Nokia N8 much faster than N97 find out why

On top of most peoples hit list at present is the Nokia N8 and now we hear news that the Nokia N8 is considerably faster than the Nokia N97 according to a recent post by Mikey Bee at noknok.tv

The question being asked though is just how can this be possible? Here we’ll explain further. Firstly the Nokia N8 is powered by an ARM 680MHz processor, which had speculation that it wouldn’t be able to handle the full range of applications which we come to expect from a high end device.

Now it seems that those fears can be put aside as we have some rather staggering information which has come to light. A utility called Speedy Go has been used by a site known as finest fones which is used to test Symbian phones, and running that software they found that the Nokia N8 prototype scored a speed rating of 180% higher than that of the Nokia N97.

Not only that but also 54% faster than the Samsung Omnia HD. It appears that Symbian ^3 is able to tap into the graphics accelerator a whole lot more efficiently than previous Symbian OS devices. Graphics testing was also used and the Nokia N8 scored 60fps across the board which happens to be the highest rating the software can register which some would say makes the Nokia N8 a little graphics master.

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