LG GW910 Windows Phone 7 Video Walkthrough

We have a little Windows Phone 7 goodness for your viewing pleasure today in the form of a walkthrough video of the first Windows Phone 7 handset, the LG GW910, which can be viewed by heading on down past the text.

The LG GW910 video walkthough comes to us courtesy of the guys over at daily mobile and delivers almost three and a half minutes of LG GW910 Windows Phone 7 experience and the reviewer does say that compared to other smartphones on the market today, the LG GW910 does load fairly quickly.

Watching the walkthrough video it seems to spend a tad too much time on getting the LG GW910 prepared for use rather than showing anything in any real detail but it does finally get to the main interface which no doubt most have seen before.

Anyway, as we say a video on a handset is a video to be watched no matter the content, and well it does let you know what will be required when you first get your hands on the smartphone. So with that said I’ll let you hit up the LG GW910 Windows Phone 7 walkthrough video and enjoy.

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