Update: HTC EVO 4G Overtakes iPhone 4G in Popularity Poll

You may be aware that we have recently been running a poll to find out which smartphone is more popular with our readership, the iPhone 4G, HTC Droid Incredible or the HTC EVO 4G; the poll is still running and you can cast your vote (here) if so desired.

A couple of days after the poll was posted I posted an update which had the iPhone 4G gaining the top position with 47% of the vote while the HTC EVO 4G came in second place with 26% of the vote and the HTC Droid Incredible came in third with just 18% of the vote.

Well over the last few days things have changed somewhat and the commanding lead that the iPhone 4G had a few days ago has vanished as it appears the HTC EVO 4G smartphone is now the most popular device of the three.

As of today the 27th of May 2010 first place is held by the HTC EVO 4G commanding 40% of the vote with 456 votes, the iPhone 4G has now slipped into second most popular with 33% of the vote at 379 votes, and the HTC Droid Incredible still remains last with just 20% of the vote at 232 votes.

6% at 66 votes are unsure while 1% at 11 votes are not interested in any of the above smartphones and to date the total amount of votes has reached 1,144. So it would appear from these results that the HTC EVO 4G is currently the most popular device.


10 thoughts on “Update: HTC EVO 4G Overtakes iPhone 4G in Popularity Poll”

  1. john says:

    I think some people are confusing the 4G title in the Iphone. 4G for Iphone only stands for 4th generation while the HTC evo 4G it is the network speed, ofcourse only available in some areas.

    1. Switchingtoandroid says:

      the poll refers to the new iphone 4G coming this summer…, but it's clear that iphone is not longer so popular…, apple's devices are innovative, they mark the trend in new devices, but the lack of open source and the monopoly they apply to their services and products is going to make them fail eventually…, i am so bored of using the same interface all the time and i don't want to jail brake my phone, i want to apple make a customizable UI and not the boring one they always have…

  2. Coups says:

    If I'm right the poll is a pointless waste of time as the HTC EVO 4G will not be coming to the UK. So like it if you want it seems only a phone of dreams. (Yes mine too)

  3. Eugene says:

    I may be missing something, but how can you conduct a poll in which two-thirds of the possible choices have yet to be released for sale?

  4. Grant says:

    iPhone 4G is called that way to get the clones out there with no brain to buy it thinking it has superior technology when in fact it will be the same old thing with a few extras. MISLEADING AND FALSE ADVERTISING . . . THEY SHOULD BE SUED!!! Since Apple likes to use lawyers so much.

  5. Xerxes says:

    There won't be an iPhone 4G until 2012, only because ATT won't have a 4G network until that date and Apple is locked into an Exclusivity contract with ATT until then. There are no ands, ifs or buts, it is an agreement that is manifested in court documents. These rumours of an iPhone 4G going to Sprint or Verizon should be put to rest until that date. The only way this could change would be for ATT to agree to cancel this agreement, but why should they when they are two years behind Sprint and a year behind Verizon on rolling out their 4G Lte platform?

  6. Matt9817 says:

    You guys a sooo freaking stupid. The 4g means forth generation. AT&T does not have a 4g network. The IPhone FORTH GENERATION (4g) will be out in less than a month.

  7. ray1965 says:

    My vote is clearly for HTC EVO 4G….Sprint has 4g runing in 32 cities at this time as of june 2nd. At&t has it's normal 3g service here in New York. Since 4g is not ready in New York at this time sorint's 3g service is still better than at&t's and the evo 4g will run just as great on sprint's 3g than iphone will on the at&t network. Truthfully speaking this phone makes the iphone looks silly there is truly no comparision hardware or software as far as I am concerned. The time come to pass the baton over cause very soon everyone will be seeing the HTC EVO 5G in late 2010 early 2011 and you heard here first with either 1.2 or 1.5 GHR what about that

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