iPhone 4G Chassis Captured on Video

So close to the launch of the iPhone 4G which is expected next week at WWDC 2010, but that doesn’t stop any leakage of the highly anticipated next generation iPhone from hitting the net waves, and we have a bit of leakage for you today.

Thanks to Michael Bettiol over at the Boy Genius Report by way of ZDnet, we have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure below. The first video being what appears to be the chassis of the iPhone 4G although the guys do say that they are not sure if it is real of something ripped from a clone iPhone.

The other video is apparently of the iPhone 4G/iPad side by side. Apparently the device was brought in China for an undisclosed figure, but the word is the finish is so good that iPhone Portugal believes they are the genuine article.

Anyway best way is for you to head on down and mash the play buttons, check them out and see what you think, and of course as usual feel free to drop us a comment on your thoughts in our comments area below…enjoy.

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