iPhone 4G 960 x 640 IPS Panel Display quadruples 3GS Pixels

More news about the new Apple iPhone 4G and its display, this time round it has been put under the microscope and seeing exactly what display technology and pixel density it has.

superiphone.cz seems to have the answer and it reveals that the iPhone 4G has a stunning IPS panel that will give you 960 x 640 resolution, now is great news because it quadruples the amount of pixels found on the iPhone 3GS.

This means that the iPhone 4G or HD or whatever the name will be will sport 320 ppi, which is a lot different to the HTC HD2 that has 217 ppi and the Droid Motorola’s 265 ppi and even the Google One Nexus 252 ppi.

For more information please visit the source above, obviously we will know more as soon as WWDC 2010 kicks of on June 7. We will be giving you all the news on the new iPhone from Apple so please be patient for official information.

Via – Engadget


One thought on “iPhone 4G 960 x 640 IPS Panel Display quadruples 3GS Pixels”

  1. If this is true, then I will be amazed. I never got how people put up with the completely lousy resolution on the current gen iPhones – it rivals my handheld from 4 years ago, and still isn't close to the PDA I bought back in 2002. This would be how the iPhone *should* have been from the beginning.

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