Foxconn 2 Suicides in just 4 days

Sadly we had to report yesterday following the second death at Foxconn in the past four days. It has now been confirmed in an article over at themoneytimes.com by Priyanka that the 19 year old male had in fact jumped to his death.

Just last Friday Nan Gang who was just 21 years old had also taken his own life by jumping from the four story building. Chief Executive officer Guo Tai-Ming said in a recent statement that there are about 800,000 employees in China’s Foxconn and that it is difficult to handle such a huge production line.

He also added that the company is confident that they can stabilize the situation and plan to use help from psychiatrists, monks and counsellors. For those that didn’t know the company is famous for producing products for Apple, Sony Ericsson, Microsoft, Nintendo and more.

Foxconn have been accused of abusing workers, giving them a heavy workload and underpaying them. A Hong Kong based organisation Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour have said that most of the workers feel stressed in the production lines, they are not allowed to talk to each other while working. Project officer Debby Chan has said that they will be asking customers not to buy the new iPhone when it comes out as they have been produced whilst Foxconn have been torturing workers.

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