Samsung Galaxy S to Multi-launch in 100 Countries

See now this is the way a smartphone launch should be handled, if you are going to launch your latest mobile device why not do it in a big way, which it appears Samsung is doing with the Samsung Galaxy S.

According to an article over on Techradar by Gareth Beavis, by way of Korea IT Times, Samsung is set to release their new Galaxy S smartphone simultaneously in 100 countries; something Apple should try doing for once with the upcoming iPhone 4G perhaps.

One thing for sure if you launch a device in 100 countries simultaneously there’s a good change you are going to see some sales. It is presumed that the Samsung Galaxy S will see release in the UK sometime this month while it’s already known Asia will gain the device about the same time.

Furthermore, this launch will place the release of the Samsung Galaxy S roughly about the same time as the iPhone 4G which means the Android packing handset will be going up against the latest from Apple; although it is expected Apple’s latest will win in a fight, but multi-launching the Samsung Galaxy S in 100 countries at the same time will give it some saturation where the iPhone 4G won’t be available.

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