Nokia X6 Black Cabs Promo in 4 UK Cities

It appears that Nokia is doing a bit of promo work over here in the UK in celebration of Ovi Maps now being free for ‘everyone everywhere’ and have launched black cab taxis in four of the UK’s cities whereby if you spot one you’ll get your fare for free.

According to Ben Crompton over at Pocket-Lint, each of the black cabs has been fitted with a Nokia X6 smartphone to enable passengers to try out Nokia Ovi Maps whilst delivering the opportunity to track their trip by the turn by turn navigation.

Chris Jones, Nokia brad manager has said on the Ovi Maps cabs, “The OVI Maps cabs will help get people from A to B, but allows them to record their own sat-nav voice packs so they can be calling the shots to the cabbie. So, if you would like to hear your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, son’s or grandma’s voice on your sat-nav then Own Voice for OVI Maps is just for you”.

The Nokia black cabs can be found in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow for 1 week up until the 2nd of June. Unfortunately though if you happen to take one of the taxis although you get your fare for free I don’t think you’ll get to keep the Nokia X6 it uses which would have been a much better promo if Nokia had done that don’t you agree?

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