iPhone Accessory Nostalgia Style

The iconic iPhone is an ingenious modern piece of technology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean iPhone accessories have to be just as technologically advanced to do what they are supposed to do, and we have such a fun iPhone accessory for you today.

This iPhone accessory only required a bit of ingenuity/ origami know how, paper, scissors, a magnifying glass, your trusty iPhone and a few hours of patience and you too can create this nostalgic iPhone paper TV case so when you watch your movies or shows it looks like a TV.

The article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford comes via Trickartt where UK artist Rick Trickartt created this paper iPhone accessory, of which he says that he’s not too sure where the idea came from but the addition of a magnifying glass gives the finished design a nice curved CTR-like look.

The magnifying glass was bought from eBay at a cost of £3.95 and there’s a video of M.A.S.H playing on the iPhone inside the TV screen which can be viewed by hitting up (here) so nip over take a look and come back and drop us a comment on what you think; it looks kind’a cool to me.

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