Could iPhone 4G Release be delayed by Foxconn Boycott?

Virtually everyone expects Apple chief Steve Jobs to unveils not only iPhone OS 4.0 during WWDC 2010 on the 7th of June, but also it is highly expected that Jobs will also announced the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G/HD or whatever.

Of course there are no guarantees that Mr. Jobs will do any such thing but the net waves are rife that as Steve Jobs is making the keynote, he will unveil the next iPhone. However there may just be a snapper lurking in the works.

Recently I posted an article on the attempted suicides of Foxconn, which can be viewed (here) then earlier today news came that a group of people in Hong Kong is calling for the boycotting of the next generation iPhone, see (here)

Basically the group want the Foxconn suicides looked into more in-depth, which isn’t an unreasonable request considering the amount of fatalities at the iPhone producing plant. But if the boycott goes ahead there is a possibility that workers at Foxconn could join the boycott which could result in delaying the release of the iPhone 4G.

Now there is always a possibility, especially after reports of Foxconn security guards bulling employees, that the same guards would make sure iPhone production isn’t held up. But having said that, if there is a full unhindered investigation into Foxconn and its working conditions the plants could well be closed for a time while an investigation takes place and thus lead to a delay in the next iPhone.

So what do you think, could this attempted boycott slop or slow the manufacture of the iPhone 4G and thus delay its release? Drop us your views in the comments area below, thanks.


2 thoughts on “Could iPhone 4G Release be delayed by Foxconn Boycott?”

  1. Accumetrics says:

    I have no idea what this article is trying to assume, but let's assume that the next iphone will be realeased in June, do you really think that Apple haven not made millions of these units already?
    The ipad sold how many units in the first week of release? The 3Gs sold how many units the first week of it releas? So you still want us to beleive that any action by Foxconn would delay the release? Please, give is a real story, like the circumstances of these suicides. If the suicide rate is so high at this plant, why are people still workiing there. If they choose to work there, or they have no choice because the need the job, what makes you think that they will go on strike? Like I said, give us a real story that is filled with fact instead of your specualtions, opinions and trying to incite the public against Apple.

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