iPhone 4G Price: How much will it cost?

Obviously we would love to know if the new Apple iPhone 4G will be launched at WWDC 2010, but one major question everyone is asking is to do with the price; how much will it cost?

We just took a quick peek on some forums and saw some interesting information via forum members over at TiPB, one member said that O2 UK and Carphone Warehouse will charge £899 for a Pay As You Go version, which is a lot higher than the £450 and £550 for the current 3GS models.

Wonder how much the new iPhone 4G / HD will cost worldwide, hard to put a price on it at the moment because we do not know the official specifications as of yet, but judging on what we know so far we can expect the iPhone 4G in the UK hitting at around £600 – £700, that is our guess on PAYG.

More iPhone News: Just to keep you updated you may want to know that there is a little rumour saying that Sprint will be releasing the iPhone 4G, if you would like a very cheap iPhone 3GS might we suggest Walmart because they are selling it for only $97.

Please do let us know how much you think the new Apple iPhone 4G will cost, will it be reasonable or extortionate?


24 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Price: How much will it cost?”

  1. Matt says:

    The new iPhone will not cost anything remotely close to £899. This is nothing but a legally dubious attempt to try and shift existing stock before the new model comes out. I've read elsewhere that CPW and O2 staff are claiming that Apple has set prices (on a model that hasn't even been announced). Ignore them – they're just running scared that they're sitting on a whole load of 3GS's they won't be able to sell when the 4G is released. I'm expecting an entry price of £499, possibly £549 max.

  2. Phil says:

    True thinking Matt, what a load of toddle. Why the hell price the 4G more than a top of the range iPad 64GB Wifi & 3G enabled unit, with more processing power and a bigger screen. My predictions:

    16GB entry level iPhone 4G: £499 – £549
    32GB iPhone 4G: £599 – £629
    64GB iPhone 4G: £649 – £699

    Can't see them pushing it above £700, not with increasing competition from the likes of HTC.

    1. wacko says:

      I dont think it will be that much. The max probaly 400-450 for the highest storare capacity. I dont think they will make it as much as the Ipad.

  3. brian says:

    following the launch the pay monthly price starts from 199 US dollars
    althought the PAYG has not been confirmed there was an estimated figure of 500 ugandan dollars

  4. Martyn says:

    The Uganda Shilling is divided into 100 cents. The exchange rate for the Uganda Shilling means that £2 gets u 6700 Uganda shillings so don’t thing it will b that price realy wish it was tho

  5. sofy bofy says:

    I want it! but if it's really that much then i'll just get the 3gs 😛 I have seen the pay monthly contracts, and I don't think that i wiill be wanting to get it on contract lol.. now I just have to wait for the dreaded (but hopefully not too horrific) pay as you go prices.. x

  6. mrs. minor says:

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  7. Mrs.Yolanda says:

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