Another Suicide at Foxconn after CEO Makes Official response

Still the fatalities continue at iPhone maker Foxconn, we recently reported on the last suicide at Foxconn which can be read (here), well apparently the tally of deaths is now rising again as today the eleventh Foxcon employee has jumped for the factory.

According to an article by Kat Hannaford over at Gizmodo, at 6.30am local time this morning a 19 year old plunged to their death, although it has not been confirmed whether the guy jumped or fell, and brings the tally of deaths to 11.

This latest death followed a few hours after Guo Tai-ming; Foxconn’s CEO gave his first official response over the apparently continuing tragedies, the latest victim is Li Hai as has apparently only worked at Foxconn for just 42 days.

The CEO told reporters that despite all the deaths, Foxconn isn’t a “sweatshop” and a report by MIC Gadget who viewed the news reports, Tai-ming admitted it is difficult to handle all of Foxconn’s 800,000 employees. Difficult yes, but when so many apparent suicides occur then it is time to make sure more is done to firstly put and end to them and secondly find out why it is happening.

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