Sprint iPhone 4G Release Confirmed: No Verizon Version Yet!

The latest word on the Sprint iPhone 4G comes via a Best Buy employee from Pennsylvania who has confirmed that its release is coming, Sprint will be the next carriers and should see the smartphone on the shelves within a few weeks.

This latest news comes via product-reviews.net who reports that The TechUpdate received an email, the email in a nutshell basically says that Sprint will be carrying the iPhone and will release in June and that advertising is already in motion.

The email also said that there is no news on the Verizon iPhone as of yet, we know that Verizon has started manufacturing their own iPhone in Taiwan and should be released later this year, the email also said that Apple is looking at dropping AT&T due to their poor service but managed to opt-out of the rest of their contract in exchange for the iPad service deal.

The source above replied to the email asking what Electronic store do you work in, where is it? The reply came back saying Best Buy in a Pennsylvania store.

Obviously the above is all via an email and we say sit back and wait until official information, it is all speculation at the moment and we are always open-minded when we see news like this about iPhone going to another US carrier.


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  1. It's probably more likely that this "Best Buy" employee is assuming HTC EVO marketing materials refer to the iPhone product. But until Sprint-Nextel makes an official announcement one way or another, this remains a rumor. I wonder if this Best Buy employee is related to the Apple engineer who "accidentally" left the yet-to-be-released model of the new iPhone at a bar.

    In any case, if your holding Sprint-Nextel shares, you welcome any information being spread around that increases the value of your shares. Right now, Sprint is one of the few stocks trading in positive territory today.

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