have to keep removing the battery to reset. Spoke to HTC customer service and they don't acknowledge that there is a problem, same story with T-Mobile UK. Hope it's sorted soon as the screen freeze is becoming frustrating.

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