BlackBerry Bold 9650 coming to Verizon tomorrow

Here is some news that we were all pretty much expecting we just didn’t know when, until now that is as we hear as from June 3rd you can purchase the Blackberry Bold 9650 from Verizon.

The article which has just been released by Bonnie Cha over at cnet.com confirms what we have been waiting to hear news of, thankfully we haven’t had to wait that long before Verizon announced that they were to be joining Sprint in offering the BlackBerry Bold 9650.

The carrier have announced that the Bold which is Wi-Fi enabled will be available to purchase online starting from June 3rd and then in stores from June 10th for just $149.99 which includes a two year contract, and after a $100 mail in rebate. This happens to be $50 cheaper than Sprint’s model.

Another interesting point is that this will be the first device which will support Verizon’s GlobalAccess Connect service which will allow users to use their Bold as a tethered modem whilst you are abroad. For just $65 per month with a cap of 5GB data in the US and Canada and 100MB in select countries is the price that plans will start from.


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  1. great unlocked blackberry phone. easy to use, qwerty is easy to type. i like the email and facebook on it. great for work and play. i like it a lot better than my old javelin and my wife likes it for the games. we travel a lot and it keeps her busy. trackpad is nice and it's great for checking stocks too. got our last 2 at gsmallover.com and we love our unlocked blackberry's. 2 thumbs way up

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