HTC Wildfire with free gift deal HD TV PS3 or Xbox 360

Generally you only really see tempting offers of free gifts on those pretty basic phones or phone tariffs, that is until now as you can get an amazing free gift when purchasing an HTC Wildfire.

So here you don’t just get a great phone which has already received a lot of positive feedback but you also get an amazing free gift as well according to a recent article over at simbasics.co.uk

You will also have a great Vodafone tariff with plenty of allowances and a competitive monthly rate. So therefore let’s say you have already made your mind up on getting your hands on the HTC Wildfire this is definitely something that should interest you.

There really is nowhere else that has got an offer like this, we all like to get something for nothing even if in some cases we don’t have a use for the free gift. So what will you choose you have the choice of either a Sharp 32 inch HD TV, a PS3 Slim and Xbox 360 Forra Elite or even a Nintendo Wii or maybe a Sony PSP Go or a Dell Mini Netbook. For more information on this and where to start click here and you’ve passed that part.


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  1. That should do the trick, especially with the teenage and the under 30. I cannot help but feel for some parents. But then again, It's a great deal, and great way to attract the attention.

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